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Pensacola City Directory

Transcribed and contributed by Janet Myers

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Surname Given
* Person
of Color
Occupation . Address Addit’l Addresses
Usually Business
TalbertThomas L., Rev..pastor First Baptist ChurchhGovernment n Tarragona.
TalliferroRobert*.hBarcelona n Government.
TandyBeverly*carpenterhwest end Romana.
TapiolaJoseph..hBaylen c Intendencia.
TapiolaJoseph, Jr..photographerhBaylen c Intendencia.
TarabochaE. M..ship brokerbCommercial Hotel.
TarbleJohn M..collector of customshBelmont n PalafoxPalafox cor Government
TateSterritt.coal and woodhHayne n Union Depot.
TateWalter.county judge and real estate agenthHayne n Union DepotCourt House
TaylorAustin*laborerhGregory n Alcaniz.
TaylorEmma H..widowhPalafox n Belmont.
TaylorFrank.junkmanhPerdido WharfPerdido Wharf
TaylorGeorgie, Miss..hPalafox Wharf.
TaylorHorace*laborerheast end Chase.
TaylorJames*laborerhWright n Coyle.
TaylorJames*boatman.Custom House.
TaylorJames*gardenerhBelmont n Alcaniz.
TaylorJohn.painterhGregory east of Alcaniz.
TaylorMaria*.hZarragossa cor Cevallos.
TaylorMonroe*laborerhWright n 6th ave.
TaylorWilliam*porterhGovernment bey De Villiers.
TelfairWilliam H..yardmaster L. & N. R. R.hGregory n Cevallos.
TempleLuke*laborerhBelmont n De Villiers.
TerrallAlbert.tinnerhbey 12th ave on beach.
The Bay Island Fruit Company....Railroad Wharf.
The Commercial Publishing Company(J. Dennis Wolfe).publishers Pensacola Commercial, and job printers.Blount's Bldg., Palafox.
The Nonpareil Printing Company.S. W. Landrum manager.Pitt Bldg., Palafox.
Theodore..laborerhGovernment n Barcelona.
ThiesenChristian.saloonhIntendencia cor BaylenIntendencia cor Baylen
ThigpenHenry*laborerhDe Villiers opp car barn.
ThomasGeorge H.*draymanh6th ave ab Gonzalez.
ThomasHenry W.*barberbCoyle n Gregory.
ThomasJames T..laborerb10th ave facing beach.
ThomasJames W.*barberhCoyle n GregoryPalafox n Wharf
ThomasMatthew*draymanhBaylen ab Wright.
ThomasPeter *laborerbStrong cor 8th ave.
ThomasPhillip*carpenterbBelmont ab Coyle.
ThomasRobert*barberhBelmont n Union Depot.
ThomasThomas B..stevedorehGovernment n Fla Blanca.
ThomasVirgil*.hReus n Belmont.
ThomasWilliam*laborerhMain cor Alcaniz.
ThomasWilliam*laborerhnorth end Davis.
ThompsonAdam*laborerh6th ave n La Rua.
ThompsonBaker*blacksmith.Church n Jefferson.
ThompsonCharles V..Principal Pensacola Classical AcademyhGregory cor 9th aveIntendencia rear Pres. Church
ThompsonEdward*laborerhDe Leon n Chase.
ThompsonGilbert*laborerhZarragossa n Reus.
ThompsonHenry.laborerhbey 12th ave on beach.
ThompsonJames D.*(Tucker & Thompson)hDavis n BelmontCushman Bldg., Government n Palafox
ThompsonJohn.harness makerhKupfrian's ParkGovernment n Tarragona
ThompsonLizzie, Mrs..shoeshGovernment n TarragonaGovernment n Tarragona
ThompsonLouis E..bookkeeper, stenographer and private secretary to W. J. Van KirkbIntendencia cor Palafox.
ThompsonLucy, Mrs..boarding hIntendencia n PalafoxIntendencia n Palafox
ThompsonSamuel*sextonhBelmont ab Coyle.
ThompsonSamuel S.*carpenterhBarcelona n Wright.
ThompsonJohn M..marble worker and dealer.47 Palafox.
ThompsonSusan E..widowh2d n 11th ave.
ThorntonHenry H..commission hBarcelona n Belmont.
TicknorJames H..assistant cashier First National BankhBarcelona n Gregory.
TidwellBenjamin F..deputy collector U. S. internal revenue.24 Palafox.
TiedemannCharles.stevedorehFla Blanca n Government.
ToalElizabeth J..widowbWright n Tarragona.
TobinDavid .stevedorehRomana n Baylen.
TobinFrancis J., Rev..assistant St. Michael's R. C. ChurchhTarragona cor Gregory.
ToddAlbert H..Prin. Pub. School No. 1hWright east of Union Depot.
TolerJohn M..studentbIntendencia n Palafox.
TolerMary F., Mrs..boardinghIntendencia n Palafox.
ToneyJefferson*laborerhWright c Reus.
TouartCharles.carpenterhIntendencia n Fla Blanca.
TouartFrancis.captain night policehFla Blanca cor Romana.
TouartJohn.tin and sheet iron, plumber and gas-fitterhGovernment n Palafox Government n Palafox
TouartMitchell A..stevedorehIntendencia n Fla Blanca.
TouartPhilip.restauranthIntendencia n Fla BlancaPalafox n Main
TouartRichard*tailorhRomana n Spring.
TouartWilliam.engineerhIntendencia c Fla Blanca.
TownSarah .widowhr 10th ave n beach.
TownsendMaria.widowhChase n Cevallos.
TownsendScott*laborerhBelmont n Reus.
TracyMargaret*widowhRomana n Fla Blanca.
TravisAnderson, Rev.*pastor St. John the Baptist's ChurchhSalamanca cor 10th ave.
TriceBenjamin .clerkhCervantes n Davis.
TriceVirginia, Mrs..grocerhCervantes n DavisCervantes n Davis
TrotterHenry*draymanhCervantes cor De Villiers.
TrownlingHarrison*laborerhChase c Alcaniz.
Tucker (De S. T.) & Thompson (James D.).*lawyershDavis n BelmontCushman Building, Government opp Pub sq
Turner...hIntendencia n Tarragona.
TurnerCharles*laborerhend Ice House Wharf.
TurnerGeorge*fishermanhIntendencia n Coyle.
TurnerJohn*draymanbBelmont n Alcaniz.
TurnerRichard..hnorth end 6th ave.
TurnerRichard H..contractor and builderh6th ave ab Gonzalez.
TurnerSarah.widowhAragon n 9th ave.
TurnerWilliam*.hwest end Zarragossa.
TurnieAugustus*porterbNew Continental HotelNew Continental Hotel
TurtonGeo. W..photographer over Merchants' Bankhnorth end 8th ave.
TuttleThomas G. W..stevedorehIntendencia n Fla Blanca.
TylerRichard*hostlerhGovernment n Alcaniz.
TysonAnthony*laborerhhd R. R. Wharf.
TysonBurrell*laborerhGarden n 9th ave.
TysonPrince*laborerhDe Villiers n Wright.
UddgrenThomas.flagmanhMain n Fla Blanca.
ValansanoBaldasaro.laborerhIntendencia n Barcelona.
Van AlstJames.painterhFla Blanca n Intendencia.
Van Isham.*laborerhLa Rua cor Alcaniz.
Van KirkWilliam J..editor and proprietor Gulf Stream, and sole agent for sale of Pensacola, Atlantic, Mobile, and Montgomery Railroad lands, and agent for coal, iron, farming, orange and mill propertybCity HotelVan Kirk's Bldg., Intendencia n Palafox
Van PraagSolomon N..asso. editor Gulf Stream, sec. Pensacola & Memphis R.R. Co.bMerchants' HotelIntendencia n Palafox
Vaughn John A...hGovernment c De Villiers.
VetterCharles B..tinsmithhRomana N AlcanizZarragossa n Tarragona
VidalVincent J..wines, liquors and cigars, billiard room and wholesale agent Chr. Moerlin Brewing Company, The Geo. W. M. Reed Bitter Co., and Price & Lucas Apple CiderhGovernment n PalafoxTarragona cor Government
VillarEmanuel.blacksmithhIntendencia n Barcelona.
VillarEmanuel, Jr..conductorbIntendencia n Barcelona.
VirgilDaniel..hZarragossa n Reus.
VogelHorace*barberhGadsden n De Villiers.
VuvoichAlex.masonhfoot De Villiers .
VotreauAugustus.printerbFla Blanca cor Romana.