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Jesse/John Dismukes

From: Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries, Inc. (link)
Jesse Dismukes     East side, Section D, Lot 14, Person 5
Inscription and Notes:
Military Service: American Revolution
GA Troops

Jesse Dismukes

There is no real evidence concerning Jesse Dismukes. All evidence appears to be connected with a "John Dismukes." The gentleman interred in Memory Hill and recorded as Jesse Dismukes was originally buried in the Dismukes cemetery in northwestern Baldwin County. The tombstone on the grave in Memory Hill reads "GA Troops."

John Dismukes died March 4, 1818 in his 93rd year. He was a native of Virginia. He may have served in the French and Indian War and been present at Braddock's Defeat in 1755.[1][2][3]

© Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries, Inc., 2000.
[1]. Columbian Museum & Savannah Daily Gazette, March 16, 1818.

[2]. Georgia Revolutionary War Soldiers' Graves, compiled by H. Ross Arnold and H. Clifton Burnham, 1993, Georgia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

[3]. Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia, p. 125.

From Researcher Judy Burdick:

"According to the DISMUKES AND THEIR KIN book by Bernice Dismukes and the GEORGIA GENEALOGICAL MAGAZINE John Dismukes' (Sr) obituary appeared in the GEORGIA JOURNAL, 10 March 1818 and the COLUMBIAN MUSEUM AND THE SAVANNAH DAILY GAZETTE on 16 March 1818 (GA  Department of Archives and History, p.3, Col 2, No. 35.5 N. S.V. 2 No 26):

"Died, in the county on the 4th inst. in the 93rd year of his age,
Mr. John Dismukes, a native of Virginia.  He fought in Braddock's War and was a soldier of the Revolution.  He was honest, humane, patriotic, and much esteemed by his acquaintances."

This is the information that was reported for John Dismukes correctly in the first edition of the DAR Revolutionary Soldiers of Georgia.

If anyone wants to contact me about the Dismukes I'll be glad to try to help in any way I can. I have a lot of information.  Most of my efforts after the fourth generation have been concentrated on my own branch of the family (Ephraim, John's son) and on trying to find out where these people came from before 1704.  I'm also trying to find out who the first wives' names really were, John's first wife if he had one besides Priscilla (probably, but probably not named Finney), and his mother's and grandmother's, the first 3 generations from 1704.  Many websites and books report names, but none of them, as far as I know, are proved.  I tend to believe the 1920's Henley genealogy names above any of the rest for the first two generations, but have found no sources for them either, just evidence. "
Judy Burdick

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