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Pensacola City Directory

Transcribed and contributed by Janet Myers

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Surname Given
* Person
of Color
Occupation . Address Addit’l Addresses
Usually Business
IngrahamHenry F...hGarden n Palafox.
IngrahamJames*laborerhAlcaniz n Intendencia.
IngrahamWhitfield*.hGarden opp freight depot.
JacksonAndrew*laborerhDe Villiers cor Wright.
JacksonAnnie, Mrs..liq. ret.hPalafox WharfPalafox Wharf
JacksonAnthony*laborerhWright n Davis ave.
JacksonAnthony*laborerhChase n 10th ave.
Jack Antonio.fruit and conf.hZarragossa cor BarracksZarragossa cor Barracks
JacksonBeverly*.heast end Chase.
JacksonBeverly, Jr.*.heast end Chase.
JacksonDarkus, Mrs.*laundresshBarcelona ab Jackson.
JacksonHenry*laborerhAragon n 9th ave.
JacksonJennie*.hGregory cor Coyle.
JacksonJohn*laborerh8th ave n De Soto.
JacksonJohn*carpenterhGarden n Spring.
JacksonJohn*laborerhGovernment n Barcelona.
JamesJoseph H.*servanthBaylen n Intendencia.
JacksonMace*laborerhBelmont cor De Villiers.
JacksonMary L..widowhGarden n Palafox.
JacksonMoses*laborerhIntendencia n Barcelona.
JacksonRiney*.hGovernment bey De Villiers.
JacksonRobert*laborerh1st n 9th ave.
JacksonSamuel*servanthGregory cor Cevallos.
JacksonSusan, Mrs.*cookhLuke's Alley n Chase.
JacksonThomas*laborerhChase n Alcaniz.
JacksonWade*junkhTarragona n RomanaRomana n Tarragona
JacksonWilliam*draymanhBaylen cor La Rua.
JacksonWilliam*laborerhZarragossa n Baylen.
JacksonWilliam*laborerhSalamanca n 12th ave.
JacobyGabriel H...b Romana n Palafox.
JacobyJoseph M..clerk P. Stoneb Palafox n Garden.
JacobyLaz..tobacconist, newsdealer, and stationer, prop. Gopher cigar factoryhIntendencia bet Palafox and TarragonaPalafox cor Zarragossa
JamesAbraham*laborerh10th ave cor Chase.
JamesHays E.*stewardb Palafox n Belmont.
JamesHenry*laborerhfoot 10th ave .
JamesHenry*restauranthRomana cor Tarragona Romana cor Tarragona
JudaiteJohn.baymanhhead Ice House Wharf.
JansenMorten H..sailor.Palafox Wharf.
JasonFred*..Palafox Wharf.
JeffersonAnn *.hMain cor Baylen.
JeffersonCuffee*laborerhCoyle n Gregory.
JenkinsAda*widowhTarragona opp gas house.
JenkinsJohn*firemanhTarragona n gas works.
JenkinsThomas*.hBelmont n Palafox.
JohnsonAllen*sexton Episcopal Churchh9th ave n Gregory.
JohnsonAnnie *widowhCoyle n Belmont.
JohnsonArthur.laborerb Government n Coyle.
JohnsonBriston*laborerhGregory n Cevallos.
JohnsonCharles.laborerhGovernment n De Villiers.
JohnsonCharles.carpenterhfoot Reus.
JohnsonCharles*laborerhGovernment n Reus.
JohnsonCharles G..stevedorehGregory E of Cevallos.
JohnsonDaniel*laborerhGarden n Cevallos.
JohnsonEli*laborerh7th ave n Gonzalez.
JohnsonElias*laborerhReus cor Wright.
JohnsonEphraim*laborerhDavis cor Gonzalez.
JohnsonFrank*carpenterh2d n 12th ave.
JohnsonFrank*laborerhLuke's Alley n Aragon.
JohnsonFrederick .laborerb Romana cor Tarragona .
JohnsonGeneral*laborerhRomana n Alcaniz.
JohnsonGeorge *laborerhAlcaniz n Romana.
JohnsonGeorge B..stevedorehGregory n Cevallos.
JohnsonGrace*.hMain cor Jefferson.
JohnsonHayward*restauranthTarragona n RomanaTarragona n Romana
JohnsonHarper*blacksmith.Chase cor 9th ave.
JohnsonHarris*.hGregory n A.
JohnsonHarrison*laborerhChase n 9th ave.
JohnsonHenderson*cookhGarden n Spring.
JohnsonHenry.clerkhAlcaniz n Government.
JohnsonHenry.grocerhGovernment n Florida Blanca.
JohnsonHenry.carpenterb Intendencia n Tarragona.
JohnsonHerman.liq. ret., billiards, and agent Foss-Schneider Brewing Co.hfacing Seville SquarePalafox cor Main
JohnsonJ. Albert.ex-messb Government n Cevallos.
JohnsonJames, Mrs.*.hAragon n 9th ave.
JohnsonJames.clerkb De Villiers cor Gregory.
JohnsonJasper*oysterh12th ave bey 12thfoot 10th ave on beach
JohnsonJefferson*laborerhZarragossa n Coyle.
JohnsonJohn*laborerhGregory n Alcaniz.
JohnsonJohn*laborerhhead R. R. Wharf.
JohnsonJohn L..carpenterb Intendencia n Alcaniz.
JohnsonJohn T..engineerDe Leon E of 10th ave
JohnsonKate*.hMain cor Baylen.
JohnsonKatie E., Miss*teacher, and dressmakerb 9th ave n Gregory9th ave n Gregory
JohnsonLawrence*laborerhBelmont ab Coyle.
JohnsonLena, Mrs...hIntendencia n Baylen.
JohnsonLewis*draymanhZarragossa n Baylen.
JohnsonLuke*laborerheast end Gregory.
JohnsonMahala, Miss*.hIntendencia n Barcelona.
JohnsonMary *widowhGovernment cor Cevallos.
JohnsonMoses*laborerhChase n Alcaniz.
JohnsonNelson*laborerhGovernment n Cevallos.
JohnsonPeter.carpenterhGovernment n CevallosGovernment n Cevallos
JohnsonPeter M..firemanb Government n Cevallos.
JohnsonRobert*.hIntendencia n De Villiers.
JohnsonRush*draymanhMain cor Alcaniz.
JohnsonSimon*carpenterhStrong n 7th ave.
JohnsonThomas.laborerhGovernment n Coyle.
JohnsonThomas H..laborerb Government n Coyle.
JohnsonWalter*hackmanhChase n 9th ave.
JohnsonWesley*clerkhwest end Romana.
Johnson (William) & Davis (Lee M.)..dry goods, hardware, boots and shoes, groceries, crockery, builders' materials, agricultural implementshZarragossa cor AlcanizPalafox cor Intendencia
JohnsonWilliam*laborerh9th ave cor 2d.
JohnsonWilliam*laborerhGregory n Tarragona.
JohnsonWilliam L.*laborerh9th ave n Gregory.
JohnsonWilliam T..clerkb Government n Cevallos.
JollyGeorge..hSpring n Garden.
JollyJosephine, Miss.dressmakerhSpring n Garden.
JollySarah.widowhSpring n Garden.
JonesAda*.hhead Ice House Wharf.
JonesAlpheus.carpenterb Intendencia n Tarragona.
JonesBetty, Miss..hBaylen n Zarragossa.
JonesBoykin.clerkhBelmont cor Spring.
JonesCatherine*.hRomana n Barcelona.
JonesCharles*laborerh10th ave cor Chase.
JonesCharles W..U. S. SenatorhBarcelona cor Wright.
JonesElelina P., Miss.Private SchoolhZarragossa n AlcanizZarragossa n Alcaniz
JonesEdward *laborerhGadsden n Reus.
JonesFortune*laborerhAragon n 9th ave.
JonesFrank*draymanhDe Villiers cor La Rua.
JonesHarry*laborerhChase bey Coyle.
JonesHenry F.*bakerh8th ave cor Jackson.
JonesJacob*laborerhGarden n 11th ave.
JonesJohn.butcherhIntendencia n Alcaniz.
JonesJoseph P..lawyerhZarragossa n Alcaniz.
JonesLavina*widowh7th ave cor Gadsden.
JonesMack*.hGarden n Cevallos.
JonesMinerva*widowhCevallos n Intendencia.
JonesNorris*Bell's City Hotelb Bell's City Hotel.
JonesOliver*draymanhChase n 10th ave.
JonesPhena.widowhhead Railroad Wharf.
JonesReuben*servanthBaylen cor Belmont.
JonesSamuel *porter City Hotelb City Hotel.
JonesShedd*laborerhTarragona n Romana.
JonesWilliam*laborerhLa Rua n Alcaniz.
JonesWilliam*seamanb Zarragossa cor Commendencia.
JonesWilliam B..carpenterh9th cor 10th ave.
JonesWilliam R.*laborerhDe Villiers n Intendencia.
JordanEmma, Mrs...hBarcelona n Government.
JohnsonJacob.clerkhGovernment cor Barcelona.
JordanFrancis H..clerkhZarragossa.
JordanHenry*carpenterhReus n La Rua.
JordanHubert F..clerkb Zarragossa n Adams.
JordanJacob*laborerhIntendencia n Fla Blanca.
JordanKing*bakerhGovernment n Coyle.
JordanLouis*laborerhChase opp cemetery.
JordanMichael..hPerdido Wharf.
JordanRobert J..bookkeeperhBarcelona n Wright.
JordanThomas E..clerkb Palafox n Belmont.
JordyEdward E & goods and (J. E. Dubuisson & Co.)hat Pass Christian, MissPalafox n Post-office
JosephAntonio.laborerhGarden n 11th ave.
JosephElizabeth.widowhChase n 12th ave.
JosephTheodore..hChase n 12th ave.
JosephWalter.laborerhChase n 12th ave.
JudgeAnthony*laborerhGregory bey Coyle.
JudgeJacob*draymanhWright n 9th ave.
JusticeRussell*laborerhwest end Romana. and oysters.Main n Baylen. and gents' furnishingshChase n PalafoxPalafox c Zarragossa and shoeshGregory east of PalafoxBlount Building c Palafox
KanenJames.captainhfoot Reus.
KanenJames W..clerkb foot Reus.
KeaneJames.laborerb foot Adams.
KeatingMichael M..carpenterhWright n 9th ave.
KeelingJames R..grocerb Wright n ReusWright foot of Davis ave
KeelingJohn*laborerhBelmont cor A.
KeelerRobert.laborerhIntendencia n Baylen.
KeelingWilliam.grocerhWright c Reus.
KeelingWilliam O..grocerhWright c ReusLa Rua c Reus
KehoeJohn F..mason, builder, and brick manufacturerhGregory cor Spring.
KeiferEllen.widowhDe Villiers n the Bay.
KelkerJacob*carpenterhLa Rua n 7th ave.
KelleyGeorge.carpenterhGovernment n Fla Blanca.
KellyAaron S..laborerh1st n 9th ave.
KellyEdward H.*laborerhGovernment bey De Villiers.
KellyJames.laborerb Intendencia n De Villiers.
KellyJames.laborerhDe Villiers n Zarragossa.
KellyJohn..hwest end Intendencia.
KellyJohn.laborerhon beach n Salamanca.
KellyPeter.engineerb Commercial Hotel.
KempFelix*draymanhW of Lake Ruby.
KempJohn*laborerhW of Lake Ruby.
KendallThomas.watchmakerb M. L. Rock's.
KenneySarah*widowhCoyle n Chase.
KepperHerman.machinistb 1st n 9th ave.
KetchamIsaac S...h11th ave n Garden.
KetchumKeziah*widowhWright n Baylen.
KettlerAlexander*laborerhCevallos n Government.
KeyserJoseph C..fishermanh7th ave n La Rua.
KeyserWilliam S..timberb New Continental Hotel.
KiloFrank*laborerhAlcaniz n La Rua.
KingBenjamin*laborerhAlcaniz n Romana.
KingEmma D., Mrs.*dairyhLa Rua n PalafoxLa Rua n Palafox
KingFannie*widowhAragon n 9th ave.
KingHenry*carpenterhChase n 9th ave.
KingHouston*cookhLa Rua n Palafox.
KingJohn*laborerb Zarragossa n Baylen.
KingJoseph.fishermanhZarragossa n Baylen.
KingMargaret E., Miss..h7th ave cor Jackson.
KingMelissa, Mrs...hZarragossa n Baylen.
KingRobert*servanthGregory n Palafox.
KinsgmanEllen*widowhRomana n Spring.
KinseyHenry*laborerhLa Rua n Alcaniz.
KirkGeorgianna E., Mrs...hPalafox cor Romana.
KirkpatrickLouis C..clerk Merchants' Hotelb Palafox cor GovernmentPalafox cor Government
KistAugustus.laborerhBarcelona n Zarragossa.
KleinFrederick .grocerhSpring c BelmontSpring c Belmont
KlumkerJohn.tobacconist hZarragossa n JeffersonZarragossa n Jefferson
KnightLina*widowhfoot Cevallos.
KnightWilliam H...b Gregory n Cevallos.
KnowlesAnnette M., Mrs...hBarcelona cor La Rua.
Knowles Bros. (Louis P. and Wm. H. Knowles)..real estate and insurance.Government n Palafox.
KnowlesLouis P..President Merchants' Bank of Pensacola and Insurance and (Knowles Brothers) real estate agents hBarcelona n BelmontGovernment cor Palafox; Government near Palafox
KnowlesPeter..hBarcelona c Belmont.
KnowlesWilliam H..Vice-President Merchants' Bank of Pensacola and (Knowles Bros.)hBelmont n Barcelona.
KnoxCharles.grocerhZarragossa c CevallosZarragossa c Cevallos
KnoxCharles.laborerhZarragossa c Cevallos.
KohlerJohn W..proprietor Southern Pottery Works, manufacturer of stone, earthenware and terracotta pipehnorth end 8th avenorth end 8th ave
KramerFrank.restauranthPalafox WharfPalafox Wharf
KrygerJacob.Merchants' HotelhMerchants' Hotel.
KrygerMargaret, Mrs..proprietor Merchants' HotelhPalafox c Government Palafox c Government
KuesterPaul F..bookkeeperhGregory bey De Villiers.
KugelmanDavid.clerk at L. Bear & Co'sb Romana .
KupfrianConrad.proprietor Kupfrian's Park, President Pensacola Street Car Co., and saloonhKupfrian's ParkZarragossa n Palafox
KupfrianGeorge.clerkhZarragossa N Palafox.
KyleJohn M..carpenterhGregory n 10th ave.
La CosteCyrus H..Pensacola Marble Worksh2d st c 11th ave.
La FarTheodore A..dentisthRomana c PalafoxRomana c Palafox
La FaveVictoria*widowhGovernment c De Villiers.
LagusJoseph B..laborerhZarragossa n Barcelona.
LambJohn B...hfacing beach r Zarragossa.
LamkinWesley*laborerh10th ave cor Chase.
LandrumCasimir A., M. D..dentisthReus n WrightPalafox c Intendencia
LandrumSamuel W..Manager Nonpareil Printing CompanyhWright c BarcelonaPitt Building, Palafox
LangfordRobert H..boat buildinghFlorida Blanca n RomanaBaylen St Wharf
LangfordRowland.collector Merchants' Bank of Pensacolab Florida Blanca n Alcaniz.
LangleyJ. Madison.pilothZarragossa n Barcelona.
LangleyJames.pilothZarragossa n Barcelona.
LangleyWilliam.clerkb Gregory near and east of Palafox.
LanvilleDorsey*laborerhChase n 10th ave.
LappingtonAbram M..stevedorehChase c 12th ave.
LarkinKate*.hBaylen ab Wright.
LarkinRichard*waiterhWright n Coyle .
LarsonAlbin N..boardinghMain cor BaylenMain cor Baylen
Lattimore.*laborerhBaylen ab Romana.
LavenderOscar*laborerhr Wright n Barcelona.
LawlessJohn E...hGovernment n Tarragona.
LawlessVirginia, Mrs..grocerhGovernment n TarragonaGovernment n Tarragona
LawrenceCaroline*widowhIntendencia n Cevallos.
LawsonJohn E..engineerhAlcaniz n Intendencia.
LazariniCharlotte, Mrs..private schoolhCevallos n Wrighteast end Government
LearJohn D..laborerhAdams n Zarragossa.
LearyEliza *laundresshSpring n Garden.
Le BaronCharles L..underwriter and agent for British LloydshBarcelona n GregoryGovernment opp Pub. Sq.
Le BaronJoseph M..commercial brokerhWright n PalafoxIntendencia n Palafox
Le BaronLeonard.manager, Western Union Telegraph Co.hBarcelona n WrightGovernment opp Pub Square
Le BaronRomer.conductorb Wright n Palafox.
Le BlancJames I..manager S. KahnhZarragossa n Alcaniz.
LeeAdam, Mrs...hAlcaniz n Intendencia.
LeeCora.widowhMain n Baylen.
LeeEmma, Miss...Zarragossa n Baylen.
LeeFrank.farmerb Intendencia cor Cevallos.
LeeFrank.night watchmanhPerdido Wharf.
LeeJohnson*laborerhDe Villiers n Belmont.
LeeJoseph.clerkb Zarragossa cor Tarragona.
LeeJulia E., Miss.private schoolhChase cor AlcanizChase cor Alcaniz
LeeKelly*draymanhChase n 10th ave.
LeeMary E., Miss.teacher No. 1hh Chase c Alcaniz.
LeeThomas*brakemanhTarragona n Garden.
LeeWilliam F..(Davison & Lee)hGregory east of AlcanizCourt House
LeepardRobert C..flagmanhon beach end Chase.
LeikaufUlrich.meathMullview roadBaylen cor Government
LemonAlexander.mason b Romana n Alcaniz.
LenierAnderson*musicianhJackson n Reus.
LennoxAbraham*laborerheast end Chase.
LennoxJoseph*laborerheast end Gregory.
LenoxJeff*laborerhE end Gregory.
LenoxJohn H.*waiterb E end Gregory n the bay.
LenoxPhilip*laborerhGregory bey 12th ave.
LeonardJames Sierra.cashier and city treasurerhBarcelona cor La Rua.
LeonardJohn F..clerk at P. M. Marcusb Palafox n Zarragossa.
LeonardMary .widowh8th ave n Jackson.
LeonardStephen S..carpenter and builderhRomana n TarragonaRomana n Tarragona
LeonardTheobald M..physicianhRomana n TarragonaRomana n Tarragona
LeonardVirginia E., Mrs...hRomana n Tarragona.
LespareRichard*cookb Main n Baylen.
LevingsCharles.chief engineer, West Florida L and I Co.b City Hotel.
LevyAnnie, Mrs..clothinghIntendencia n TarragonaGovernment opp Pub Sq.
LevyCharles P., Jr..carpenterh7th ave n Jackson.
LevyMitchell..hIntendencia n Tarragona.
LevyEmanuel.junk dealerhGovernment cor Sev Sq.Palafox Wharf
LevyLouis M..clerkhAlcaniz n Gregory.
LevyManuel.junkhAlcaniz cor Government. hIntendencia n Tarragona.
LewisClinton*carpenterhWright ab Coyle.
LewisDaniel*laborerhBelmont n Baylen.
LewisEllen*.h1st n 9th ave.
LewisFrank.pilothIntendencia n Baylen.
LewisGeorge*laborerheast end Gregory.
LewisGeorge*laborerhChase n 10th ave.
LewisHenry*cook City Hotelb City Hotel.
LewisIrving*laborerheast end Chase.
LewisJohn*carpenterb Garden cor Cevallos.
LewisJohn B.*clerkhGovernment n Baylen .
LewisJohn P., Rev.*.hwest end Intendencia.
LewisMary*widowheast end Aragon.
LewisSimon*laborerhA n Wright.
LewisVictoria, Mrs..dressmakerb Baylen n Zarragossa.
LewisWilliam*laborerh6th ave n De Soto.
Lide Prince*laborerhBaylen n Belmont.
LidmanEmeline*.hIntendencia n Alcaniz.
LindsayEmma, Mrs..boarding househTarragona n Chase.
LinumJohn*laborerhPerdido Wharf.
LippsJacob.dressmakerhIntendencia n TarragonaIntendencia n Tarragona
LipscombCyrus *laborerb Wright cor Davis ave.
LittleGeorge*laborerhGovernment n Cevallos.
LockhartNancy A., Mrs...hGovernment opp Seville Sq.
LoganAdeline*widowhTarragona n Chase.
LoganJames*baymanb Main cor Commendencia.
LoperWilliam J..laborerhDe Villiers n Government.
LopezAntonio*fishermanhZarragossa n Reus.
LopezFeeler.fishermanhGovernment cor De Villiers.
LoudGeorge B...hGovernment n Baylen .
LoveGeorge*laborerhLa Rua n Reus.
LovettJames.agent Singer Mfg. Co.hPalafox cor ChaseIntendencia n Palafox
LowWilliam*firemanhBelmont n De Villiers. driverb at car barn De Villiers.
LowryBenjamin*laborerhAlcaniz n Romana.
LucasNassau*carpenterhChase cor De Villiers.
LuckyGeorge*.hGarden n 9th ave n Goulding's store.
LucasLen*laborerhGarden n 10th ave.
LuckyWilliam*cookhGregory n De Villiers.
LurtonJames W...hSpring n Wright.
LynamIsaac*laborerhTarragona opp gas house.
LynamSylvia*.hGarden n Baylen.
LysleSusan E..dressmakerhIntendencia n Palafox.