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Fulton Superior Court

Hon. C. Peeples Judge

[The Daily Constitution – October 20, 1876]

Submitted by Charee Harvey


Amanda Ann Brown, colored against whom there was a true bill for larceny after a trust of $40, was allowed to plead guilty, to simple larceny. She was sentenced to two months hard labor on the chain gang. The sentence was made light from the fact that it was shown to the court that she had already been eight months confined in jail.


John Mitchell, colored, was put on trial for perjury. The jury returned a Verdict of not guilty. Judge W F Wright for the defence.


The Rev Willie Grant, a well known colored preacher, was summoned as a witness in this case, but refused to testify against one of his parishioners. By way of unloosening his tongue, Judge Peeples imposed a fine of $25, and at last accounts the reverend gentleman was out with a balliff trying to raise the money. It is probable that he will testify when he is summoned again without any trouble.



The case against Amos Duncan, colored, charged with assault with intent to commit a rape was taken up and tried.


Mears Smith & Tripp represented the prisoner and made an earnest effort to save him. The jury, however returned a verdict of guilty after a short absence. The facts of this outrageous case were published in full at the time and only a brief recapitulation is necessary. The scene of the attempted crime was near last Point. The victim was a respectable white married lady, Mrs McDonald She had gone into the kitchen to prepare her husband’s supper when the prisoner sprang in from a clump of woods near by, and threw   her to the floor. A desperate struggle insued in which her dog took part, by attacking the villain from behind. Her husband heard the noise from the field where he was at work, and upon his coming to the home the negro fled out of the door and was caught several days afterwards. Judge Peeples sentenced Amos to FIFTEEN YEARS HARD LABOR in the penitentiary.