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Webb’s Pensacola Directory


Transcribed and contributed by Janet Myers

State Government - 1885.

Governor - Edward A. Perry.

Lieutenant Governor - Milton H. Mabey.

Secretary of State - John L. Crawford.

Comptroller - William D. Barnes.

Treasurer - E. S. Crill.

Attorney General - C. P. Cooper.

Adjutant General - David Lang.

Commissioner of Lands and Immigration - C. L. Mitchell.

Superintendent of Public Instruction - A. J. Russell.

U. S. Senators - Wilkinson Call, Charles W. Jones.

U. S. Representatives - Robert H. M. Davidson, Charles Dougherty.

Escambia County Officers - 1885.

County Judge - Walter Tate.

Clerk of Court - F. E. de la Rua.

Sheriff - Joseph Wilkins.

Treasurer - J. S. Leonard.

Assessor - George Reese.

Collector - Manuel Palmes.

County Commissioners - B. R. Pitt, Albert Riera, F. Richardson, J. W. Crary, T. W. Hutchinson.

Board of Public Instruction - J. Dennis Wolfe, P. K. Yonge, A. V. Clubbs, George S. Hallmark, E. Whitmire.

Supt. of Schools - Nathan B. Cook.

Justices of the Peace - N. C. Shackleford, J. H. Esmonde.

Harbor Master - John Webb.

Surveyors - Wm. H. Davidson, Wm. F. Lee.

The County Court House has been recently completed at a cost of $44,000. It is built of brick in the Elizabethan style of architecture. A new jail was completed in March, 1885, at a cost of $16,000. There are now due of the old issue 4 per-cent County Bonds $1500. The new issue of 8 per-cents $30,000, 10 per cent of which is payable annually, have $27,000 due. The interest and payments have been promptly met.

Government of the Principality of Pensacola - 1885.

President - S. S. Harvey.

Clerk - Frank Maura.

Commissioners - S. S. Harvey, F. C. Brent, W. H. Hutchinson, Geo. W. Witherspoon, John Burns, W. D. Chipley, Edward Sexauer.

Treasurer - J. S. Leonard.

Collector - M. Palmes.

Police Department.

Marshal - Joseph Wilkins.

Deputy Marshal - John B. Griffin

Captain - Frank Touart.

Patrolmen - Jas. Farinas, Edward Cope, James G. Gonzalez, Philo Roche, Henry N. Dayton, M. O'Neal, H. D. Crowell, A. Adams, H. F. Cole, Edward Clark, Jno. L. Williams, J. W. R. Gordon, Walter Bicker, Geo. Brown.


SUPREME COURT - Chief Justice, George W. McWhorter; Associate Justices, Geo P. Raney, R. B. Van Valkenburgh;

UNITED STATES COURT - U. S. Circuit Judge, Don A. Pardee; U. S. District Judge, Thomas Settle; U. S. Attorney, Ed. M. Cheney; U. S. Clerk, Jas. L. Roche; U. S. Deputy Marshall, Geo. S. Hallmark. Meets first Monday of March, at U. S. Court Rooms, 24 Palafox.

CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA - Judge, A. E. Maxwell; Clerk, F. E. de la Rua; Sheriff, Joseph Wilkins.

ESCAMBIA COUNTY COURT. - Judge, Walter Tate. Meets at Court House.

MAYOR'S COURT - Meets at City Hall every morning.

Fire Department.

Chief, John Cosgrove; First Assistant, James Whitehead; Second Assistant, John Donovan.

GERMANIA STEAM FIRE ENGINE AND HOSE CO., No. 1; Zarragossa n Jefferson.

FLORIDA STEAM FIRE ENGINE AND HOSE CO., No. 2; Intendencia n Tarragona.



BRENT'S BANK, F. C. Brent propr., Palafox opp Pub sq.

THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PENSACOLA, Opera House, Gov. cor Jefferson. Organized Sept. 15, 1880. Capital $50,000. President, Martin H. Sullivan; Cashier, William A. S. Wheeler; Assistant Cashier, James H. Ticknor; Bookkeeper, John Pfeiffer; Directors, M. H. Sullivan, J. J. Sullivan, W. A. S. Wheeler, John Pfeiffer, James H. Ticknor.

MERCHANTS' BANK OF PENSACOLA, Palafox cor Government. Incorporated 1879. Paid-in capital $50,000. Louis P. Knowles, President; William H. Knowles, Vice-President; __________, Cashier; Richard B. Simpson, Teller; John E. Maxwell, Bookkeeper; Rowland Langford, Collector; Directors, Louis P. Knowles, William H. Knowles, Clarence K. Knowles. Discount days daily. This bank has a Savings Department which pays 4 per cent on deposits.



FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH - Government east of Tarragona. Rev. Thomas L. Talbert, pastor. Organized 1847; 90 members. W. S. Brown, Sup't S. School; 107 members. Trustees - W. S. Brown, A. F. Warren, A. H. Hatch. Clerk - A. H. Hatch.


CHRIST CHURCH. - Seville Square. J. Jackson Scott, D. D., LL. D., rector. Rectory, Baylen near Garden. Organized about 1815; 600 members.


THE GERMAN LUTHERAN CHURCH - Germania Hall, Zarragossa corner Jefferson Street. Organized March 22, 1885. Chairman - Edward Sexauer. Trustees - Geo. White, Edward Sexauer, John F. Pfeiffer, F. M. Pfeiffer, Henry Gollner. Secretary - Henry Gollner. Treasurer - F. M. Pfeiffer. Services once each month by a clergyman from Mobile or New Orleans until the fall of 1885, when a regular pastor will be secured.

SCANDINAVIAN SEAMEN'S CHURCH - Palafox Wharf. Rev. Peter O. Olsen, pastor. Open from November 15 to May 15. Established in 1877; church building erected 1878. Services in Norwegian.


FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL. - Palafox Street, Rev. Andrew J. Briggs, pastor; 200 members.


ST. MICHAEL'S - Palafox corner Chase. Temporary building Tarragona corner Gregory. Very Rev. J. B. Baasen, rector; Rev. Francis J. Tobin, assistant; 3000 members. Organized 1781; burned in 1864 and 1882. A new church building is now in process of erection, Gothic architecture; corner-stone laid March 8, 1885; cost to be $30,000. Corner stone laid by the Right Rev. Bishop Dominick Manucy.


BETH EL CONGREGATION - Chase near Tarragona. Services Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Colored Churches.


MOUNT ZION - Near Union Depot. Rev. Lee N. Robinson, pastor. Organized 1880; 218 members.

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST - Salamanca corner 10th Avenue. Rev. Anderson Travis, pastor.

UNION MISSIONARY - Tarragona Street. Rev. Edward L. Dozier, pastor. Organized 1880; 160 members.


AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL - Belmont near Tarragona. Rev. Geo. W. Witherspoon, pastor.

AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL ZION CHURCH - Rev. Thomas Darley, pastor. Deacons - Richard Brown, Joshua Edwards.

Public Schools.

HIGH SCHOOL, No. 1 - Wright near Union Depot. Principal - A. H. Todd. Assistants - Miss Sally Rogers, Miss Laura McKinley, Mrs. E. J. Wilson, Miss Elma Maclay, Miss Gasque Wolfe, Miss Mary E. Lee.

No. 3 - (colored) - Intendencia near Baylen. Principal - R. H. Dennis; assistant, Mrs. Eliza Holland.

No.31 - (colored) - Belmont corner Reus. Principal - John A. Gibson; assistant, Mrs. Mary Edwards.

No.27 - Perdido Railroad Station. Principal - Mrs. S. H Collins.

No.43 - Kupfrian's Park. Principal - T. N. Adams.

No.40 - Fairnie Hill. Principal - Miss Carrie Carter.

No.44 - (colored) - Glenwood. Principal - C. M. Scott.


ESCAMBIA RIFLES - Armory, Palafox n Intendencia. Capt. W. F. Williams, 1st Lieut. M. P. Palmes, 2d Lieut. Geo. J. Slocumb; 1st Sergt. S. Z. Gonzalez, Jr.; 2d, H. H. Thornton; 3d, B. A. White; 4th, F. P. Palmes; 1st Corp. J. M. Coe; 2d, Theo. Ingraham; 3d; R. M. Cary, Jr; 4th, W. K. Hyer, Jr.; Sec. and Treas. J. T. Whiting. Rank and file, 44. Uniform, gray trimmed with white; fatigue, dark blue coat; light blue pants, dark blue and light blue trimmings. Meet third Monday of each month.

ZOUAVE GUARDS (Colored) - Meet, Lumber Hall, Railroad Street, every Monday and Friday night. Capt. William Grant, 1st Lieut. R. H. Dennis, 2d Lieut. Griffin Jones; 85 members.

Osceola Club.

Brent's Building, Palafox. Organized August, 1872. Pres., E. A. Perry; 1st Vice-Pres., S. R. Mallory; 2d Vice-Pres., E. O. Saltmarsh; Sec. and Treas., Thos. C. Watson; Executive Committee, F. C. Brent, A. M. Avery, L. P. Knowles.

Gas Companies.

PENSACOLA GAS COMPANY - Incorporated 1884. Capital, $200,000. W. W. Gibbs, President; S. T. Bodine, Treasurer; J. V. Ryals, Manager and Secretary. Price, 20 candle power, 1 cent per hour. Water gas.

U. S. Internal Revenue.

Benj. F. Tidwell, Deputy Collector, 24 Palafox.

Post Office.

John Eagan, Postmaster; R. H. Matthews, Deputy Postmaster; John K. Humphreys, Mailing Clerk; Herbert S. Davis, Delivery Clerk. Money Order and Registered Letter Department open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. General delivery, 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.; Sundays from 8 to 10 A.M.

Custom House.

Palafox cor Government. Collector, John M. Tarble; Special Deputy Collector, William W. Potter; Deputy Collector and Clerk, Elwood Haines; Clerk, Brayton F. Shedd. Inspectors at Pensacola - Royal Putnam, Edwin M. Cook, Beverly A. White, C. L. Le Baron, Scarritt Mareno; Inspectors at Barrancas Station - Dr. A. J. Pollock, Peter H. Davidson, Jr. * Boatmen Barrancas Station - Calvin Elder, * John Robinson, * Willis Austin*; at Pensacola - Albert Washington ,* James Taylor, * Willis Waller *; Watchmen - Dennis Payton,* Richard Gognet *; Messenger, James Brown, Jr.*; Janitor, Evigan Edwards.* Office hours, 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.


CONVENT OF MERCY - Palafox n Romana. Mother Mary Aloysius, Superior.


James S. Herron, M. D., prop., Zarragossa cor Barcelona.

Pensacola Infirmary - Robert W. Hargis, M. D., Bayou Chico, western limits.

Bible Societies.

Pensacola Bible Society, W. S. Brown, Pres.; C. V. Thompson, Sec. Meet monthly.

Telegraph and Telephone Cos.

WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO., L. La Baron, Manager. Government opp Pub sq.

SOUTHERN TELEPHONE CO., Wm. H. Riera, Manager. Government opp Pub sq.

Incorporated Companies.

CITIZENS' HOTEL COMPANY, builders and owners of the New Continental Hotel. Incorporated 1885. Capital $50,000. Pres., F. C. Brent; Sec. and Treas., Thos. C. Watson; Directors - F. C. Brent, E. A. Perry, W. D. Chipley, C. C. Yonge, Sr., L. P. Knowles, W. J. Van Kirk, W. A. D'Alemberte, B. F. Simmons, S. S. Harvey, W. A. Blount.

PENSACOLA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION. Incorporated November 1881. Capital, $100,000. 1000 shares $100 each, payable $1 per share monthly. Pres., S. S. Harvey; Vice-Pres. H. Horsler; Sec., Thos. C. Watson; Treas., L. P. Knowles; Directors- A. V. Clubbs, B. R. Pitt, J. Cosgrove, A. M. Avery, O. Bronnum. Office at Thos. C. Watson's Real Estate Office.

MUSCOGEE LUMBER COMPANY. Incorporated 1874. W. F. McCormick, President; Geo. P. Gates, General Manager; P. K. Yonge, Secretary. Manufacturers of yellow pine lumber. Office at Jefferson opp Pub sq; mills at Muscogee, on Perdido River and P. & M. R. R., 20 miles by rail northwest from Pensacola.

PENSACOLA ICE COMPANY - Ice House Wharf. Incorporated 1871. Capital $5000. S.C. Cobb, President; L. H. Sellars, Treasurer.

THE GULF ICE COMPANY - Incorporated 1882. Capital, $50,000. President, W. D. Chipley; Sec. and Treas., C. H. Dorr; Directors - W. D. Chipley, C. H Dorr, Thos. E. Blanchard, W. F. McCormick. Capacity, 20 tons per day.

THE PENSACOLA COMPRESS, BRANCH OF THE CINCINNATI COTTON COMPRESS COMPANY - Chas. C. Campbell, Vice-President and General Manager; Alcaniz bet Garden and Chase.

WEST FLORIDA INVESTMENT AND IMPROVEMENT COMPANY - Van Kirk's Building. Incorporated January, 1885. Capital stock, $1,500,000. President, H. R. Newman, Chicago; Secretary, Geo. F. Byrde, Pensacola; Treasurer, W. A. S. Wheeler, First National Bank, Pensacola; Attorney, C. B. Parkhill, Pensacola; Directors - H. R. Newman, D. C. Aldrich, Geo W. Shear, Edward T. Perry, M. Levy, C. B. Parkhill, G. F. Bryde, W. A. S. Wheeler, W. J. Van Kirk.

WORKINGMEN'S BUILDING AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION. - Incorporated March, 1883. Capital unlimited. Shares $100 each, payable 25 cents per share weekly. Pres., J. S. Leonard; Vice-Pres., J. M. Hilliard; Sec., Thos. C. Watson; Treas., F. C. Brent; Directors - S. S. Harvey, A. V. Clubbs, B. R. Pitt, W. A. D'Alemberte, J. Cosgrove. Office, Thos. C. Watson's Real Estate Office.


Advance Gazette. MaGee and Phillips, Editors, Publishers and Proprietors. Government cor Palafox. Advance established 1878; Gazette established 1824. Consolidated 1882. Issued Tuesday and Friday; $2.50 per year. Strictly Democratic.

The Gulf Stream. W. J. Van Kirk, Editor and Proprietor; S. N. Van Praag, Associate Editor. Van Kirk's Bldg. Issued quarterly; devoted to the immigration interests of Alabama and Florida; 50 cents per year; circulation 100,000.

The Pensacola Commercial. The Commercial Publishing Company Publishers; J. Dennis Wolfe, Editor and Proprietor. Blount's Building, Palafox Street. Established 1882; independent in politics; sworn circulation weekly, 1650; issued Wednesday and Saturday, with a Sunday edition.

The Pensacolian, John O'Connor, Editor and Proprietor. Pitt Building (up-stairs), Palafox. Established 1883; 8 pages; weekly; $2.50 per year. Democratic.

Railroad Companies.

Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company - Office at Union Depot; main office, Louisville, Ky. M. H. Smith, President, Louisville, Ky., Ex. Norton, 1st Vice-President, New York; A. M. Quarrier, 2d Vice-President, Louisville, Ky.; E. B. Stahlman, 3d Vice-President, Nashville; R. K. Warren, Secretary, Louisville, Ky.; W. W. Thompson, Acting Treasurer, do.; Cushman Quarrier, Comptroller, do.; Reuben Wells, General Manager, do.; Harvey Middleton, Supt. of Machinery, do.; R. Montfort, Resident Engineer, do.; J. M. Culp, General Freight Agent, do.; C. P. Atmore, General Passenger Agent, do.; J. B. Browning, General Baggage Agent, do.; P. O. Huston, Purchasing Agent, do.; Theodore Welch, General Freight Agent, Montgomery, Ala.; E. O. Saltmarsh, Superintendent, Pensacola, Fla.; F. C. Shepard, Div. Freight and Pass. Agent. Pensacola, Fla.

L. & N. R. R., in Florida, is from Pensacola Junction, known as Flomaton, to Pensacola, 44 miles.

PENSACOLA & ATLANTIC RAILROAD - Pensacola to River Junction (near Chattahoochee), 161 miles. M. H. Smith, Louisville, Ky., President; W. D. Chipley, Pensacola, Vice-President and Land Commissioner. Office at Union Depot, Pensacola. The Pensacola & Atlantic is operated by the L. & N. R. R., under officials of the L. & N. operating department as given above.

PENSACOLA & MEMPHIS RAILROAD COMPANY, recently chartered. S. M. Van Praag, Secretary, Pensacola.

PENSACOLA & PERDIDO, from Pensacola to Millview, Perdido Bay (10 miles); chartered in 1868; road completed in 1869. B. F. Simmons, President and Superintendent; H. W. Simmons, Secretary and Treasurer. Capital stock, $125,000; office, Perdido Wharf.

ST. ANDREW'S BAY & CHIPLEY RAILROAD COMPANY - Incorporated 1885; capital stock, $1,500,000; Van Kirk's Building. President, D. Carr Aldrich; Vice-President, H. R. Newman; Secretary, J. H. Tichnor, Pensacola; Treasurer, W. A. S. Wheeler, First National Bank, Pensacola; Directors - D. C. Aldrich, H. R. Newman, M. Levy, Geo. W. Shear, J. H. Tichnor, W. L. Darling, G. F. Byrde, W. A. S. Wheeler, W. H. Wilcox.


MASONIC- Escambia Lodge, No. 15, F. and A. M., meets the 1st and 3d Mondays in each month at 8 o'clock P.M., at Odd Fellows' Hall, Palafox Street.

MOUNT MORIAH R. A. Chapter, No. 24. Meets regularly the second Monday in each month.

I. O. O. F. - Pensacola Lodge, No. 4. Meets every Thursday night at 7:30 o'clock, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Palafox Street.

EXCELSIOR - Encampment, No. 4. - Meets every second and fourth Friday night in each month at 7:30 o'clock at Odd Fellows' Hall, Palafox Street.

KNIGHTS OF HONOR - Meet every Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock.

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - Pensacola Lodge, No. 3, Knights of Pythias. Meets every second and fourth Monday at 7:30 P.M., at Odd Fellows' Hall, Palafox Street.

I. O. G. T. - Eureka Lodge, No. 1. Meets every Tuesday evening at their Hall in Dittmar's Building.

LODGE No. 8 - Meets Tuesdays.

CATHOLIC KNIGHTS OF AMERICA - Meet regularly at Sullivan's New Building on Zarragossa Street, every first and third Sunday in each month.

STEVEDORES' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION No. 1. - Meets every first Sunday in each month.

JEWISH B'NAI BERITH ALPHA LODGE 219 - Meet schoolroom of the Jewish Synagogue every second and fourth Sundays of each month.

S. B. A., No. 2. Meet at their hall on the second Monday of each month. Tarragona n Intendencia.

S. B. L. A., No. 1. - Meet at their hall first Monday in each month. Tarragona n Intendencia.

S. B. L. A., No. 2. - Meet at Luke's Hall first Monday in each month.

Board of Trade.

Pensacola Board of Trade and Exchange - Pitt's Hall, Palafox. President, W. D. Chipley; First Vice-President, W. L. Wittich; Second Vice - President, L. H. Sellars; Secretary, Thomas C. Watson; Treasurer, E. W. Menefee; Directors- L. M. Merritt, Sr., S. S. Harvey, J. A. Hooton, J. C. Petterson, C. J. Heinberg, W. A. S. Wheeler, A. V. Clubbs, John W. Woolfolk, J. Cosgrove, C. C. Campbell.

Vice Consuls, Etc.

Argentine Republic; L. M. Merritt, Government opp Pub. sq

Brazilian, M. F. Gonzalez, Tarragona cor Zarragossa

British, O. C. Howe, Jefferson opp Public sq

French, Dario Piaggio (acting,) Palafox Wharf

Italian, Dario Piaggio, Palafox Wharf

Mexico, Moreno, J. N., Main n Barracks

Netherlands, Alex. Grant, (ag't.,) Palafox Wharf

Norwegian and Swedish, D. Piaggio, Palafox Wharf

Russian, David K. Hickey, New Continental Hotel

Spanish, J. L. Borras, Zarragossa cor Baylen

Uruguay, Thomas C. Watson, Government opp Public sq

Steamers and Yachts.

Steamer Sorento, Captain W. H. Maguire, leaves Palafox Wharf at 4 P.M. daily, returning at 9 A.M. Between these hours excursion parties will be carried to any point of interest on the bay or sound.

Yachts leave Palafox Wharf for the Navy Yard at 9 A.M. and 2 P.M. daily, returning at 1 P.M.; fare 25 cents. Excursion parties will be carried at all hours to all points accessible by water. Street cars run direct to the wharf of both steamer and yachts.

Baseball Club.

The Gopher's, Daniel Bergin President, Secretary, Treasurer and Manager; Jacob Wells, Captain. Play at Magnolia Bluff all Grounds once each week during the summer.

Hacks and Expresses.

Huckleberry Express to Warrenton - Capt. Wm. Grant proprietor. Leaves Post-office 7 A.M. Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Return same day at 12 m. Fare 75c. Distance nine miles.

Pensacola and Perdido Hack - Leaves City Hotel 8 A.M. 2 P.M. for Perdido. Fare 25c.

Y. M. C. A.

Rooms in Escambia County Court House. President, T. A. La Far; Secretary and Librarian, W. S. Brown. This association has a library of 300 volumes.


St. John's Cemetery - On West King Tract, owned by the Masonic Fraternity.

St. Michael's Cemetery - Tarragona corner Spring. Under the control of the R. C. Church.

Opera House.

The Pensacola Opera House, Government cor Jefferson. R. F. McConnell, Manager, Sullivan's Wharf. This Opera House has two tiers above the main floor, s supplied throughout with opera chairs, and has a seating capacity of 1400 people. The stage which is 50 x 60 feet has 15 sets of scenery, foot-lights and four boxes. The rent is $100 per night.


This representative Floridian village, the county seat of Santa Rosa County, is situated about twenty miles up the Blackwater River, and on the Pensacola and Atlantic Railroad, twenty miles east of Pensacola. Previous to the building of the railroad, about two years since, it was the metropolis of all that region lying east of the Escambia River, extending as far as a hundred miles. Large stocks of goods were carried by the merchants, who did a thriving trade with that sparsely settled region. A steamer formerly ran to Pensacola, but was taken off the line on the completion of the railroad. The village boasts of a Court-house, a newspaper, The Santa Rosa News, one of the handsomest Post-offices in the State, a Public Library of about 4000 volumes, a Masonic Library of 750 volumes, a Museum of Natural History containing 3000 of more specimens of birds, minerals, shells, etc., - the whole under the care of John Carloritz, Esq. To find such a library and museum seems to the stranger like discovering an oasis in the desert. The sidewalks are mostly of wood, a conspicuous exception being a granite walk which is pointed out with pride to the stranger. Vessels drawing eight or nine feet of water can come direct to the wharves. Plenty of oysters, fishing and hunting are found near Milton. There is a Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, and about four miles distant, a Mormon, church. These Latter-Day Saints are quite numerous in and around Milton. They use the Mormon Bible, denounce polygamy however, and are counted among the most honest and upright citizens in the village. There are three hotels, and several cosey homes with surrounding grounds. The health of the place is excellent, with no malaria. Carlyle, in writing of Yankee Land, said that if the traveler should have it out of his route he could tell one but little of what the Americans are, so if the tourist should visit West Florida without stopping at Milton, he can tell one but little of a representative Floridian town as it existed in ante-bellum days. It is true there is not as much stir, trade and traffic - that goes on to Pensacola - but there is much of the same atmosphere as permeated it a quarter of a century ago. The people are as a rule intelligent, educated, and possess much of that courtly manner belonging to the old-school gentleman. They are hospitable, and are glad to welcome all who will interest themselves to come to see them. Judge Geo. G. McWhorter of the Supreme Court, is a resident of the village. Strangers in Pensacola can take a morning train over to Milton; and can return in time for supper. Go and see; you will not regret it.

Following is a list of the business and professional men:

Blacksmiths and Wheelrights - Amos & Stokes.

Boot and Shoe Maker - Johnston, A. W.

Confectioner - Sheppard, R. R.

County Judge - Chain, John.

County Clerk - Sheppard, R. R.

County Tax Assessor - Ward, John G.

County Tax Collector - Williams, Wm. J.

Dentists - Chun, J. O., McConnell, C. E.

Druggists - McDougall, W. E.

General Stores - Allen, W. J.; Blake, S. H.; Chaffin, Milligan & Co.; Creary & Rourke; Gainer, W. H. & Bro.; Mayo, L. G.; Mayer Brothers; Mints, John G.; Ollinger, Joseph; Rowe, Hannibal; Sheppard, R. R.

Grist Mills - Collins, S. H.; Hoodless, John.

Grocer - Johnston, A. W.

Hairdresser - Collins, Alexander.

Hotels - Florida House; S. W. Cater; Johnson House, C. N. Johnson; Santa Rosa House, J. W. Amos.

Justice of the Peace - Chun, J. O.

Iron Founders and Machinists - Creary, W. F. & J. E.

Lawyers - Chain, John; Landrum, James M.; Marquis, George, Sr.; Perrenot, C. J.

Livery Stable - Barrow, John W.

Machinists & Machinery Manufacturers - Creary, W. F. & J. E.

Meat Market - Jernigan, Benj.

Milliner - Williams, S. A. Miss.

Newspaper - Santa Rosa News.

Notary Public - Chain, John.

Oysters - Gomez, V.

Physicians - Judge William; McDougall, Chas. E.

Postmaster and Librarian - Carlovitz, John.

Private Library - Santa Rosa Academy, Public Library, John Carlovitz, Librarian.

Restaurant - Tilghman, B.

Saloons - Fleming, R. P.; Harrison, J. A.; Johnston, C. R. & Bro.; Ollinger & Co.

Sheriff - Johnson, Wm. J.

Shingle Manufacturers - Hoodless, John.

Ship Builder - Hoodless, John.

Supreme Court Judge - McWhorter, Geo. G.

Tobacconist - Curtis, T. S.

Undertakers - Blake, S. H.; Lilius, I. S.; Marsh J.

Watchmakers and Jewelers - Curtis, T. S.


This village was formerly known as Bagdad. It is situated on the Blackwater River about 1 miles south of Milton and 24 miles by water from Pensacola. Here are located the great lumber mills of Simpson & Co., a sash, factory, and the shipyard and sectional dry dock of Messrs. Ollinger & Bruce. There are several fine residences. The lumber mills here produce twenty million feet of lumber yearly.

Following is a list of the business men:

General Store - Green, A. H.

Grocers - Watson, D. T.

Lumber Manufacturers - Simpson & Co.

Milliners - Bayne & McArthur.

Sash Manufacturers - Bagdad Sash Factory.

Ship Builders and Sectional Dry Dock - Ollinger & Bruce.