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Central State Hospital
Milledgeville, Ga.


     aka State Asylum for the Insane, Georgia State Sanitarium, Milledgeville State Hospital

In 1837 a law was enacted to establish a state lunatic asylum. 57 1/2 acres of land was purchased  from J. Thomas  & R. K. Hines to erect the first buildings. Completed in October 1842 and open for patients December 15, 1842. The first patient was identified as Tilman B., brought from Macon, tied to a wagon. He died 6 months later
Dr. David Cooper was the resident physcian and superintendant until  January 1846 when Dr. Thomas F. Green was elected and held the position for 33 years.  From 1849-1895 other acreage was  purchased from Tomlinson Fort, John S. Thomas, Willis Vaughn, John Hammond, M.L. Fort, John Furman, Estate of E.T. Sibley, L.T. Calloway. The first building for black patients was erected in 1866. Georgia Lunatic Asylum  name was changed to the Georgia State Sanitarium Sep. 1, 1898; to  Milledgeville State Hospital in 1929 and to Central State Hospital in 1967.

1850 Census of Baldwin County  for Insane Asylum 1860 Census of Baldwin County, Insane Asylum
Restoring the Central State Hospital Cemetery
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Central State Hospital Genealogy Research
A List of Persons Adjudged Insane and Ordered to be sent to the Insane Asylum at Milledgeville from The Atlanta Constitution newspaper 1870 - 1914  The Central State Hospital Museum is located in the Old Train Depot on Broad Street on the  campus of CSH and highlights the 162 year existence of the hospital. For information call (478)453-6889.

Postcard circa 1915
Center Building, now known as Powell Building
First Building at Central State Hospital

Walker Building (Male Convalescent Building) was open in 1886. Served as admission ward for white males.

Female Convalescent Building. Open in 1885,
Served as admission ward for white females.

Another view of Powell Building

Female Building 1914

Twin Buildings early 1900's. Built in 1902

Twin Buildings after 1929

Green Building 1910

River's Building, built in 1938
Approx. 2000 African American graves were moved from this site at the time of the building to the Cedar Lane Cemetery. 
Board of Trustees: John T. Brantley, President, Blackshear; Henry Banks, Vice-President, LaGrange: Richard Johnson, Secretary, Gray; Thomas R. Wright, M.D., Augusta; George S. Lowndes, Atlanta; H. H. Dean, Gainsville; P.H. Gambrell, Macon; J.C. Jarnagan, Warrenton; N. Peterson, M.D., Tifton; H. M. Smith, Rome
Superintendent and Resident Physician - L.M. Jones
First Assistant Resident Physician - J.M. Whitaker
Clinicl Director - E.M. Green
Assistant Physicians - J.W. Mobley, N.P. Walker,
R. C. Swint, Y.A. Little, L.P. Longino, 
Y.H. Yarbrough, W. J. Causton
Patholigist - D.G. Willets
Dentist - J.C. Richards
Pharmacist - D.S. Carrington
Steward - L.G. Lamar
Farm Steward - G.W. Hollinshead
Storekeeper - W. H. Hunter
Secretary - H.S. Jones
Assistant Steward - W.A. Gillespie
Engineer - T.H. DeSaussure
Matron  - Mrs. J.M. Darnell
Treasurer - L. H. Andrew
Chaplain - Rev. Ford McRee
Source - Georgia Annual 1912
William Moore 1841 - 1842
David Cooper 1842 - 1845
Thomas F. Green 1845 -1879
Theophilus O. Powell 1879 - 1907
Lodrick M. Jones 1907 - 1922
Roger C. Swint 1922 - 1935
John W. Oden 1925 - 1941
L. P. Longino 1931 - 1944
Young Harris Yarbrough 1944 - 1948
Thomas G. Peacock 1948 - 1959
I. H. MacKinnon 1959 - 1966
James B. Craig 1966 - 1974
William Crittenden 1976  - 1978
John J. Gates 1978 - 1983
Myers R. Kurtz - 1983 - 
Marvin Bailey - present
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