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Pensacola City Directory

Transcribed and contributed by Janet Myers

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Surname Given
* Person
of Color
Occupation . Address Addit’l Addresses
Usually Business
NapierGeorge L..mach.hWright cor 9th ave.
NashFrancis .mcht. tailorhBaylen n Garden.
NeddlesJoseph*laborerhLuke's Alley n Aragon.
NeeleyGeorge.meathGovernment n CevallosGovernment n Tarragona
NeilsenNiels.painterhChase n Cevallos.
NelsonMargaret*widowhBaylen n Garden.
NelsonWilliam*laborerhChase n 10th ave.
NeriGustavo.confec.hPalafox n IntendenciaPalafox n Intendencia
NettlesBetsy.widowhAlcaniz n La Rua.
NewellMargaret .widowhAlcaniz n Intendencia.
NewellRebecca T., Miss.dressmakerhAlcaniz n IntendenciaAlcaniz n Intendencia
NewmanHarvey R..Pres. West Fla. Investment & Imp. Co. and Vice-Pres. St. A. Bay & C. R. R. Co.bCity Hotel.
NewtonEliza*widowhfoot Cevallos.
NicholsonCharles C..stevedorehHayne n Gadsden.
NicholsonLawrence..bHayne n Gadsden.
NicolanJohanna, Mrs..patternshIntendencia n PalafoxIntendencia n Palafox
NicolanWilliam..hIntendencia n Palafox.
NormanElias*.hChase n Palafox.
NormanThos. E..civil engineerbHayne cor La Rua.
NorrisFrank *driverhWright n Coyle .
NorrisMaria*widowhSalamanca n Cevallos.
NunnHenry*mech.hLa Rua n Davis ave.
O'BannonWade*driverhChase opp cemetery.
O'BrienCharles.stevedorehAlcaniz n Intendencia.
O'BrienJames.boardinghPalafox WharfPalafox Wharf
O'Brien (Michael F.) & Co...shipsmithshBaylen n GardenPalafox Wharf
O'ConnellJohn.clerkhAlcaniz n Intendencia.
O'ConnorJames.laborerhDe Villiers n Zarragossa.
O'ConnorJohn.engineerbRomana n Alcaniz.
O'ConnorJohn.editor and propr. The PensacolianhGovernment n Baylen Pitt Bldg., Palafox
O'ConnorRosa*widowhwest end Government.
O'ConnorWm. J...bIntendencia bey Barcelona.
O'DonnellL..peddlerbCommercial Hotel.
OertingNiels McK..dry goods and grocerieshRomana n TarragonaRomana n Tarragona
Ofield Louis*fishermanhZarragossa n De Villiers.
OldmixonEdward N..pilothBarcelona n Romana.
OldmixonGeorge B..laborerhBarcelona n Romana.
O'LearyMichael.grocerhZarragossaZarragossa c De Villiers
O'LearyMichael.towagehGregory n Cevallos.
O'LearyMichael.stevedorehZarragossa n Reus.
O'LearyRobert.clerkbZarragossa n Reus.
Anais.widowhGarden n Palafox.
OliverFrancis*laborerhIntendencia n Barcelona.
OlmsteadHenry*laborerhsouth end 9th ave.
OlmsteadPeter*laborerhsouth end 9th ave.
OlsenJohn.cabinet-makerhGarden n 11th ave.
OlsenPeter.carpenterbRomana n Fla Blanca.
OlsenPeter O., Rev..pastor Scandinavian Seaman's ChurchhPalafox Wharf (Church Bldg).
OnealChester.clerkhSpring n Romana.
Oneal (George H.) Chaffin (James A.) & Co...timber and lumberhSpring n RomanaPalafox Wharf
OnealWilliam R..clerkhSpring n Romana.
O'NeillCatherine M..widowhIntendencia n Barcelona.
O'NeillGeorge W..druggisthIntendencia n BarcelonaGovernment n Opera House
O'NeillMichael.policemanhBaylen n Government.
OplatekVictor J..clerk at G. Forcheimer'shIntendencia.
O'ReillyJohn*ministerhwest of Ruby Lake.
OrmsbyJohn W..foreman car shopshJackson cor 7th ave.
OvermanBenjamin..hGregory n Tarragona.
OvermanCharles H. & Co..planing mill, lumber and building materialshGregory n TarragonaTarragona cor Zarragossa
OwensLevi*laborerh7th ave n Gonzalez.
PaineEliza*.hRomana cor Baylen.
PaineJulius*draymanhBelmont n Reus.
PaineLee*laborerhAragon n 9th ave.
PaineLuke*.hGarden n 9th ave.
PainePeter*well-driverhDe Villiers n Intendencia.
PalmerAl.*laborerhDe Soto n De Villiers.
PalmerMason*laborerhBelmont n Baylen.
PalmerRobert*laborerhLa Rua n 7th ave.
PalmesMannie P..wharf master, freight depothBarcelona n La Rua.
PalmesManuel.revenue and city collectorhRomana n PalafoxCourt House
PararaAndrew*.hBaylen ab Belmont.
PardeeDon A..U. S. Circuit Judgehat New Orleans24 Palafox
ParkerHorace*laborerhIntendencia n Barcelona.
ParkhillCharles B..lawyerhBaylen cor JacksonPalafox cor Romana
ParsonGeorge A..laborerh8th ave n Strong.
parsonsJennie*.h6th ave ab Jackson.
PateDavid.laborerh7th ave n Strong.
PatonDennis*watchmanb7th ave n Strong.
PattersonGeorge O..salesmanh10th ave cor Garden10th ave cor Garden
PattersonRosa*widowhGovernment n Barcelona.
PattisonGeorge G..bookkeeperhPalafox n Spring.
PattonWillis*laborerhAragon n 9th ave.
PaulThomas.grocerh7th ave cor Cervantes 7th ave cor Cervantes
PavalacGeorge.grocerhCommendencia n MainCommendencia n Main
PaytonDennis*watchman.Custom House.
PayneNeedham*laborerhRomana n Alcaniz.
PayneSarah*widowhBarcelona ab Jackson.
PayneWilliam J..boot and shoemakerhTarragona n RomanaTarragona n Romana
PeakeEdward W..carpenter and builderhIntendencia n TarragonaIntendencia n Tarragona
PeakeElizabeth, Mrs..millinerhIntendencia n TarragonaIntendencia n Tarragona
PearceL. B..conductor bRomana cor Alcaniz.
PeateHenry.fishermanbIntendencia n Alcaniz.
PebleyJeremiah C..real estatehHayne n GadsdenHayne n Gadsden
PellegriniJoseph.liquor retailerhPalafox WharfPalafox Wharf
PelmerGeorge.laborerhFlorida Blanca n Chase.
PelotCharles H., Mrs...hPalafox n Belmont.
PendletonJohn.stevedorehZarragossa facing Seville sq..
Pensacola Ice and fish, wholesale .Ice House Wharf.
PepperJohn.painterbIntendencia n Tarragona.
PerkinsAlexander*laborerhIntendencia n De Villiers.
PerryCharles.liquorshReus cor Jackson.
PerryCharles.pilothZarragossa cor Fla Blanca.
PerryCharles.wines and liquors retailhJacksonTarragona n Romana
PerryDavid.(Star Laundry)bContinental HotelGarden n Palafox
PerryEdward*laborerhChase on R. R..
PerryEdward A..Governor of Florida, and lawyerhPalafox cor Wright.
PerryEdward T..secretary to H. R. Newman, President, West Florida Investment and Improvement Co., and Vice President, St. Andrew's Bay & Chipley Railroad Co.bCity HotelVan Kirk's Building
PerryGeorge.pilothZarragossa cor Fla Blanca.
PersonZacharia S..ship carpenter and contractorhPerdido WharfPerdido Wharf
PetersJohn.laborerhIntendencia bey Barcelona.
PetersonCharles.captainhWright cor Reus.
PetersonFrank *laborerhGarden opp freight depot.
PetersonHans.pilothZarragossa n Fla Blanca.
PetersonJohn.painterhBaylen ab Garden.
PetersonJohn D.*laborerheast end Gregory.
PetersonMary, Mrs..grocerhBarcelona n GovernmentBarcelona n Government
PetiteEliza*.hhead Ice House Wharf.
PetriesAlexander*laborerhGarden n 9th ave.
PettersenHerman.laborerhPerdido Wharf.
PfeferleTheodore..hRomana n Baylen.
PfeifferEva, Mrs..(H. Pfeiffer & Co.)hGovernment n TarragonaPalafox cor Zarragossa
PfeifferGeorge.clerkhGovernment n Tarragona.
PfeifferHenry & Co..(Mrs. Eva Pfeiffer) ship chandlers, liquors, groceries, oil, rubber clothing, and agent for Lion Brewery BeerhGovernment n Baylen Palafox cor Zarragossa
PfeifferHenry, Jr..dry goods, groceries, crockery, boots, shoes, stoves, tinware, hardware, etc.hRomana n PalafoxGovernment opp Opera House
PfeifferJohn.clerkbGovernment n Baylen .
PfeifferJohn F..baker, confectioner, toys, etc.hIntendencia n TarragonaIntendencia n Tarragona
PfeifferJohn, Jr..bookkeeperhGovernment n Baylen .
PfeifferJohn M..general storehGovernment next Opera HouseGovernment next Opera House
PfeifferWilliam*laborerhGarden opp freight depot.
PferleCaroline, Mrs...hChurch n Jefferson.
PferleTheodore..hChurch n Jefferson.
PhilippiF. Charles.clerkbGovernment cor Tarragona.
PhillippiAntonio.clerkhZarragossa facing Seville sq..
PhillippiJames S..billiardshZarragossa opp Seville sqZarragossa n Palafox
PhilipsEliza.widowhGregory n De Villiers.
PhillipsDaniel*2d cook City HotelhBelmont n Spring.
PhilipsFrank .(MaGee & Phillips)hZarragossa n Fla Blanca.
PhillipsWilliam H..carpenterhGovernment n Fla Blanca.
PiaggioDario.ship-broker and commission merchant, Acting Vice-Consul for France, and Vice Consul for ItalyhZarragossa facing Seville sq.Palafox Wharf
PiaggioVincent.(Rivara & Co.)bZarragossa cor TarragonaPalafox Wharf
PicassoEmanuel.grocerhIntendencia n BaylenZarragossa n Alcaniz
PicassoEmanuel.grocerhIntendencia n BarcelonaIntendencia n Barcelona
PickettThomas*carpenterhwest end Romana.
PiersonMitchell*laborerhGovernment n Barcelona.
PiglerWinnie*widowhCevallos n Government.
PineJohn.shipping officehIntendencia n Tarragona.
PinneyJohn.storagehGovernment cor AlcanizZarragossa cor Commendencia
PinneyJohn and commission merchanthGovernment c AlcanizIntendencia n Palafox
PisadaVictor .clerkhMain c Barcelona.
PittBenjamin R..planing-mill, manufacturer of and dealer in doors, sash and blinds, all kinds of dressed lumber and building materialshBarcelona c GregoryMain foot Barracks
PittJohn B..overseerhBarcelona n Gregory.
PittmanSarah E..boarding-house.Government c Fla Blanca.
PleasantJohn*wood-sellerhCoyle n Zarragossa.
PlummerSolomon*laborerhGadsden n Reus.
PlummerWilliam*machinisthReus n Gregory.
PoeClara*.hIntendencia n Tarragona.
PonceAnita, Mrs..grocerhGovernment n Fla Blanca.
PonceJohn.mail agentbGovernment n Fla Blanca.
PonceMichael C..barberbGovernment n Fla Blanca.
PonceSalvador..hGovernment c Fla Blanca.
PonsJohn.barberhGovernmentGovernment opp Public Square
PonsJoseph*harness-makerhwest end IntendenciaIntendencia cor Barcelona
PooleMorton*laborerhfoot De Villiers .
PopleJohn.clerkhZarragossa n Palafox.
PorterDaniel*.hrear gas house.
PorterDaniel C.*laborerb7th ave n Strong.
PorterJoseph H..sail, awning, and tent makerhGovernment n AlcanizPalafox St. Wharf
PotterArgent*.hIntendencia cor Fla Blanca.
PotterLorenzo*laborerh1st n 6th ave.
PotterMilton*laborerhGarden n 9th ave.
PotterWilliam W..special deputy collector custom househReus n Gregory.
PouGeorge O...hAlcaniz n Gregory.
PouLewis A..(Pou & Co.) general storehGregory n AlcanizPalafox n Intendencia
Pou (Francis G.) & Co. (Lewis A.)..general storehGregory n AlcanizPalafox n Intendencia
PowellEliza*widowhrear Wright n Barcelona.
PowellFreeman*laborerhBelmont n Reus.
PowellJ. V..piano-tunerbCommercial HotelCommercial Hotel
PowellWilliam.laborerhon beach end Chase.
PowellWilliam T..carpenterh9th ave n Gregory.
PridaJohn.cigar manufacturerhGovernment n Reus.
PridaJuan.cigar manufacturerhGovernment n BarcelonaGovernment n Barcelona
PritchardClara, Mrs...hZarragossa n Coyle.
PriuttBurr*draymanhWright n Cevallos.
PrunoLucinda*widowhAragon n 9th ave.
PutnamEdward H..Captain, deputy harbor masterhGregory c Reus.
PutnamRoyal.inspector custom househSpring n Chase.
QuantinLouis.stewardbNew Continental HotelNew Continental Hotel
QuiglesGustave.carpenterheast end Government.
QuiglesTelisfor D..shoemakerhGovernment n Fla BlancaGovernment n Tarragona
QuigleyJohn.clerkhAlcaniz n Government.
QuigleyWilliam J..clerk freight depoth..
QuigneyMary, Mrs...h8th ave n Cervantes.
QuinaArthur L..printerhGarden n TarragonaIntendencia n Tarragona
QuinaCharles N..contracting stevedorehIntendencia n Fla Blanca.
QuinaConstantine F..tinnerhRomana n AlcanizRomana n Alcaniz
QuinaDesiderio.physicianhIntendencia n Fla BlancaIntendencia n Fla Blanca
QuinaEd. agent and notary publichRomana n AlcanizGovernment opp Public Square
QuinaFrancis messengerbRomana n Alcaniz.
QuinaJoseph F. L..stevedorehRomana n Alcaniz.
QuinaManuel I..clerkbRomana n Alcaniz.
QuinaMarian A..grocer (Bee Hive)hIntendencia n railroadWright n Barcelona
QuinnWilliam.fishermanbGovernment n Barcelona.
QuinnWilliam.laborerhAragon n 9th ave.