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Webb’s Pensacola Directory


Transcribed and contributed by Janet Myers

Pensacola is divided into sections known more or less generally by the names of Old City, New City, East and West, King Tracts, Dallas Tract, Maxent Tract, Belmont Tract, Donelson Tract, and Carpent Tract. In New City, the streets commence at 1st street and continue up to 30th street, and from 6th avenue up to 20th avenue. The boundaries of the city commence on the west at Bayou Chico and extend along the harbor front to Bayou Texar. Following are the names of streets on which houses are located. It has been thought best not to give the names of those streets which only have an existence on the maps and which are not even laid out and graded.

A, from western end Wright northerly

Adams, from Government at Seville Square southerly

Alcaniz, from city limits next E. of Hayne southerly to harbor

Aragon, from Cevallos at the cemetery east to the water

Barcelona, from Lloyd next west of Spring southerly to the harbor

Barracks, from Church next east of Tarragona southerly to the harbor

Baylen, from city limits southerly next west of Palafox to Main

Belmont, from A next above Wright east to 8th avenue

Brainerd, from A next above Gonzalez east to 8th avenue

Bru, from Romana between Palafox and Tarragona N. to Garden

Cervantes, from A next above Gadsden east to 8th avenue

Cevallos, extension of 8th avenue from Wright southerly to the harbor

Chase, from Oliva next above Garden east to the harbor

Church, from Jefferson east to Seville Sq., S. Government

Commendencia, from Church next east of Jefferson southerly to the harbor

Commercial Alley, See De Reache

Coyle, from western end Cervantes southerly

Cushman's Alley. See De Reache

Davis, from Wright next east of Alcaniz northerly

De Leon, from Cevallos next south of Gregory E. to the water

De Reache, sometimes called Cushman's Alley and Commercial Alley, from Gov., opp. Public Square N. to Intendencia

De Soto, from A next above Strong east to 8th avenue

De Soto, from Cevallos next south of Wright east to the water

De Villiers, from western end Lloyd southerly to the harbor

Donelson, from Government beyond Barcelona southerly

Eighth, continuation of Gonzalez from 8th avenue east

Eighth Avenue, N. from Wright and the extension of Cevallos

Eleventh Ave., from the harbor next east of Tenth Avenue, north to city limits

Fifth, continuation of Cervantes from 8th avenue east

First, from 8th avenue next above Wright and continuation of Belmont east to the water

Florida Blanca, from Chase at the cemetery south to harbor

Fourth, continuation of Gadsden from 8th avenue east

Gadsden, from A next above Jackson east to 8th avenue

Garden, from Spring next above Romana east to the water

Gonzalez, from A next above De Soto east to 8th avenue

Government, east and west across the city parallel with and next south of Intendencia

Gregory, from north end Oliva east to the Bayou

Guillemard, from Wright next east of Palafox northerly to city limits

Hayne, from Wright next east of Tarragona northerly to city limits

Intendencia, E. and W. across the city next above Government

Jackson, from A next above La Rua east to 8th avenue

Jefferson, from Government next east of Palafox southerly to the harbor

La Rua, from A next above Belmont east to 8th avenue

Lloyd, from northern end De Villiers next above Brainerd east to 8th avenue

Luke's Alley from Aragon next west of Cevallos N. to Chase

Main, skirts the water on the river-front at intervals east and west next below Zarragossa

Mamesa, from Romana east of Tarragona north to Garden

Ninth avenue, from the harbor north to city limits

Oliva, extension of A from western end Wright southerly

Palafox, from city limits southerly to Public Square

Public Square, Palafox corner Government

Reus, from Lloyd next E. of De Villiers southerly to the harbor

Romana, from Barcelona next above Intendencia east to the harbor

Salamanca, from Cevallos next south of Chase east to the water

Second, continuation of La Rua from 8th avenue east

Seventh, continuation of De Soto from 8th avenue east

Seventh, avenue from Wright northerly

Seville Square, Government corner Alcaniz

Sixth, continuation of Strong from 8th avenue east

Sixth Ave., from Wright next east of Davis northerly

Spring, from Alcaniz at the cemetery east to Cevallos

Spring, from Lloyd next west of Baylen southerly to Romana

Strong, from A next above Cervantes east to 8th avenue

Tarragona, from city limits next east of Guillemard southerly to Railroad Wharf

Tenth Ave., from Wright's Mill foot Intendencia north to city limits

Third, continuation of Jackson from 8th avenue east

Twelfth Ave., from the harbor next east to Eleventh Ave., north to city limits

Wright, from A junction Maxent Ave., east to the Bayou

Zarragossa, E. and W. across the city next south of Government