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Photograph by Eileen Babb McAdams 2006

Black Springs Baptist Church
Sparta Hwy, N.E. Milledgeville, Ga.

     Created November 18, 1843, admitted as a member of the Washington Association in 1844. According to the WPA Church Records, Baldwin County, White Churches, 1939, Georgia Archives , 3 acres of land was given to the church by Michael Graybill in 1846. The church was erected in 1846 and dedicated in 1847. There was a pool on the property used for baptisms.
    From the Georgia Archives: "Some pastors were Rev. J. J. Salmon two years; suceeded by Rev. James Peak who served until 1849. During his ministry the church enjoyed several revivals, and many were added to the church. From 1849 to 1871 the following ministers served as pastors: Rev. Asa Duggan, Rev. T. W. Wilkes, Rev. S. G. Daniel, Rev. Carlos Stevens, Rev. Lafayette Cumming, Rev. L. M. Smith, Rev. N.B. Binion, Rev. John S. Shiver.
    In 1852 there were 72 members of the church.
    In 1871 Rev. S. C. Leonard assumed pastoral care of the church and severed continualy until 1881, and again from 1882 to 1885. Rev. A. W. Epps was pastor in 1885.
    In 1886 Rev. McDowell accepted a call of the church and continued until 1891. During his pastorate the church enjoyed a gracious revival, there being 47 added to the church by baptisim in 1887.
   From 1891 to 1913, the church has the following regular pastors: Rev. J.F. Jackson, Rev. T.J. Holmes, Rev. L.A. Brantley, Rev. T.J. Cumming, Rev. R.O. Martin, Rev. N. M. Sintell, Rev. T.J. Herring, Re. W.O. Young, Rev. Norman W. Cox."

Photograph by Eileen Babb McAdams

Record book names Elders J.J. Salmon and R. Roberts. First members: John R. Scott, Deacon ; Bolling Hall; James M. Hall; Rebecca Scott; Rebecca Hall; Mary Hall; Mary A. Hall; Julia B. Palmer; Charlotte Shuffield; Mary Pulley; Elizabeth Hall.

 History Stories of Milledgeville and Baldwin County, Leola Beeson

Photograph by Eileen Babb McAdams

Black Springs Baptist Church Cemetery.
The orginal site of the church sat here in front of the cemetery at the junction
of Black Springs Rd. and Sparta Hwy. They are over 750 graves here.

Photograph by Eileen Babb McAdams

Black Springs Academy located next to church was incorporated in 1860. Trustees were: James M. Hall, Francis T. Miner, Eliphilet Chandler, Joseph Leonard, Brinkley Babb, Ezekiel Trice, John Speight, William A. Robinson and James M. Gumm.
Source: ACTS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA; History Stories of Milledgeville and Baldwin County,
Leola Beeson

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2006