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Pensacola City Directory

Business Directory

Transcribed and contributed by Janet Myers

Abstract CompaniesEscambia County Abstract Co201 S Palafox, Wm A Blount, Pres; Thos C Watson, Sec & Tres
Academies, Colleges & Schools see Appendix (public & private).
Agents - Accident & LifeAnderson & Dorr10 E Government
Agents - Accident & LifeAnderson, E D10 E Government
Agents - Accident & LifeBrosnaham, H A309 S Palafox
Agents - Accident & LifeHickey, D KJefferson opp Public Square
Agents - Accident & LifeJones, W C309 S Palafox
Agents - Accident & LifeKnowles Bros309 S Palafox
Agents - Accident & LifePenn, Geo H18 E Government
Agents - Accident & LifeRoberts, W N1st Nat'l Bank
Agents - Accident & LifeTate, Sterrett120 E Government
Agents - CollectionOlcott, E H & CoE Government
Agents - CollectionPenn, Geo H18 E Government
Agents - CollectionWatson, Thos C201 S Palafox
Agents - Fire, Marine & Plate GlassAnderson & Dorr10 E Government
Agents - Fire, Marine & Plate GlassKnowles Bros309 S Palafox
Agents - Fire, Marine & Plate GlassTate, Sterrett120 E Government
Agents - Real EstateKnowles Bros309 S Palafox
Agents - Real EstateOlcott, E H & CoE Government
Agents - Real EstatePayne, Samuel104 1/2 S Palafox
Agents - Real EstatePenn, Geo H18 E Government
Agents - Real EstateTate, Walter109 E Government
Agents - Real EstateVan Kirk, W J & Co9 W Intendencia
Agents - Real EstateWatson, Thos C201 S Palafox
Agents - SteamshipsMerritt, John Ar 710 S Palafox
Agents - SteamshipsRoss, Howe, & MerrowOpera House bldg
Agents - SteamshipsTate, Sterrett120 E Government
Agricultural ImplementsAvery, A M123-127 S Palafox
Agricultural ImplementsJohnson & Forbes121-128 S Palafox
Agricultural ImplementsMoore, V A & Co104 S Palafox
ArchitectsReynolds, J Droom 4 Clubbs Bldg
ArchitectsWaite, F CE Zarragossa cor Tarragona
AuctioneersHutchinson & Levy502, 504 S Palafox
AuctioneersMcMillan, N C111 S Palafox
AuctioneersOlcott, E HE Government
AuctioneersSierra, J E14 E Government
Baggage TransferBraswell, A J14 W Intendencia
BakersBarzone, Joseph125 W Zarragossa
BakersPfeiffer, John F211 E Intendencia
BakersSchadd, J P Mrs115 W Intendencia
BakersSchmitz, N J29 W Government
BakersSchriener, C Mrs400 W Zarragossa
BakersSpotz, J B16 E Intendencia
BakersWhite, Henry11 E Intendencia
BanksCitizens National BankN E cor Palafox & Government
BanksFirst National Bank of Pensa.307 S Palafox
Barbers - ShopsBartholomez V407 S Palafox
Barbers - ShopsBischoff, R206 S Palafox
Barbers - ShopsDunn, R Lop Union Depot, Wright street
Barbers - ShopsGulf City Barber Shop508 S Palafox
Barbers - ShopsMetropolitan Barber Shop220 S Palafox
Barbers - ShopsNunnari, N609 S Palafox
Barbers - ShopsPons, John16 E Government
Barbers - ShopsPons, R H313 S Palafox
BeddingHarwell, F E108, 110 S Palafox
BeddingMarston & Fitton40-44 S Palafox
BeddingSchubert, John116 S Palafox
Billiard HallsBijou Billiard Parlor303 S Palafox
Billiard HallsHamilton, A E500 S Palafox
Billiard HallsSmart, Jas F409 S Palafox
BlacksmithsBrux, Thomas700 S Palafox
BlacksmithsCosgrove, John616 S Palafox
BlacksmithsCreary & McClintock817 S Palafox
BlacksmithsDunham, A W & SonBarracks N Main
BlacksmithsHughes, JamesPalafox wharf
BlacksmithsJohnson, Harper*206 E Romana
BlacksmithsNagel, Johnhead Commendencia St wharf
BlacksmithsStearns, Thomas711 S Palafox
BlacksmithsStearns, W H & Sonhead Commendencia St wharf
BlacksmithsStevens, P Jhead RR wharf cor Main
Blank Book ManufacturersCoupee, A E204 1/2 S Palafox
Blank Book ManufacturersRoberts & Moores127 1/2 S Palafox
Blank Book ManufacturersThe New Publishing Co211 1/2 S Palafox
Blank Book ManufacturersWhite, Henry S211 1/2 S Palafox
Boarding HousesButler, Mrs300 E Wright
Boarding HousesCriglar, W L Mrs100 W Garden
Boarding HousesFulton House107 E Intendencia
Boarding HousesHester, ----- Mrs110 E Intendencia
Boarding HousesLewis, W F Mrs311 N Tarragona
Boarding HousesNorthup, W H Mrs201 W Gregory
Boarding HousesO'Brien, Jas (sailor)Baylen st wharf
Boarding HousesPonce de Leon The13 E Romana
Boarding HousesSt Andrews Bay HouseN Palafox cor Wright
Boarding HousesThompson, Lucy MrsE Zarragossa
Boarding HousesWeaver, B A Mrs214 E Intendencia
Boarding HousesWilliams, Margaret Mrs (sailor)Main nr Baylen
Boarding HousesWilson, Mrs117 E Intendencia
Boarding HousesYniestra, Elizabeth MrsN Spring southwest cor Wright
Boiler MakersCosgrove, John610 S Palafox
Boiler MakersCreary & McClintock817 S Palafox
Boiler MakersHughes, JamesS Palafox
Book BindersCoupee, A E204 1/2 S Palafox
Booksellers & StationersCoe, John M213 S Palafox
Booksellers & StationersJohnson, C R6 E Government
Booksellers & StationersLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Booksellers & StationersWalker, John A119 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersCashman, H120 & 206 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersGould, M Pou200 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersGugeheim, J109 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersHatton, Hugh B41-43 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersKahn, C & Son207 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersMcMillan, N C111 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe DealersThompson, Lizzie Miss136 E Government
Boot & Shoe MakersBruno, Frank16 1/2 E Government
Boot & Shoe MakersBuffin, R*N Tarragona nr Wright
Boot & Shoe MakersBullard, J M120 E Intendencia
Boot & Shoe MakersCollins, Geo W*116 E Government
Boot & Shoe MakersCrook, A
Boot & Shoe MakersLicata, J & Son24 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe MakersPeshon, H9 S Palafox
Boot & Shoe MakersReach, P JDevillier nr Government
Boot & Shoe MakersTaylor, L E*209 S Tarragona
BottlersHudson, WmMain cor Baylen
Brass FoundersCosgrove, John610 S Palafox
Brass FoundersCreary & McClintock817 S Palafox
Brewery AgentsNorman, W C (Mobile Brewery)cor Tarragona & Intendencia
Brewery AgentsPfeiffer, H & Co (Lion Brewery)400-402 S Palafox
Brewery AgentsPohlman, Henry (New Orleans Brewing Asso.)S Tarragona
Brick, Lime & CementCary & Co120 E Government
Brick, Lime & CementClubbs, A VClubbs Bldg
Brick, Lime & CementPensacola Supply Co139 E Government
Brokers - MerchandiseJacoby, Laz112 E Government
Brokers - MerchandiseJones, Boykin14 E Government
Brokers - MerchandiseLaBaron & Olcott120 E Government
Brokers - MerchandiseMaura, O E18 E Government
Brokers - MerchandiseMayer, R12 E Government
Brokers - SaltJones, Boykin14 E Government
Brokers - SaltLaBaron & Olcott120 E Government
Brokers - ShipEitzen, D CJefferson opp Public Square
Brokers - ShipHyer Bros18 E Government
Brokers - ShipMerritt, John Arear 710 S Palafox
Brokers - ShipPiaggio, Drear 710 S Palafox
Brokers - ShipRosasco Bros814 S Palafox
Brokers - ShipRoss, Howe, & MerrowJefferson opp Public Square
Brokers - TicketLischkoff, A & Co224 S Palafox
Building MaterialCary & Co120 E Government
Building MaterialPensacola Supply Co139 E Government
Burglar AlarmsZeek, C F3 S Palafox
Cabinet MakersBrown, Philiprear 2 S Palafox
Cabinet MakersShubert, John116 S Palafox
Candy ManufacturersApostle, C14 E Government
Candy ManufacturersStramby, Frank13 1/2 S Palafox
Candy ManufacturersTrainor, W H209 S Palafox
Carbonated Beverages - ManufacturersHudson, WmBaylen cor Main
Carpets & MattingDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Carpets & MattingHarwell, F E108-110 S Palafox
Carpets & MattingJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Carpets & MattingMarston & Fitton40-44 S Palafox
Carpets & MattingShubert, John116 S Palafox
Carriage ManufacturersHilliard, J M36 E Garden
Carriage ManufacturersNagel, Jhead Ice House wharf
Carriage ManufacturersZehlor, J G245 E Intendencia
Cigar ManufacturersMartinez, M A405 S Palafox
Cigar ManufacturersPrida, J221 W Government
Cigar ManufacturersProgressive Cigar Manufactory301 E Romana
Clergymensee Churches in Appendix
ClothiersBobe, C P & Co202 S Palafox
ClothiersCashman, P120 & 204 S Palafox
ClothiersColeman, Joseph212 S Palafox
ClothiersDavis, L M113 S Palafox
ClothiersGahlenbeck, W A (tailors agt)6 E Government
ClothiersHatton, Hugh B41-43 S Palafox
ClothiersHutchinson & Levy504-508 S Palafox
ClothiersKahn C & Son207 S Palafox
ClothiersMcCarthy, P A (tailors agt)12 E Government
ClothiersMcMillan, N C111 S Palafox
ClothiersStone, P226 S Palafox
ClothiersTorkelsen, C S605 S Palafox
ClothiersWhite, John205 S Palafox
Coal DealersCary & Co22-28 N Tarragona & 120 E Government
Coal DealersPensacola Manufacturing CoSullivan's wharf
Coal DealersPensacola Supply Co139 E Government
Coal DealersThompson, Olsen & CoE Zarragossa se cor Tarragona
Commission Merchants - ProduceBeers & Runyan10 W Romana
Commission Merchants - ProduceGiardina, G104 W Zarragossa
Commission Merchants - ProduceJacoby Brokerage & Commission Co116 E Government
Commission Merchants - ProduceMonroe, Wm A105 S Palafox
Commission Merchants - ProduceMorrison, A D103 S Palafox
Commission Merchants - ProduceWilliams, F M6 W Romana
Commission Merchants. - TimberFrater, John W101 S Palafox
Commission Merchants. - TimberMerritt, John Arear 710 S Palafox
Commission Merchants. - TimberPiaggio, Dariorear 710 S Palafox
Commission Merchants. - TimberRosasco Bros814 S Palafox
Commission Merchants. - TimberThornton, H Hupstairs 710 S Palafox
ConfectionersApostle, C E Government
ConfectionersApostle, N221 S Palafox
ConfectionersNeri, G29 S Palafox
ConfectionersPfeiffer, J F211 E Intendencia
ConfectionersStramby, Frank13 1/2 S Palafox
ConfectionersTabarras, M121 S Baylen
ConfectionersTrainor, W H209 S Palafox
Contractors & BuildersBennet, L C (brick)4th st cor 10th ave
Contractors & BuildersClark, John S255 E Gregory
Contractors & BuildersClubbs, A VChase cor Alcaniz & Clubbs bldg
Contractors & BuildersCrona & Dougherty
Contractors & BuildersHenry, Calvin421 W LaRua
Contractors & BuildersKing, Henry*
Contractors & BuildersOlsen, A W (brick)Salamanca nr 11th ave
Contractors & BuildersPowell, Thomas
Contractors & BuildersSarra, Lyman
Contractors & BuildersTurner, R H6th ave nr 14th st
Contractors & BuildersWills and Braughton (brick)E Intendencia
Court StenographerDaniel, R E Lee7 1/2 S Palafox
Crockery, Glass & ChinaDow, C Q23 S Palafox
Crockery, Glass & ChinaHarwell, Wm T37 S Palafox
Crockery, Glass & ChinaJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Crockery, Glass & ChinaPfeiffer, Henry136 E Government
CutleryAvery, A M123-127 S Palafox
CutleryJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
CutleryMoore, V A & Co104 S Palafox
DairiesGingles, J W10th ave cor 14th st
DairiesGulf City DairyE Gregory cor Reus
DairiesKing, Emma*N Guillemard nr water works
DairiesParker, Cyrus*.
DentistsLaFar, T A105 1/2 E Romana
DentistsRiser, A105 1/2 E Intendencia
DentistsShine, W H107 1/2 S Palafox
DentistsWelch Bros204 1/2 S Palafox
DressmakersBarrett, L B Mrs322 E Romana
DressmakersDugan, P Mrs2 W Chase
DressmakersLipps, Jacob MrsE Intendencia nr Tarragona
DressmakersMilton, Florence*22 N Barcelona
DressmakersNewell, Rebecca43 E Chase
DressmakersPreer, Mary *610 Guillemard
DressmakersWalker, Laura E Mrs124 Church
DressmakersWalters, Mary Mrs433 E Government
DruggistsBassett, H O & Co103 Tarragona
DruggistsCobb, R W & Co7 S Palafox
DruggistsCushman, H C100 E Government
DruggistsD'Alemberte, J E215 S Palafox
DruggistsD'Alemberte, W A203 S Palafox
DruggistsHannah Bros21 S Palafox & 47 E Gregory
DruggistsSheppard, John401 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsAndrews, J NS Tarragona cor Intendencia
Dry Goods & NotionsBonifay, George107 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsCohen & Friedman115 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsFriedman Bros100 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsGould, M Pou200 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsGreen, J C118 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsJohnson & Forbes122-123 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsMcMillan, N C111 S Palafox
Dry Goods & NotionsPou, Lewis AS Tarragona nr Intendencia
Dry Goods & NotionsThompson, Lizzie Miss138 E Government
Dyers & RenovatorsJohn the Dye-manCushman's alley
Dyers & RenovatorsMorrison, K S20 S Baylen
EmbalmersHutchinson, S B & Co19 W Intendencia
EmbalmersNorthup, W HJefferson cor Zarragossa
Fancy GoodsChung, Wing 39 S Palafox
Fancy GoodsCrescent Drug Store215 S Palafox
Fancy GoodsDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Fancy GoodsLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Fertilizers - DealersGoulding Fertilizer CoGoulding's switch
Fertilizers - DealersPensacola Supply Co139 E Government
Fertilizers - ManufacturersGoulding Fertilizer CoGoulding's switch
Fish - WholesaleGulf Fish CoBaylen st wharf
Fish - WholesalePensacola Fish CoCommendencia st wharf
Fish - WholesaleSaunders, E E & Cofoot of Palafox st
Fish - WholesaleWarren & CoBaylen st wharf
Fishing TackleAvery, A M123-127 S Palafox
Fishing TackleCoe, J M213 S Palafox
Fishing TackleJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Fishing TackleJohnson, C R6 E Government
Fishing TackleLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Fishing TackleMoore, V A & Co104 S Palafox
Florida CuriositiesCoe, John M213 S Palafox
Florida CuriositiesLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Florida CuriositiesNeisins, N A20 E Government
Florida CuriositiesWalker, John A119 S Palafox
FloristsStearns, Alice Miss122 W Garden
FloristsBoysen, C F Mrs216 E Chase
Fruits - RetailApostle, C14 E Government
Fruits - RetailApostle, N211 S Palafox
Fruits - RetailBell, George144 E Government
Fruits - RetailCologero, N331 N Palafox
Fruits - RetailHowell, Tilden818 S Palafox
Fruits - RetailJoaquim, A701 S Palafox
Fruits - RetailJohnson, E*19 S Palafox
Fruits - RetailNeri, G25 S Palafox
Fruits - RetailNew Orleans Grocery8-10 W Intendencia
Fruits - RetailStramby, Frank13 1/2 S Palafox
Fruits - RetailTamalaki, S133 N Palafox
Fruits - RetailUnion Depot StoreE Wright cor Tarragona
Fruits - RetailWilliams, F M621-625 N Alcaniz
Fruits - WholesaleApostle, C14 E Government
Fruits - WholesaleBeers & Runyan10 W Romana
Fruits - WholesaleBell, George144 E Government
Fruits - WholesaleGiardini, G104 W Zarragossa
Fruits - WholesaleHutchinson & Levy502-504 S Palafox
Fruits - WholesaleJacoby Brokerage & Commission Co112 E Government
Fruits - WholesaleWilliams, F M8 W Romana
FurnitureHarwell, F E8-10 S Palafox
FurnitureMarston & Fitton40-44 S Palafox
Garden & Field SeedsCrescent Drug Store215 S Palafox
Garden & Field SeedsD'Alemberte, W A203 S Palafox
Garden & Field SeedsHannah Bros21 S Palafox & 47 E Gregory
Gents' FurnishingsBobe, C P & Co202 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsBonifay, George107 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsCashman, P204 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsColeman, Joseph212 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsFriedman Bros100 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsHatton, Hugh B41-43 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsKahn C & Son207 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsStone, P226 S Palafox
Gents' FurnishingsWhite, John205 S Palafox
Grain & Hay - WholesaleBear L & Co404-408 S Palafox
Grain & Hay - WholesaleGonzalez, M F & Co210 E Zarragossa
Grain & Hay - WholesaleHeinberg Bros319-321 S Palafox
Grain & Hay - WholesaleMonroe, W A105 S Palafox
Grain & Hay - WholesaleMoyer, A McD327-329 S Palafox
Grist MillsGonzalez, M F & Co206-210 E Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailBaker, C E *N Cevallos nr Chase
Grocers - RetailBarnett, W M E Wright cor Cevallos
Grocers - RetailBauer, Dora, Mrs301 S Baylen
Grocers - RetailBear, L & Co404-408 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailBell, John W715 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailBoras, J L101 S Tarragona
Grocers - RetailBrendle, James PN Tarragona cor Jackson
Grocers - RetailBush John TCervantes cor 7th ave
Grocers - RetailCarpenter, C T616 E Wright
Grocers - RetailCazeppa, AE Chase cor 12th ave
Grocers - RetailCincotta, GE Intendencia cor Florida Blanca
Grocers - RetailDiLustro V510 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailDubuisson, J E & CoE Intendencia cor Tarragona
Grocers - RetailDubuisson, L AE Salamanca cor 9th ave
Grocers - RetailFauria, Vincent304 E Intendencia
Grocers - RetailGagnet, M Mrs & Co142 W Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailGaiters, David*cor 11th ave and Chase
Grocers - RetailGardina, G104 W Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailGonzalez, S J301 W Gregory
Grocers - RetailGreen, John C118 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailGriffin, E A600 E Government
Grocers - RetailHarvey, J M*5 N Tarragona
Grocers - RetailHeinberg Bros319-323 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailHoffman, Chas, Mrs57 E Gregory
Grocers - RetailIsrael, JacobW Intendencia cor Barcelona
Grocers - RetailJames, Joseph H*204 W Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailJohannsen, C Jhead of Perdido wharf
Grocers - RetailKlein, F WBelmont cor Spring
Grocers - RetailKnapp, C P Mrs312 W Wright
Grocers - RetailLewis, William M Mrs501 N Reus
Grocers - RetailLind, JohnE Intendencia
Grocers - RetailMartin, Minnie L Mrs237 E Chase
Grocers - RetailMarzoni, L D301 N Tarragona
Grocers - RetailMcLaughlin Mary909 N Hayne
Grocers - RetailMiller, E316 E Government
Grocers - RetailMorrison, A D103 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailMotta, EDevillier cor Gadsden
Grocers - RetailMoyer, A McDonald & Bro327-329 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailNeri, G718 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailNew Orleans Grocery (James McHugh, mgr)8-10 W Intendencia
Grocers - RetailO'Leary, M328-330 W Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailPeterson, Mary Mrs201 W Government
Grocers - RetailPfeiffer, H Co400-402 S Palafox & 9-17 E Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailPfeiffer, J M121-123 E Government
Grocers - RetailPhillip, Frank438 E Government
Grocers - RetailPryor, J C108 E Government
Grocers - RetailPulliam & SonN Cevallos cor Chase
Grocers - RetailRay, WilliamCevallos cor Gonzalez
Grocers - RetailReed, W PDevillier cor Gadsden
Grocers - RetailRehfield, J10th ave cor Romana
Grocers - RetailRoberts, J S101 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailRosario, John200 W Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailScott, E D119 S Tarragona
Grocers - RetailSeymore, William317 W Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailShackelford, N C600 N Hayne
Grocers - RetailSmith, C S 32-34 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailSoto, M Pcor Strong & Hayne
Grocers - RetailSpencer, Joseph & Son8th ave nr 12th st
Grocers - RetailStewart, James115 S Tarragona
Grocers - RetailSunday, Samuel*Belmont cor Devillier
Grocers - RetailTabarras, MW Garden cor Barcelona
Grocers - RetailTamalaki, Spiero133 N Palafox
Grocers - RetailThompson, Susan E MrsGregory cor Cevallos
Grocers - RetailUnion Depot Store (P McHugh)Wright cor Tarragona
Grocers - RetailWales, C AAlcaniz cor Jackson
Grocers - RetailWalton, J B201 E Intendencia
Grocers - RetailWhite, J GeorgePalafox cor Gregory
Grocers - RetailWilliams, Frank MAlcaniz cor Gadsden
Grocers - RetailWilliams, J MBelmont cor Alcaniz
Grocers - RetailWilson, Frank508 E Government
Grocers - RetailYates, Williamwest end Zarragossa
Grocers - RetailYniestra, A P17 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailZarragossa, Joseph MrsGovernment cor Reus
Grocers - RetailZelius & Gluckstad707 S Palafox
Grocers - RetailZurich, George328 W Government
Grocers - WholesaleBear, L & Co404-408 S Palafox
Grocers - WholesaleHeinberg Bros319-323 S Palafox
Grocers - WholesaleMoyer, A McD & Bro327-329 S Palafox
Grocers - WholesalePfeiffer, H & Co400-402 S Palafox
Gun & LocksmithsSherry, John132 W Government
Hardware & Mill SuppliesAvery, A M123-127 S Palafox
Hardware & Mill SuppliesJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Hardware & Mill SuppliesMcKenzie-Oerting, C & Co605 S Palafox
Hardware & Mill SuppliesMoore, V A & Co104 S Palafox
Hats & CapsBobe, C P & Co202 S Palafox
Hats & CapsCashman, P120 & 204 S Palafox
Hats & CapsColeman, Joseph212 S Palafox
Hats & CapsDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Hats & CapsHatton, Hugh B41-43 S Palafox
Hats & CapsHutchinson & Levy502-504 S Palafox
Hats & CapsJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Hats & CapsKahn, C & Son207 S Palafox
Hats & CapsStone, P226 S Palafox
Hats & CapsWhite, John205 S Palafox
HayGonzalez, M F & Co210 E Zarragossa
HayMonroe, W A105 S Palafox
HayRowland, W D17 E Romana
Hides, Skins & FursKanen, JamesPalafox wharf
Hides, Skins & FursLevy, E MrsPalafox wharf
HotelsHotel Escambia (A R Williams & Co)N Palafox cor Wright
HotelsMerchants' Hotel (J Kryger)Palafox cor Government
HotelsNational Hotel (Theo Pfefferle)120-122 E Government
HotelsPlaza Hotel (Mrs A Sexauer)106 E Government
House FurnishingsAvery, A M123-127 S Palafox
House FurnishingsDow, C Q23 S Palafox
House FurnishingsHarwell, F E108-110 S Palafox
House FurnishingsHarwell, W T37 S Palafox
House FurnishingsJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
House FurnishingsMarston & Fitton40-44 S Palafox
House FurnishingsPfeiffer, Henry136 E Government
Ice - RetailCary & Co22-28 N Tarragona
Ice - RetailPensacola Fish CoCommendencia st wharf
Ice - RetailStratton Ice WorksTarragona cor Chase
Ice - RetailThiesen, CBaylen cor Intendencia
Ice - RetailThompson, Olsen & CoZarragossa cor Tarragona
Ice - WholesaleCary & Co22-28 N Tarragona
Ice - WholesaleSaunders, E E & CoPalafox wharf
Ice - WholesaleStratton Ice WorksTarragona cor Chase
Ice Cream SaloonsJohnson, E*21 S Palafox
Ice Cream SaloonsNeri, G25 S Palafox
Ice Cream SaloonsTrainer, W H207 S Palafox
Iron Building FrontsPensacola Foundry & Machine Shops616 S Palafox
Iron FencingCreary & M'clintock817 S Palafox
Iron FencingDavis, B A4 S Palafox
Iron FencingPensacola Foundry & Machine Shops616 S Palafox
Iron FoundersCreary & M'clintock817 S Palafox
Iron FoundersPensacola Foundry & Machine Shops616 S Palafox
JunkKanen, JamesPalafox wharf
JunkLevy, E MrsPalafox wharf
Justices of PeaceJohnson, J AlbertMasonic Building, E Zarragossa
Kid Gloves & LacesBonifay, George107 S Palafox
Kid Gloves & LacesDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Kid Gloves & LacesFriedman Bros100 S Palafox
Kid Gloves & LacesJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Ladies' and Children's UnderwearBonifay, George 107 S Palafox
Ladies' and Children's UnderwearCohen & Friedman115 S Palafox
Ladies' and Children's UnderwearDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Ladies' and Children's UnderwearFriedman Bros100 S Palafox
Ladies' and Children's UnderwearJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Land CompaniesEast Pensacola Land Co, Thos E Watson, secretary201 S Palafox
Land CompaniesHenrietta Springs Land Co, S N Van Praag, president7 1/2 S Palafox
Land CompaniesMaxent Tract Co, Thos C Watson, William Fisher& W. J. Vankirk, Wm. A. Blount & Louis E. Thompson
LaundriesLee, Hop17 W Government
LaundriesLee, Wan112 E Government
LaundriesStar Laundry37 E Garden
LaundriesWaugh, Sam129 E Government
LawyersAvery & Chipley218 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersBeard, John S218 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersBinkley, A C3 1/2 W Intendencia
LawyersBlount & Blount7 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersCampbell, Richard LSullivan bldg, E Zarragossa
LawyersCarter, John H127 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersCody & Nicholls204 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersEagan, John218 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersFisher, William204 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersJones, J P & C M108 1/2 E Government
LawyersJones, John B204 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersLaney, C H204 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersMaclean, C G5 E Romana
LawyersMallory, S R204 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersMaxwell & Maxwell204 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersMilton, John127 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersParkhill, Charles B218 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersRose, A J7 1/2 S Palafox
LawyersWolfe, J Emmet218 1/2 S Palafox
Lumber M'fg'r & DealersBrent, R J & CoBayou Chico
Lumber M'fg'r & DealersBronnum, OMain cor Coyle
Lumber M'fg'r & DealersPensacola Furniture FactoryZarragossa cor Tarragona
Lumber M'fg'r & DealersPensacola Manufacturing CoSullivan's wharf
Lumber M'fg'r & DealersPiaggio EnricoCommendencia st wharf
Lumber M'fg'r & DealersPitt, B R & CoMain cor Barracks
Lumber M'fg'r & DealersWright, W B & Coeast end Intendencia
Machinists & Machinery ManufacturersCreary & M'clintock817 S Palafox
Machinists & Machinery ManufacturersPensacola Foundry & Machine Shops616 S Palafox
Marble WorkersDavis, B APalafox opp Blount-Watson bldg
Mattresses - ManufacturersFairchild, B H8 S Palafox
Mattresses - ManufacturersShubert, John116 S Palafox
Meal, Grits & HominyGonzalez, M F & Co210 E Zarragossa
Meal, Grits & HominyMonroe, W A 105 S Palafox
Meat MarketsBell, John S15 E Intendencia
Meat MarketsDuke, ----E Chase cor 11th ave
Meat MarketsHolifield, William, mgrW Government cor Baylen
Meat MarketsJones Bros & MorganE Intendencia nr Tarragona
Meat MarketsMorgan, W L214 S Palafox & S Tarragona nr Intendencia
Meat MarketsNeely, GeorgePilots' Association bldg Palafox wharf
Meat MarketsWaters, H A117 S Palafox
Merchant TailorsHatton, Hugh B41-43 S Palafox
Merchant TailorsWeiland, Nathan214 S Palafox
MillinersChicago Hair Store106 S Palafox
MillinersMuller, J E216 S Palafox
MillinersParisian Millinery Store102 S Palafox
Music DealersClutter, J M114 S Palafox
Music DealersGodoi, George109 E Government
Music DealersLangford, W H218 S Palafox
NewsdealersCoe, John M213 S Palafox
NewsdealersJohnson, C R6 E Government
NewsdealersLangford, W H218 S Palafox
NewsdealersWalker, John A119 S Palafox
OculistsPierpont, J Harris Dr.17 W Government
Office SuppliesCoe, John M213 S Palafox
Office SuppliesJohnson, C R6 E Government
Office SuppliesLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Office SuppliesWalker, John A119 S Palafox
Opera HousePensacola Opera House, Coe & Tate, mgrsE Government cor Jefferson
Oysters - WholesaleApostle, Nick211 S Palafox
Oysters - WholesaleFleetwood, T HBaylen st wharf
Oysters - WholesaleTamalaki, Spiero133 N Palafox
Painters - House & SignConlin, M J6 S Palafox
Painters - House & SignGoodman, J PW Intendencia
Painters - House & SignLewis, W M501 N Reus
Painters - House & SignNeisius, N A20 E Government
Painters - House & SignShaw & RocheCommendencia
Painters - House & SignWeber, Theodore127 1/2 S Palafox
Painters - House & SignWrighton, Thomas FCommendencia nr Zarragossa
Parasols & UmbrellasBonifay, George107 S Palafox
Parasols & UmbrellasDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Parasols & UmbrellasHatton, Hugh B41-43 S Palafox
Parasols & UmbrellasJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Parasols & UmbrellasMcMillan, N C.111 S Palafox
Parasols & UmbrellasStone, P226 S Palafox
Patent Medicines - ManufacturersApostle, C14 E Government
Pawn BrokersLischkoff, A & Co224 S Palafox
PhotographersMancel, Henry15 E Intendencia
PhotographersPerry, ----3 1/2 W Intendencia
PhotographersTurton, George W226 1/2 S Palafox
PhysiciansAbbott, M S G*116 N Cevallos
PhysiciansAnderson, W E15 W Government
PhysiciansCravey, J Z7 1/2 S Palafox
PhysiciansFordham, W F14 1/2 W Government
PhysiciansGillis, A A215 S Palafox
PhysiciansHannah, W J21 S Palafox
PhysiciansHargis, R B S107 E Romana
PhysiciansHargis, R W307 1/2 S Palafox
PhysiciansHerron, J S203 S Palafox
PhysiciansOglesby, C R226 1/2 S Palafox
PhysiciansPierpont, J Harris15 W Government
PhysiciansRenshaw, F G104 1/2 S Palafox
PhysiciansRoss, William H21 S Palafox
PhysiciansRowe, W C9 1/2 S Palafox
PhysiciansSimpson, H L7 1/2 S Palafox
PhysiciansWhite, R C307 1/2 S Palafox
Pianos & OrgansClutter, J M114 S Palafox
Pianos & OrgansGodoi, George109 E Government
Pianos & OrgansLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Piano TunersClutter, J M 114 S Palafox
Piano TunersLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Picture FramesCoe, J M213 S Palafox
Picture FramesLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Picture FramesWalker, John A119 S Palafox
Pilots - BarSimpson, Robert.
Pilots - BarCaro, George W.
Pilots - BarO'Brien, J Ed.
Pilots - BarBazzell, William.
Pilots - BarLangley, J M.
Pilots - BarAinsworth, G W.
Pilots - BarAnderson, Lars.
Pilots - BarBell, William A.
Pilots - BarBaker, A H.
Pilots - BarGrinnell, Geo H.
Pilots - BarJones, Walter*.
Pilots - BarLangford, Chas B.
Pilots - BarMaloy, John.
Pilots - BarNeilsen, Fred.
Pilots - BarNunez, George.
Pilots - BarOldmixon, W J.
Pilots - BarOldmixon, Ed W.
Pilots - BarRowe, J M.
Pilots - BarBazzell, James.
Pilots - BarCohron, Jefferson.
Pilots - BarCaro, T S.
Pilots - BarCaro, B G.
Pilots - BarCaro, J H.
Pilots - BarCaro, W S.
Pilots - BarClifford, Sam'l L.
Pilots - BarDavenport, Jno.
Pilots - BarDunn, Frank M.
Pilots - BarDavidson, John.
Pilots - BarFirguson, Alex J.
Pilots - BarScholls, James.
Pilots - BarStearns, B F.
Pilots - BarStearns, Thomas.
Pilots - BarStearns, James.
Pilots - BarStearns, R P.
Pilots - BarSeely, Jay O.
Pilots - BarSeely, Joseph.
Pilots - BarSmith, Frank.
Pilots - BarTouart, Albert.
Pilots - BarWalter, F W.
Pilots - BarWhite, H L.
Pilots - HarborBurns, Dennis.
Pilots - HarborFerrard, A.
Pilots - HarborMcKenzie, Oerting Wm.
Pilots - HarborSutherland, John.
Pilots - HarborWebb, Dan.
Planing MillsBronnum, OZarragossa cor Coyle
Planing MillsPensacola Furniture FactoryZarragossa cor Tarragona
Planing MillsPitt, B R & CoMain cor Barracks
Planing MillsWright, W B & Coeast end Intendencia
Plumbers, Steam & Gas FittersBeibighauser, Wicke & Co5 S Palafox
Plumbers, Steam & Gas FittersPensacola Plumbing CoE Government cor Tarragona
Printers - Job & BookRoberts & Moores127 1/2 S Palafox
Printers - Job & BookThe Daily News211 1/2 S Palafox
Printers - Job & BookWhite, Henry S211 1/2 S Palafox
RestaurantsBank Exchange Restaurant315 S Palafox
RestaurantsEvans, Charles Mrs507 S Palafox
RestaurantsRoch, M L208 S Palafox
RestaurantsWalters, Jennie Mrs508 S Palafox
Roofers - TinArmstead, Henry*rear 100 S Tarragona
Roofers - TinQuina, C F325 E Romana
Roofers - TinVetter, C B20 W Intendencia
Roofers - TinWood, C L FE Intendencia
Rubber StampsWalker, A E 124 Church
Saw MillsBrent, R J & CoBayou Chico
Saw MillsPensacola Manufacturing CoSullivan's wharf
Saw MillsWright, W B & Coeast end Intendencia
Saw Mill MachineryAvery, A M123-127 S Palafox
Saw Mill MachineryMoore, V A & Co104 S Palafox
SeedsCrescent Drug Store215 S Palafox
SeedsCushman, H C100 E Government
SeedsD'Alemberte, W A203 S Palafox
SeedsHannah Bros21 S Palafox
Sewing Machine DealersDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Sewing Machine DealersHarwell, F E108-110 S Palafox
Sewing Machine DealersWilliams, A L13 S Palafox
Sheet MusicClutter, J M114 S Palafox
Sheet MusicGodoi, George109 E Government
Sheet MusicLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Shingles - ManufacturersPensacola Manufacturing CoSullivan's wharf
Shingles - ManufacturersWright, W B & Coeast end Intendencia
Ship ChandlersBell, John WPalafox wharf
Ship ChandlersMcKenzie-Oerting C & CoPalafox wharf
Ship ChandlersNeri, GPalafox wharf
Ship ChandlersPfeiffer, H & Co400-402 S Palafox
Ship ChandlersZelius & GluckstadPalafox wharf
ShipsmithsCosgrove, John616 S Palafox
ShipsmithsBrux, Thomas700 S Palafox
ShipsmithsDunham, A W & SonBarracks cor Cedar
ShipsmithsHughes, JamesPalafox wharf
ShipsmithsStearns, T FPalafox wharf
ShipsmithsStearns, W H & Sonhead of Commendencia st wharf
Soda WaterCrescent Drug Store215 S Palafox
Soda WaterHannah Bros21 S Palafox
Soda WaterRoch, M L208 S Palafox
Stables - Livery, Sale & BoardingHutchinson, S B12 W Intendencia
Stables - Livery, Sale & BoardingPensacola StablesJefferson cor Zarragossa
Stables - Livery, Sale & BoardingWeinert, CharlesE Intendencia nr Tarragona
Stationerssee Booksellers & Stationers.
Steamship, Steamboat & Packet LinesClyde Line, Sterret Tate, agent.
Steamship, Steamboat & Packet LinesPensacola - Havana Line, Ross, Howe & Merrow, agents.
Steamship, Steamboat & Packet LinesPensacola, St Andrews' Bay & Mobile Line Steamers, M P Palmes, agent.
StenographersChipley, Buckner218 1/2 S Palafox
StenographersDaniell, R E L7 1/2 S Palafox
StenographersRosenstein, Esther Miss312 E Government
Stevedores - ContractingAbercrombie, J E.
Stevedores - ContractingBell, W L.
Stevedores - ContractingConden, Nich'las.
Stevedores - ContractingDooley, Patrick.
Stevedores - ContractingGeorge, Carroll.
Stevedores - ContractingGrant, Alex'der.
Stevedores - ContractingPens Supl Co.
Stevedores - ContractingTiedeman, Chas.
Stevedores - ContractingArmstrong, J F.
Stevedores - ContractingChristie, John.
Stevedores - ContractingDooley, John.
Stevedores - ContractingDunn, E T.
Stevedores - ContractingGonzalez, G W.
Stevedores - ContractingJones, Frank*.
Stevedores - ContractingPettersen, J C.
Stevedores - ContractingTobin, David.
Stevedores - ContractingTouart, Mitchell.
SurgeonsAnderson, Warren E15 W Government
SurgeonsRenshaw, F G104 1/2 S Palafox
SurgeonsSimpson, H L7 1/2 S Palafox
Tailorssee also Merchant Tailors.
TailorsFowler, M A*303 S Baylen
TailorsFox, J E19 S Palafox
TailorsGagnet, R*18 W Intendencia
TailorsMorrison, K S20 S Baylen
TailorsRowe, Chas116 E Government
TailorsTouart, R*16 E Government
Telephone & Telegraph Companiessee Appendix.
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersBaars, H & Co804 S Palafox
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersBoyers, H Hrear 710 S Palafox
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersHilton-Green, L & Co14 1/2 E Government
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersHyer Bros18 E Government
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersKeyser, W S & Co6 1/2 E Government
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersMoreno, Scarrett14 1/2 E Government
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersSouthern States Land & Timber Co (lim)307 1/2 S Palafox
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersSullivan Timber CoSullivan's wharf
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersVerrault & Whiting8 E Government
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersWilson, C MCentral wharf
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersWittich, W L & CoCentral wharf
Timber & Lumber Merchants - ExportersWright, W B & Coeast end Intendencia
Tinsmithssee Roofers.
Tobacconists - RetailApostle, C14 E Government
Tobacconists - RetailApostle, N211 S Palafox
Tobacconists - RetailCoe, John M213 S Palafox
Tobacconists - RetailCrescent Drug Store215 S Palafox
Tobacconists - RetailD'Alemberte, W A203 S Palafox
Tobacconists - RetailJohnson, C R6 E Government
Tobacconists - RetailLangford, W H218 S Palafox
Tobacconists - RetailMarzoni, L DN Tarragona cor Wright
Tobacconists - RetailMcHugh, PatE Wright cor Tarragona
Tobacconists - RetailNew Orleans Grocery8-10 W Intendencia
Tobacconists - RetailReilly, Frank311 S Palafox
Tobacconists - RetailWalker, John A119 S Palafox
Toilet ArticlesCrescent Drug Store215 S Palafox
Toilet ArticlesCobb, R W & Co7 S Palafox
Toilet ArticlesD'Alemberte, W A203 S Palafox
Trunks & ValisesDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Trunks & ValisesHatton, H B41-43 S Palafox
Trunks & ValisesJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Trunks & ValisesMcMillan, N C111 S Palafox
TypewritersDaniell, R E L, agent for the Remington7 1/2 S Palafox
TypewritersHyer, J W, agent for the Caligraph309 S Palafox
UndertakersHarvey, Wade*6 N Tarragona
UndertakersHutchinson, S B & Co19 W Intendencia
UndertakersNorthup (W H) & Wood (J G)Jefferson cor E Zarragossa
UpholsterersFairchild, B H10 S Palafox
UpholsterersShubert, John116 S Palafox
Wagon MakersHilliard, J M36 E Garden
Wagon MakersNagle, Johnhead Intendencia st wharf
WallpaperCoe, John M213 S Palafox
WallpaperLangford, W H218 S Palafox
WallpaperShubert, John116 S Palafox
WallpaperWalker, John A119 S Palafox
Watchmakers & JewelersDay, J M222 S Palafox
Watchmakers & JewelersGahlenbeck, A140 E Government
Watchmakers & JewelersGahlenbeck, W A6 E Government
Watchmakers & JewelersHopf, Charles16 E Government
Watchmakers & JewelersLindenstruth, P116 S Palafox
Watchmakers & JewelersStephens, J I112 S Palafox
Watchmakers & JewelersWilliams, W F121 S Palafox
Window ShadesDavis, L M113 S Palafox
Window ShadesHarwell, F E108-110 S Palafox
Window ShadesJohnson & Forbes122-128 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - WholesaleBear, Lewis & Co402-408 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - WholesaleDannheisser, M & Co401-403 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - WholesaleHeinberg Bros319 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailAndrews, Geo501 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailArbona, J47 E Zarragossa
Wines & Liquors - RetailBell, Peter10th ave cor Garden
Wines & Liquors - RetailBergin, Dan317 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailDannheisser, M & Co401-403 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailDilustro, A609 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailDunn, John210 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailGiardina, GS Baylen cor Zarragossa
Wines & Liquors - RetailHamilton, A E500 & 611 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailHudson, WmBaylen cor Zarragossa
Wines & Liquors - RetailJohansen, Chas GPerdido wharf
Wines & Liquors - RetailNork, HarryZarragossa cor of Baylen
Wines & Liquors - RetailNorman, C SE Wright opp Union depot
Wines & Liquors - RetailNorman, W CE Intendencia cor Tarragona
Wines & Liquors - RetailPerry, C113 S Tarragona
Wines & Liquors - RetailPetersen, E & HGregory cor Coyle
Wines & Liquors - RetailScott, E DAragon cor Cevallos
Wines & Liquors - RetailSmart, James F409 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailThiesen, ChrisBaylen cor Intendencia
Wines & Liquors - RetailVidal, V JTarragona cor Government
Wines & Liquors - RetailWilliams & McSween325 S Palafox
Wines & Liquors - RetailYates, WmE Intendencia nr Tarragona
Wines & Liquors - RetailZurich, George328 W Government
Wood & Willow-wareDow, C Q25 S Palafox
Wood & Willow-wareHarwell, F E108-110 S Palafox
Wood & Willow-wareHarwell, W T37 S Palafox