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Pensacola City Directory

Transcribed and contributed by Janet Myers

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Surname Given
* Person
of Color
Occupation . Address Addit’l Addresses
Usually Business
CalhounJohn*laborerhGarden n 9th ave.
CalieseAntony.stevedorehfoot De Villiers on beach.
CallierHarriet*widowhfoot 10th ave n saw mill.
CampbellCharles C..supt. cotton presshGregory E. of Alcaniz.
CampbellEdward*restauranthBaylen n ZarragossaBaylen n Zarragossa
CampbellEmily C., Miss.propr. KindergartenbdsZarragossa n Seville SquareGregory cor Baylen
CampbellHarry C...hZarragossa n Alcaniz.
CampbellJohn & Co., *undertakers hn Kupfrian's ParkIntendencia n Tarragona
CampbellLawrence G..flagmanbdsRomana near Alcaniz.
CampbellLucinda*widowhIntendencia n Fla Blanca.
CampbellWilliam E..clerkbdsGregory east of Alcaniz.
CampbellRichard L..lawyerhOakfield, Fla.Zarragossa cor Jefferson
CampderrosRamon.clerkhAlcaniz n Romana.
CampionPatrick .engineerbdsPerdido Wharf.
CardenasEugene..hbeyond 12th ave on beach.
CarleBen. F..flagmanbdson beach, end Gregory.
CarleBenjamin S..carpenterheast end Gregory on beach.
CarlinJames V..Prof. Carlin's Academy and Com. InstitutehBelmont n GuillemardCushm. Bldg., Government
CarlsonHenry C..cigars and tobaccohGovernment n PalafoxGovernment n Palafox
CarmichaelWilliam D..engineerh1st st cor 8th ave.
CaroBenito.pilothBarcelona cor Belmont.
CaroGeorge W..pilothIntendencia n Cevallos.
CaroJohn H..pilothBarcelona n Wright.
CaroMary A., Mrs...hBarcelona n Wright.
CaroWilliam S..pilotbdsBarcelona cor Wright.
CarrThomas*cookhSpring cor Garden.
CarrollAlbert..hon bank east end Gregory.
CarrollAlberto*laborerhbey 12th ave on beach.
CarrollFrank.blacksmithhBelmont n Coyle.
CarrollGiles.laborerhPerdido Wharf.
CarterAlfred T..painterhGadsden cor 6th ave.
CarterCaroline, Mrs...hHayne n La Rua.
CarterHenry*carpenterhBaylen n Garden.
CarterJane, Mrs...hRomana n Palafox.
CarterJohn T..harness makerhGadsden cor 6th ave.
CarterJulius C..clerk Johnson & Davisb ..
CarterThomas*laborerheast end Gregory.
CartwrightWilliam M.*.hTarragona n Chase.
CaryRichard..hJackson cor Spring.
CaryRichard M., Jr...h.Union Depot
CaseyMichael ..hTarragona cor Gregory.
CassimisDemetrius.tobacconisthGov opp Public SqGov opp Public Sq
CassinoAristide A..cigar makerhZarragossa n Barcelona.
CastilloAgnes.widowhBaylen n Intendencia.
CastilloFrancis D. & Co..undertakershBaylen n IntendenciaRomana n Spring
CastilloLewis Hodges..hBaylen n Intendencia.
CaswellEmma.widowhSalamanca n 10th ave.
CatholicPhilip*laborerhW of Lake Ruby.
CatlitSophronia, Mrs.*.hGadsden n Reus.
CelestineViva*.hRomana opp Spring.
CeraJoseph.auctioneerhLa Rua cor 7th ave.
ChambersPeter*laborerhRomana cor Spring.
ChambleyHarrison*laborerhsouth end 10th ave.
ChampionWilson.laborerhSpring n Gregory.
ChandlerBenjamin .foreman Santa Rosa MillshZarragossa.
ChandlerCatharine B..nursehZarragossa n Cevallos.
ChandlerCharles B..clerkhZarragossa c Cevallos.
ChandlerJohn N..clerkhZarragossa c Cevallos.
ChandlerBenjamin.clerk Wright's MillhZarragossa ft Cevallos.
ChandlerEmma, Miss.artisthBarclay's PointDittmar's Bldg
ChandlerJoseph*laborerhFlorida Blanca n Government.
ChapmanFrank*laborerhDe Villiers n Belmont.
ChapmanSamuel L.*barberhDe Villiers n Belmont.
CharbonierAntonio.grocerhIntendencia cor Fla BlancaIntendencia cor Tarragona
CharbonierFrank.grocerhIntendencia cor Fla Blanca.
CharbonierJosephclerkbIntendencia cor Fla Blanca.
CharlesPazze.merchandisehChase n Cevallos.
CharlesWilliam*laborerhColeman n Romana.
ChatmanSamuel L..barber.Intendencia n Palafox.
CherryClara G., Mrs...hRomana n Alcaniz.
Chess-Carley Co...Alfred Batre, manager, oils and naval stores.Tarragona above Union Depot.
ChipleyGalt.superintendent gas worksbBelmont n Spring.
ChipleyStephen cl New Continental HotelhBelmont.
ChipleyWilliam D..Vice-President and Land Agent Pensacola & Atlantic Railroad, Union Depot, President Gulf Ice Co., and (Chipley & Co.) hardware,hBaylen cor BelmontPalafox n Romana
ChristianAugustus C..bookkeeperbPalafox cor Gregory.
ChristianJohn.servanthPalafox cor Gregory.
ChurchJames B..workerh6th ave cor Cervantes.
CincottaGiuseppe.grocerhGovernment n Fla BlancaGovernment n Fla Blanca
ClaiborneEdward*laborerheast end Gregory.
ClaiborneJames*laborerhStrong n De Villiers.
ClarkAlexander*laborerhWright n Palafox.
ClarkCharles*laborerhfoot Coyle.
ClarkEdinboro*.hfacing beach n Zarragossa.
ClarkEdinboro, Jr.*laborerhfacing beach n Zarragossa.
ClarkGeorge*laborerhn 10th ave on beach.
ClarkLandon J..firemanbGregory n Cevallos.
ClarkNiles.laborerhMain cor Alcaniz.
ClarkSandy*.hTarragona above gas house.
ClarkSimon*.hopp AME Zion Ch n Romana.
ClarkThomas*plastererhW of Lake Ruby.
ClarkeEdmund.policemanhIntendencia n Barcelona.
ClarkeJames B..carpenterhGregory n Cevallos.
ClarkeJames N..carpenterhIntendencia n Barcelona.
ClarkeJames T. .stevedorebIntendencia n Barcelona.
ClarkeJohn S..cont and buildhGregory n CevallosGregory n Cevallos
ClarkeMary, Miss..hJackson cor 6th ave.
ClarkeSarah A., Miss..h6th ave cor Jackson.
ClarkeWilliam D..carpenterhGregory n Cevallos.
CliftonJames .brakesmanbSpring cor Belmont.
CliftonMaria, Mrs..boardinghGregory n Alcaniz.
ClubbsAlexander V..builder & contractor and dealer in building materials h12th st and 12th avefoot of Florida Blanca
CobbAnnie, Mrs...hfoot 11th ave n Muscogee Wharf.
CobbSewall C..President Pensacola Ice Co.hPalafox cor GregoryIce House Wharf
CoburgerHenry J..watchmakerhGarden n 11th ave.
CoddonOphelia, Miss.millinerh45 Palafox45 Palafox
CoddonVictor.clerkh45 Palafox.
CodyFanny, Mrs...hGregory n Alcaniz.
CoeJerome.laborerhhead Tarragona.
CoeJohn M..(Dow & Coe)hWright c Tarragona16 Palafox
CoeMillie, Miss*.hBarcelona cor Intendencia.
CohenEdward.clerk T. GugenheimbWright opp hotel.
CohenEmanuel M..clerk S. KahnhRomana n Tarragona.
CohenGustave M...hIntendencia cor Cushman's al.
CohenLouise, Mrs..hairhIntendencia cor Cushman's alIntendencia cor Cushman's al
CohenMargaret, Mrs...hDe Villiers n the bay.
ColajeroNicholas.fruithMain n BaylenPalafox c Main
ColeCharles.conductorbIntendencia n Tarragona.
ColeEllen*widowhBaylen n Intendencia.
ColeMilton G.*laborerhBaylen n Intendencia.
ColeThomas P..laborerhGovernment n Cevallos.
ColemanAlexander*laborerhRomana n Alcaniz.
ColemanFanny *widowhChase n 10th ave.
ColemanJames*laborerhZarragossa n Reus.
ColemanMary.widowhColeman n Garden.
ColemanPatrick*laborerhDavis ave n La Rua.
Coleman (Samuel*) & White (Ernest *).*barbersh.Intendencia n Tarragona
CollinsAdele, Miss..bReus n Zarragossa.
CollinsErnest*carpenterhGovernment cor Barcelona.
CollinsGeorge*carpenterhCervantes n Reus.
CollinsGeorge W..boot and shoe mfr and dealer hIntendencia n BaylenPalafox opp Public sq
CollinsHenry*cookh1st n 6th ave.
CollinsJacob C.*laborerhBelmont ab Coyle.
CollinsJohn B.*barberhBarcelona n Government.
CollinsJoseph.grocerhBarcelona n IntendenciaIntendencia cor Barcelona
CollinsJoseph A..shoemakerhGovernment n Fla BlancaGovernment n Tarragona
CollinsLeon S.*barberhGovernment n W Palafox.
ColllinsRobert*laborerhCoyle n Belmont.
CollinsSamuel .barberhGovernment n De Villiers.
CollinsThomas B.*shoemakerhMain cor BaylenMain cor Baylen
ColwellElizabeth .widowhAlcaniz n Intendencia.
ColwellLouis*laborerhGarden n 9th ave.
ColwellMargaret, Mrs.*.hRomana n Alcaniz.
CommynsFrancis E..stevedorebBarcelona cor Intendencia.
CommynsJoseph.grocerhBarcelona cor IntendenciaBarcelona cor Intendencia
CondonNicholas.laborerhZarragossa n Barcelona.
CondonPhilip J..watchmaker at W. F. Williams'hPalafox ab Wright.
ConklinJames.boatmanhDe Villiers n Zarragossa.
ConnellyThos E..bookkeeper at Warren & Co.'sbTarragona n Romana.
ConnerSallie J., Mrs...bCushman's Alley.
ConnersWilliam H..laborerhfoot Barcelona.
ConstantineMary, Mrs...hSpring cor Garden.
ConwayArthur.fishermanhwest end Government.
ConwayGeorge.fishermanhGovernment cor Barcelona.
CookAndrew*laborerhJackson cor De Villiers.
CookEdwin M..inspector custom househGovernment n Baylen .
CookFrank*porterhReus n Gadsden.
CookHamilton*laborerhGregory n Cevallos.
CookJoseph*laborerhJackson n De Villiers.
CookLouis *draymanbRomana n Alcaniz.
CookNathan B..supt county schoolshDe Villiers cor GregoryCourt House
CookOlmstead*.hRomana n Alcaniz.
CookeEdwin J..chief clerk City HotelbCity Hotel.
CooleyJoseph R..grocerhChase cor CevallosChase cor Cevallos
CooperBenjamin*laborerhGovernment n Alcaniz.
CooperPalmer*laborerhBaylen n Romana.
CopeEdward..hGarden cor Cevallos.
CopelandJohn*laborerhTarragona n Belmont.
CorneliusMichael J..jan Osceola ClubhGregory n Barcelona.
CornerChristian.meat market hKupfrian's ParkPalafox n Government
CorsonEmanuel*laborerhIntendencia n Palafox.
CorsonJohn*printerbIntendencia n Palafox.
CornsFrancois*laborerhbey 12th ave on beach.
CosgroveJohn.prop Pensacola foundryhGovernment n PalafoxPalafox Wharf
CottrellJulius *laborerhDe Villiers cor La Rua.
CoulsonEdward.butcherhRomana n Barcelona.
CoulsonElla, Mrs..groceries and provisionshGovernment cor ReusGovernment cor Reus grocerhGovernment cor Reus15 Palafox
CountyDelia, Miss*laundresshCervantes n Reus.
CountyJoseph*laborerhAlcaniz n Romana.
CountyMartha, Miss*laundresshCervantes n Reus.
CowlesRobert W.*junk dealer.Baylen on the wharf.
CoxHannah*.hMain cor Baylen.
CraftWilliam W..agt Southern Ex CohGovernment n PalafoxGovernment n Palafox
CraigDavid*laborerhAragon n 9th ave.
CranshawEdward*laborerhWright n Barcelona.
CranshawPeter*gardenerhAlcaniz n Romana.
CraveyJ. Z..physicianbGovernment facing Seville sq.Intendencia n Palafox
CrawfordHenry*laborerhGovernment n Fla Blanca.
CrawfordRobert*laborerhCevallos n Intendencia.
CreightonCharles.laborerhPerdido Wharf.
CribbsWilliam*laborerhLuke's Alley n Chase.
CriggsBishop*laborerhZarragossa n Coyle.
CriglarWilliam L..lumber merchanthGovernment facing Seville sq.
CrockettDavid.carpenterhStrong n De Villiers.
CrookAnderson*shoemaker, restauranthTarragona n RomanaTarragona n Romana
CrosbyAndrew*laborerhChase n 10th ave.
CrosbyHezekiah*servanthLa Rua cor Davis ave.
CrumAmanda*widowhWright n Barcelona.
CrumpThomas*draymanbGovernment n Alcaniz.
CrupperMary A. .widowhGovernment n Barcelona.
CummingsJohn.laborerb11th ave n Garden.
CummingsPatrick.stevedoreh11th ave n Garden.
CunninghamFrank*draymanhChase n Hayne.
CunninghamHenry*laborerhDe Leon beyond 13th ave.
CurryWilliam*laborerhIntendencia n Barcelona.
CushmanHenry C..drugshDe Reache n GovernmentGovernment opp Public sq
DaileyCleopatra S., Mrs..boarding-house.9th ave n Chase.
DaleyWilson*laborerhAlcaniz n Romana.
D'AlemberteArthur H..dry goodshGregory n De Villiers.
D'AlemberteJohn E. & Co..druggistshIntendencia n PalafoxBlount Bldg, Palafox n Government
D'AlemberteW. A..druggisthWright n Alcaniz26 Palafox
DallmeierDionis.carpenterbdsIntendencia n Baylen.
DanheiserMarks..hGovernment opp Opera House.
DanielsAbraham.clerkhIntendencia n Alcaniz.
DanielsHoward*draymanhfoot 11th ave on beach.
DanielsJohn S..carpenterhGregory n Cevallos.
DanielsLouis.pile-driverhRomana n Fla Blanca.
DanielsRobert*laborerh9th ave cor 2d.
DarcyAustin*laborerbdsCoyle n Government.
DarcyElizabeth .widowhGovernment n Alcaniz.
DarbeyAlice*widowheast end Gregory n the bay.
DarleyPeter*laborerbdsCoyle cor La Rua.
DarleyThomas, Rev.*pastor A. M. E. Zion ChurchhCoyle cor La Rua.
DarleyZacharia*laborerbdsCoyle cor La Rua.
DarlingW. L..chief engineer St. A. Bay & C. R. R. Co.bdsCity Hotel.
DasonGeorge.butcherhIntendencia n Baylen.
DavidsonEmma, Miss...Zarragossa n Palafox.
DaviesColin A..roadmaster P. & A. and L. & N. R. R. Union DepothMilton, Fla..
DavisA. G., Miss..bdsWright foot Guillemard.
DavisBenjamin A..carpenterhfoot 10th ave n beach.
DavisCharles.machinistbdsGregory n Alcaniz.
DavisEdward.laborerhChase on beach.
DavisEdward*laborerhAragon n 9th ave.
DavisEllen, Mrs.*cookhReus cor Cervantes.
DavisFrank*.hGovernment bey De Villiers.
DavisFrancis M..flagmanbds13th ave n Gregory.
DavisHarry.laborerhZarragossa cor Coyle.
DavisHenry*laborerhChase n Alcaniz.
DavisHerbert clerk P. O.hBaylen n Gregory.
DavisJohn*restauranthMain n BaylenMain n Baylen
DavisJoseph*laborerhSalamanca n Cevallos.
DavisJoseph L..engineerhSpring n Chase.
DavisLee M..(Johnson & Davis).Palafox cor Intendencia.
DavisLysander M..merchanthHayne cor La Rua.
DavisOscar*laborerhColeman n Romana.
DavisPhena*widowheast end Gregory.
DavisSarah*widowhAragon n 9th ave.
DavisThomas G..shoemakerbdsfoot 10th ave n beach.
DavisThomas J..groceries hfoot of 10th ave foot of 10th ave
DavisWilliam H..carpenterh6th ave n Strong6th ave n Strong
DavisonPeter H.*laborerhGonzalez n 6th ave.
Davison (Wm. H.) & Lee (Wm. F.)..civil engineersh7th ave cor 2dCourt House
DawsonFrank*laborerhBaylen cor Belmont.
DawsonNoah*laborerbdsBaylen cor Belmont.
DawsonSusan*.hBarcelona n Intendencia.
DaytonHenry N..policemanhGovernment n Barcelona.
DeanJacob .laborerbds8th ave cor La Rua.
DeanJohn*laborerhGarden n 10th ave.
DeanJohn T..engineerh2d n 12th ave.
DeanRansom*laborerbds8th ave cor La Rua.
DeanShepherd*laborerhLa Rua cor Alcaniz.
De GowanFlora*widowhGovernment n Barcelona.
De GrandJoseph*fishermanhon beach foot Reus.
De LacyLaura.widowbdsIntendencia n Barcelona.
De la RuaBenjamin..bdsGregory n Tarragona.
De la RuaFilo.proprietor Pensacola and Perdido Hackbdsnorth end 6th aveCity Hotel
De la RuaFilomeno E..Clerk Escambia Co. Circuit CourthGregory n TarragonaCourt House
De la RuaJohn.Deputy Co. ClerkhGregory n Tarragona.
DelmarEugene.clerkhPerdido Wharf.
DennisRobert H.*teacherhwest end Romana.
DennisRoyal studentbdsnorth end Tarragona.
DennisSandy*laborerhAlcaniz n Chase.
DennisWesley B..bookkeeperhGuillemard, opp Gas House.
DerbyWilliam F..engineerbds1st n 9th ave.
De SilvaHarry G..clerkbdsSpring cor Wright.
De SilvaJohn*laborerhBelmont n Reus.
DeveridgeGreen*laborerhIntendencia n Fla. Blanca.
DeyFrank E..watchmaker, jeweler, and engraverhStoddart's ave n 8th aveGovernment opp Pub. Sq
DiamondBenjamin L..merchant tailorhRomana n Fla BlancaPalafox n Osceola Club
DickensNancy*widowhn Chase bey 12th ave.
DickinsonCharles J..watchmanbds10th ave facing beach.
DieckmannJohn.laborerhGovernment n Fla Blanca.
DilliardClaiborne*laborerhGovernment n Reus.
DillonJames.captainhMain n the beach.
DitmarsAgnes.widowhZarragossa n Barcelona.
DixonCornelius H..lumber and building materials, and builderhTarragona rear Gulf Ice HouseTarragona rear Gulf Ice House
DixonStephen*laborerh7th ave n Gonzalez.
DolphinJacob *hackmanhAragon n 9th ave.
DolphinLouis*laborerhDe Villiers n Intendencia.
DomingasEmanuel..hChase bey Coyle.
DominickJohn F..laborerhMain cor Barcelona.
DominiqueMattes.fruithTarragona n IntendenciaTarragona n Intendencia
DonaldAlexander*laborerhfoot Cevallos.
DonaldRobert*laborerh1st cor 9th ave.
DonaldWalter*butcherhBelmont n A.
Donovan.*laborerhAragon cor 9th ave.
DoniganJane*widowhMain n Baylen.
DonkinsHarriet*widowheast end Chase.
DonovanJohn.laborerhon beach r Zarragossa.
DooleyJohn.laborerhGovernment n Reus.
DorrClara G..widowhfacing Seville Square n Zarragossa.
DorrC. Hawks.Sec. and Supt. Gulf Ice Co.hfacing Seville Square n Tarragona.
DorrJames W..clerkhfacing Seville Square n Zarragossa.
DoughertyMargaret .widowhTarragona n Romana.
DouglasEdward.clerkbCushman's Alley.
DouglassHenry*laborerhGarden n 9th ave.
DouglasParker*gardenerhRomana n Palafox.
DouglasScott*draymanhChase cor Cevallos.
Dow (Cameron Q.) & Coe (John M.)..books, stationery and Florida curiosities.16 Palafox.
DownesRichard.laborerheast end Government.
DozierEdward L.*Pastor Union Miss'y Baptist ChurchhWright n Coyle.
DozierLaura*widowhGovernment n Cevallos.
DrewHannibal*laborerhWright cor Reus.
DriggsGeorge*laborerhReus n La Rua.
DubuissonEugenie.widowhZarragossa n Alcaniz.
Dubuisson, Jules E. & Co.(Mark A. Dubuisson, Edward E. Jordy).grocershZarragossa n AlcanizTarragona cor Intendencia
DubuissonLouis A..with E. E. Jordy & Co.hZarragossa n Seville sq .
DubuissonMark A..(J. E. Dubuisson & Co.)hZarragossa.
DudleyJoshua*.hAlcaniz n Romana.
DukesJohn*laborerhAlcaniz n Chase.
Duke John H...hGovernment n Fla Blanca.
DukeSamuel D..clerkbAlcaniz cor Gadsden.
DunbarJ. S..foremanhCevallos n Chase.
DunbarStephen G..machinisthwest end Romana.
DuncansWesley *.hIntendencia n Barcelona.
DunhamFrancis A..blacksmithhFla Blanca n Zarragossa.
DunhamMrs. Frances H...hfoot Adams.
DunhamOld Man.shipsmithhPalafox n MainPalafox n Main
DunbarW. H.*carpenterh10th ave n Chase.
DunnEdward T..stevedorehPalafox n Garden.
DunnJohn.liq. ret.hGovernment n Baylen Palafox opp Pub sq
DunnMrs. Sophia..hIntendencia n Alcaniz.
DunwodyAdrian..b Spring cor La Rua.
DunwodyBryan..hSpring cor Jackson.
DunwodyJ. F...bSpring cor La Rua.
DunwodyJ. F., Jr...bSpring cor La Rua.
DupontAugustus*laborerhReus cor La Rua.
DurhamBoylston*.hTarragona n Chase.
DuyGeo. G..night clerk New Continental HotelbNew Continental Hotel.
DwyerEdward.laborerhBarcelona n Government.
DyerMrs. Isabel*.hTarragona n Romana.
DysonCelia*.hIntendencia bey Barcelona.