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Cuchens, Kyler William (III, Infant Son of Kyler William Cuchens, II) Deceased Vol-Sht: 35-08644
D-Date: 01/27/1978 D-Place:   Morgantown, West Virginia
I-Date: 02/03/1978 I-Place:   Bayview Memorial Park Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
Cugnotti, John Deceased Vol-Sht: 04-02817
D-Date: 09/07/1940 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 09/12/1940 I-Place:   St. Michael's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
Cuilla, Daisy Dorothy Eola Deceased Vol-Sht: 05-03509
D-Date: D-Place:  
I-Date: 12/21/1943 I-Place:  
Culpepper, Carol Virginia (Infant Daughter of W. E. Culpepper) Deceased Vol-Sht: 07-03885
D-Date: 09/09/1945 D-Place:   Pensacola Hospital, Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 09/10/1945 I-Place:   Clopton Cemetery, Brent, Florida
Culver, Edward H. Deceased Vol-Sht: 08-04562
D-Date: 09/10/1948 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 09/14/1948 I-Place:   Union Hill Cemetery, Myrtle Grove, Florida
Culver, Elizabeth Mary Deceased Vol-Sht: 35-08462
D-Date: 10/11/1977 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 10/14/1977 I-Place:   Clopton Cemetery, Brent, Florida
Cumbia, Willie (Mrs.) Deceased Vol-Sht: 04-02747
D-Date: D-Place:  
I-Date: 04/12/1940 I-Place:  
Cummings, James M. Deceased Vol-Sht: 02-01232
D-Date: 02/16/1932 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 02/19/1932 I-Place:   St. John's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
Cunice, Angelo James (Aviation Cadet, USN) Deceased Vol-Sht: 05-03172.1
D-Date: 05/13/1942 D-Place:   At Sea
I-Date: I-Place:  
Cunningham, Barbara R. Deceased Vol-Sht: 35-08453
D-Date: 10/01/1977 D-Place:   Baptist Hospital, Pensacola, Florida [DOA]
I-Date: I-Place:   Shipped to Sunset Memorial Gardens, Odessa, Texas
Curran, Michael (Jr.) Deceased Vol-Sht: 01-00230
D-Date: D-Place:  
I-Date: 11/11/1927 I-Place:  
Currie, Floyd A. (Sr.) Deceased Vol-Sht: 04-02258
D-Date: 06/03/1937 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 06/05/1937 I-Place:   St. Michael's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
Currie, Frank L. Deceased Vol-Sht: 05-03437
D-Date: 07/23/1943 D-Place:   Pensacola Hospital, Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 07/25/1943 I-Place:   Shipped to Meridian, Mississippi
Currie, James Jenkins (Lt.(jg), USN) Deceased Vol-Sht: 08-04691
D-Date: 02/15/1949 D-Place:   Baldwin County, Alabama
I-Date: 02/20/1949 I-Place:   Shipped to Memphis Tennessee
Currie, Jessie Rocheblave (Mrs.) Deceased Vol-Sht: 05-03214
D-Date: 07/06/1942 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 07/08/1942 I-Place:   Holy Cross Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
Curry, A. W. Deceased Vol-Sht: 02-01043
D-Date: 04/07/1931 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 04/08/1931 I-Place:   Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Escambia County, Florida
Curry, Laura H. (Mrs.) Deceased Vol-Sht: 05-03234
D-Date: 08/11/1942 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 08/12/1942 I-Place:   Turned over to Hodapp Funeral Home, Cincinnati, Ohio
Curry, Lawerence Edison Deceased Vol-Sht: 01-00556
D-Date: 04/15/1929 D-Place:   Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 04/16/1929 I-Place:   Shipped to Zeigler, Illinois
Curry, [omit] (Infant Daughter of Mr. Harold Curry ) Deceased Vol-Sht: 08-04199
D-Date: 02/11/1947 D-Place:   Naval Hospital, Fort Barrancas, Florida
I-Date: 02/12/1947 I-Place:   Barrancas National Cemetery
Curtis, Fred (Jr.) Deceased Vol-Sht: 08-04256
D-Date: 04/28/1947 D-Place:   Ensley, Florida
I-Date: 04/28/1947 I-Place:   Shipped to Atmore, Alabama
Curtis, William Marvett (Dr.) Deceased Vol-Sht: 08-04526
D-Date: 07/30/1948 D-Place:   Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 08/01/1948 I-Place:   Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama
Curtis, [omit] (Infant of [omit] Curtis) Deceased Vol-Sht: 03-01555
D-Date: 10/09/1933 D-Place:   Chipley, Florida
I-Date: 10/10/1933 I-Place:   St. John's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
Cusachs, Mary Langley Deceased Vol-Sht: 02-01347
D-Date: D-Place:  
I-Date: 08/31/1932 I-Place:  
Cushing, Nadine Deceased Vol-Sht: 04-02421
D-Date: 04/28/1938 D-Place:   Olive, Florida
I-Date: 04/29/1938 I-Place:   Whitmire Cemetery, Escambia County, Florida
Cushing, [omit] (Infant of B. C. Cushing) Deceased Vol-Sht: 04-02365
D-Date: 01/05/1938 D-Place:   Olive, Florida
I-Date: 01/06/1938 I-Place:   Whitmire Cemetery, Escambia County, Florida
Cushman, Morris M. Deceased Vol-Sht: 03-02142
D-Date: 10/06/1936 D-Place:   Near Brent, Florida
I-Date: 10/09/1936 I-Place:   St. John's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
Cutter, Frank Leo Deceased Vol-Sht: 08-04689
D-Date: 02/14/1949 D-Place:   Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 02/15/1949 I-Place:   Shipped to Jacksonville, Florida
Cutts, Hattie Elmer Deceased Vol-Sht: 05-03319
D-Date: 01/14/1943 D-Place:  
I-Date: I-Place:  
Cutts, Mitchell Clayton (Infant Son of Patrick S. Cutts) Deceased Vol-Sht: 06-03621
D-Date: 06/10/1944 D-Place:   Pensacola Hospital, Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 06/11/1944 I-Place:   St. John's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
Cyphers, Leo R. Deceased Vol-Sht: 03-02164
D-Date: 11/17/1936 D-Place:   Pensacola Hospital, Pensacola, Florida
I-Date: 11/21/1936 I-Place:   Shipped to Mankato, Minnesota