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Welcome to the FL-WFGS mailing list! Only members can be subscribed to the FL-WFGS mailing list.

The advantages of belonging to a List are many, but by far the most important is the ability to reach a large number of the membership in a timely manner. An individual e-mail addressed to 80 members, for instance, might be seen by many servers as "inbound spam" and subsequently blocked, but an e-mail to the List is seen as just another e-mail.

The List Administrator is Roy Wilkinson. The List Administrator automatically subscribes members in the "mail mode," which means you will receive every posting to the List. After a period of time, if you find that you would prefer to receive messages in the "digest mode," which is a compilation of messages sent within a 12-hour period, send an e-mail to the List Administrator with "Change to Digest Mode & Your Name" in the subject line.

To unsubscribe from the List, send a message to the List Administrator with "Unsubscribe & Your Name" in the subject line. Include your membership information in the body of your e-mail and let him know if it is permanent or temporary (such as when you are going out of town for an extended period of time). Please reconsider before you unsubscribe permanently. This list is not intended to invade your privacy or clutter your mailbox and if you unsubscribe, you may miss important updates. The WFGS values your membership and wants to keep you in communication loop!

Since this List is for WFGS members only, all members may post messages to the List at as well as respond to any messages that are posted.

Your List Administrator is a member of the WFGS, who makes this informal means of communication available to you on a volunteer basis courtesy of Rootsweb. Any questions or comments to him should contain "FL-WFGS List Question or Comment & Your Name" in the subject line. To help keep this List functioning efficiently, please keep your e-mail address updated. Thank you!

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