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1860 Mortality Schedule

    NAME                      AGE   SEX    MONTH          BORN      CAUSE

Bacon, James (Black)          3mo.   M    June              FL    Diarrhea
Baker, Ann E.                 28     F    December          PA    Stroke
Bonifios, Francis             70     M    April             Fl    Lockjaw
Bouillieu, E. De*             29     M    April             FR    Lunghemora
Bowley, M.                    30     F    February          GR    Fight
Bright, Emma                  22     F    April             FL    Consumption
Bright, Infant                 0     F    April             FL    Stillborn
Brooks, Infant                1 mo.  F    February          FL    Lung Infect.
Brooks, Mary                  24     F    May               NY    Typhoid fever
Brosnaham, Kitty              10     F    June              FL    Kicked
Brosnaham, Kate               10     F    May               FL    Lockjaw
Byrens, Allen                 38     M    February          OH    Alluminor
Caco, Henry                    2     M    October           FL    Croups
Campbell, Marcillus           35     M    April             AL    Consumption
Castro, Merced                45     F    June              FL    Consumption
Cox, James                    36     M    March             GA
Cox, Robert Henry             33     M    March             GA    Found dead
Cullen, E. W.                 15     M    April             TX    Bowel Inflam.
DeBouillieu, E.*              29     M    April             FR    Lung Hemora
Donelson, Maria L.            34     F    June              FL    Typoid Fever
Eastman, J. Dr.               28     M    April             KY    Consumption
Galloway, Infant            7 da     M    March             FL    Lockjaw
Galloway, Joseph               2     M    October           MS    Bowel Inflam.
Garret, Iren Scarritt       4 mo.    M    October           FL    Lung Disease
Garrett, Emily                 1     F    December          FL    Teething
Grinnell, Albert               2     M    March             FL    Phenomia
Harges, Joseph L.              4     M    April             FL    Choked
Hall, William                 40     M    May               IF    Murdered
Holland, John                 40     M    December          IR    Consumption
Hundley, Anderson G.           1     M    September         FL    Fever
Hunt, Henry A.                39     M    February          DE    Cancer
Hutt, W. H.                 4 mo.    F    July              AL    Flux
Imersanty, Mary               14     F    February          FL    Typhoid Fever
Ingerham, Caroline            16     F    October           FL    Unknown
Jacks, Berry (Black)       1 mo.     M    June              FL    Inflam.
Johnson, Silas                18     M    May               AL    Cholera
Kombs, Margaret E.            11     F    April             BA    Consumption
Lane, Benjamin                30     M    May               PA    Typhoid Fever
Lloyd, Philippe               30     F    May               FL    Typhoid Fever
Marks, Victor                  2     M    September         FL    Felux
McDonald, Sarah               62     F    June              NC    Dysentery
Middleton, Isaac              74     M    November          WA    Pleurisy
Norton, W. A.                  1     F    October           AL    Teething
Peete, James B.               22     M    May               VA    RR Accident
Philbert, Eliza               16     F    February          NY    Fever
Raymonds, John                90     M    May               LA    Old Age
Reddish, Mary                 21     F    September         GA    Dropsy
Robinson, Chas. C. (Black)    32     M    April             OH    Consumption
Rofe, William C.              60     M    April             IR    Diarrhea
Rufminda, Mannly               1     M    April             FL    Flu
Savery, Eliza                 23     F    February          CD    Consumption
Scott, John                    7     M    November          FL    Unknown
Shay, Joe                     40     M    April             IR    Haemoptisis
Shippy, Henry M.               4     M    September         FL    Fever
Stewart, William              30     M    January           PA    Fever
Thomas, Julia                 39     F    April             NY    Typhoid Fever
Verhelle, Mary E.             44     F    January           BL    Burned
Warren, Essig                 38     M    March             LA    Typhoid Fever
White, Infant                  0     F    May               FL    Stillborn
White, Mary                   40     F    May               GA    Spasms
Youngalez, Arthur S.          17     M    October           FL    Typhoid Fever