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HTML Help with building Web Pages

PageTutor - HTML Tutorials

Tables Tutorial

Triple Border Tutorial

Double Border Tutorial

Rhio's Sampler  

Castleberry Arts Web Graphics

Civil War Clipart Gallery

Robin's Graphics

Graphics by Shawna

Originial Country Clip Art by Lisa


Trail and Error Graphics
The Online Color Schemer ; You pick a color, it offers up 16 others that complement it.

The Colormaker : Lets you goof around with different background and text color combinations.

The Color Coordinator : Lets you pick up to four complementary colors at once based on eight types of schemes like split complementary and monochromatic.

The Color Specifier : If you feel tied down by the Web-safe colors, sample the many exotic color options on this site.


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Code for link to open in a new window, so people will not "lose their way back to your site".
Add target="_blank" after the >A href=" (URL)" then the closing <

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