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African American GRANT Family History

of Henry County, Georgia

Lucinda born between ca.1820 in Georgia was a slave of the BROWN/GRANT family in Henry County. Her suspected slave owner was a young man by the name of William P. GRANT born in Henry County in 1841 a son of Benjamin GRANT of South Carolina and Nancy BROWN of North Carolina. Benjamin and Nancy came to Henry County, Georgia just before William was born ca. 1840 , Nancy died before 1850 where William age 11, was living in the home of his widowed maternal Grandmother Margarette BROWN, and his parents during the 1850 Henry County Census. William enlisted in the Civil War, and died during battle in 1863 Lynchburg, Virginia.

William P. GRANT was listed age 21 on the 1860 Census and was also located on the Slave Schedule of Henry County. His 4 slaves all but one (error?) fit the descriptions for Lucinda’s family in the following census of 1870. They were living next to a Joseph GRANT, white farmer, and for whom they probably did farm labor. Possible they were working for William HOOTEN who married Elizabeth daughter of Wm. and Margaret BROWN . It is not yet verified how William P. Grant acquired Lucinda and her three children. Neither the father or Grandfather (David Grant) of William owned slaves. There were several BROWNS in Henry County who did own slaves in 1850 and 1860. Nancy’s parents were William and Margarette BROWN who came from the Abbyville District of South Carolina, where William died in 1840 and Margarette 28 March, 1860 they are buried in the Hooten Family Cemetery, AKA “ Rock”, Henry County. Margarette BROWN was found in 1860 Henry County Slave Schedule having 15 slaves. William GRANT may have inherited slaves thru the closing of her estate. Have to research those files/documents at the Henry County Probate Court.
Update: Thru communication with a descendant of William and Margaret BROWN and a copy of both the estate files of both William and Margaret, it is confirmed that William did indeed have a slave named Lucinda in 1840. There was not a slave inventory included in Margaret's estate files of 1860, but it was explained to me that her property that was to be divided out among the family was entrusted to another and was not taken care of until this relative returned from the war. These documents have not yet been located.

CENSUS of Henry County, GA

The following census record shows William P. “W.P” GRANT living in the home of his maternal Grandmother M. BROWN.
1850 Henry County, 42nd Militia District, page 247a
BROWN, M., 67, female, born NC (Margarette)
GRANT, B., 31, male, farmer, born SC (BenjaminGrant)
BROWN, N. E., 18, female, born GA (was confirmed that this was wife Nancy with inaccurate age)
GRANT, W.P., 11, male, born GA (William P.)
ANDERSON, J., 08, male, born GA (surname should be GRANT, first name Anderson.)
BROWN, J., 06, male, born GA
JOHNSON, R.L., 03, male, born GA

1860 Henry County, Mount Carmel PO, page 830
GRANT, William, 21, farmer, born GA, property value $378.00
Eliza, 16, born GA (Elizabeth AMANDA..wife)
Isaac, 18, farm labor, born GA……..(1st cousin)

William in the Slave Schedule
GRANT, William P.,
1 female, age 40, Black…match for……..Lucinda born 1820
1 female, age 06, Black…match for…… Harriet born 1854
1 male, age 02, Black……match for…….Amos born 1858
1 male, age 17, Black………….. Gabriel……age error?….should be age 04 born 1856

Note: I located a Henry GRANT in 1870 and 1880 census who may be another elder son of Lucinda. Then were was Gabriel if this is Henry in schedule?

1870 Henry County, Militia District 611, Bear Creek PO, p. 450b, sheet 148, 6th Sept. 1870
GRANT, Lucinda, 50, Black, born GA, Property value $100.00
Harriet, 16, Black, born GA, farm hand
Gabreal, 14, Black, born GA, farm hand
Amos, 12, Black, born GA, farm hand

Lucinda and children are living within a distance of two homes from Joseph GRANT, age 25, White, farmer, his wife Martha (LEWIS), and children Benjamin and Mary. They are likely working on his farm after emancipation. Joseph is a 1st cousin of William P. GRANT, son of Rederick GRANT b. 1813 SC, and Abigal VINSON. Rederick is brother of Isaac W., b. 1817 SC, Berryman b. 1819 SC, and Isaiah GRANT b. 1823 SC.

1880 Henry County, Militia District 638, Bersheba, page 218A
GRANT, Linda, Black, 78, widowed, farming, born GA, parents born GA…..Lucinda
Gabriel, son, Black, 35, married, born GA, parents born GA
Maria/Mariah, daughter-in-law, Black, 20, born GA, parents born GA
Nelly, grand-daughter, Black, 06 months, born GA
Amous, son, Black, 08, born GA

Linda/Lucinda, should be 60 years of age, Gabriel 24 years of age and Amos 22 years of age. Daughter Harriet GRANT, married to George VANDERGRIFT (VANDERGRIFF) 10 Oct. 1875, Henry County, they lived in Militia District 489, page 199A and had children: James, John, Minnie and Amanda. Children born after 1880 were: George Washington, Simon and Homer, they also raised a child by the name of Joseph SPEER who was born abt. 1893. They family moved to Butts County by 1900. Their son George Washington and his wife Carrie made their home in Griffin, Spalding County where both died: George 24th Sept. 1962 age 71, and Carrie 22nd Oct. 1930.

Also the following (2) African American GRANT families were living in 1880 Henry County. Henry Grant and his family were enumerated on the same page as Lucinda and her family, their ages are way off base compared to the 1870 Census, Bear Creek PO., where Henry was age 21, his wife Clarissa 18 and daughter Carrie a newborn. Henry’s occupation in 1870 was listed as a “Railroad Hand”

1880 Henry County, Militia District 638, page 218A
GRANT, Henry, Black, 75, born GA, parents GA, Laborer
Clarissa, 40, Black, born GA, parents GA
Carrie, daughter, 10, Black, GA
Eli, son, 09, Black, GA
Lucinda, daughter, 06, GA
Loney, daughter, 04, GA
Sallie, daughter, 01, GA

Henry could possibly be another son of Lucinda? (notice his daughter named Lucinda), born about 1849. If he is her son, then he was not with her or was hired out in 1860 or this is actually him and son Gabriel was hired out? Also there was no husband/father listed with Lucinda and children in 1860, 1870 and was listed a widow in 1880. Possible both father and son were hired out?

The other family lived in the same Militia District, on page 211D
GRANT, Henderson, 48, Black, Farming, born GA, parents GA
Harriet, 21, Black, born GA, parents GA
Walter, 08, Black, born GA
Oscar, 06, Black, Born GA
Ida, 04, Black, born GA
Wesley, 03, born GA
Abel, 04 months, born GA

Have not been able to locate Henderson before or after this census. I have not done any more looking for his children at this point. No telling if the age of Henderson is another census taker error? Another son of Lucinda?

1900 Tussahaw Militia District 489, ED 49, sheet 1b-2a
GRANT, Amos, Black, Jan. 1864, 36, married 15, farm labor, GA, GA, GA
Mary, Black, May 1870, 30, 11 children/08 living, GA, GA, GA

Savannah, Black, 1883, 17, farm labor
Mattie A., Black, Sept. 1887, 13, farm labor
John, Black, Mar. 1892, 08
Luella, Black, Apr. 1894, 06.……(m. Eben Fred Moore)
Amanda, Black, May 1895, 05
Joseph, Black, Jan. 1896, 04
David, Black, Feb. 1898, 02
Sinda, Black, Mar. 1900, 11 mos.,…….Lucinda
1910 Henry County, Militia District 489, Tussahaw, ED 65, sheet 12a
GRANT, Amos, B, 54, married 1x, 26 years, Farmer, GA, GA, GA
Mary, B, 41, 17 children, 11 living, GA, GA, GA

Luella, B, 16
Manda, B, 14.….should be 15 born 1895
Joseph, B., 11.…..should be 14 born 1896
David, B, 09.……should be 12 born 1898
Sindy, B, 08.…..Lucinda/Sinda should be 10 born 1900
Fanny May, B, 05
Lucy May, B, 03
??????, daughter, B., 11 months
Anna, B, 06
Willie, B, 24, single, daughter…..where is she in 1900 age 14?
Mary listed 11 children with 8 living.
Enumerated on sheet 14a is another Amos GRANT age 16, but was not with Amos and Mary’s family in 1900. Who is he?

GRANT, Amos, B, 16, hired hand, GA, GA, GA
…….for Mr. Rod C. CRUMBLEY

Amos and Mary GRANT are missing from the 1920 Census of Georgia. Amos died in 1929 Henry County, and Mary died in 1931 Henry County…she spent some time in Atlanta with her daughter Mattie HIGHTOWER after the death of Amos. She was enumerated with Mattie and her children in 1930.

Amos’s and Mary’s son David:
1920 Henry County, ED 94, Locust Grove, sheet 10a
GRANT, David, 22, B, farm labor, GA, GA, GA
Julia, 20, B, GA, GA, GA
Addie May, daughter, 03, B, GA
Lou, daughter, 1 year, some months, B, GA

1930 Fulton County, Atlanta, ED 58, sheet 13a
HIGHTOWER, Mattie, Neg., 48, widowed, GA, GA, GA
Ollie, Neg., 21, GA
Johnnie, B, 19, GA
GRANT, Mary, mother, B, 68, widowed, GA, GA, GA