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Names of persons, Baldwin County, entitled to draws.
Belonging to Maj. Richard W. Ellis's Battalion of said County enrolled in this book by T.O. Allen in 1821.

Capt. Doziers Destrict number 317.
Capt. Russells Destrict number 105.
Capt. Doles Destrict number 318.
Capt. Haws Destrict number ---.
Capt. McGhees Destrict nuumber 319
Names of Persons entitled to draws, with remarks in R.W. Ellis's Battalion Captain's Destrict No. of 
Arthur, William of Milledgeville-Traveller Journeyman 1
Anders, James Doles Destrict 1
Anderson, John Doles Destrict 1
Allums, Nancy a widow Doles Destrict 1
Allums, Bryant, Nancy Allums, John Allums, Betsy Allums orphans of Asa Allums dec'd Doles Destrict 1
Alley, James-house joiner Hawes Destrict 2
Anderson, Gideon Doles Destrict 1
Adkins, Thomas-house joiner McGhees Destrict 2
Anderson, Benjamin McGhees Destrict 1
Akridge, Ezekial McGhees Destrict 1
Brooks, Charity a widow Doziers Destrict 1
Brooks, Gatsey Mary Brooks, Elkanah Brooks, Elbert Brooks, Eliza Brooks, Semantha Brooks, orphans of Samuel Brooks dec'd  Dozier's Destrict 1
Brooks, Wiley Dozier's Destrict 1
Butler, Charles, William Butler, Elizabeth Butler
orphans of Charles Butler dec'd
McGhees Destrict 1
Butler, James McGhees Destrict 1
Bass, Sterling-a farmer Russells Destrict 2
Broadenax, Elizabeth-a widow Russells Destrict 1
Blakely, Fountain S. Russells Destrict 1
Battson, David-a farmer Russells Destrict 2
Battson, John Small Russells Destrict 1
Butts, Lewis Doziers Destrict 1
Boon, William-a farmer  Doles Destrict 1
Boynton, Amos F. Russells Destrict 2
Bevins, Sarah-a widow Russells Destrict 1
Bevins, Nancy, Bevenah Bevins, Appleton Bevins, Lotty Bevins, Cynthea Bevins orphans of Jonathan Bevins, dec'd Russells Destrict 1
Burges, William orphan of Daniel Burges dec'd Doles Destrict 1
Bass, Martha-a widow Doles  Destrict 1
Beasly, William-a farmer Doles Destrict 2
Butts, William R. Doles Destrict 1
Bridges, James Hawes Destrict 2
Beasly, Stephen Hawes Destrict 1
Barnard, John Hawes Destrict 2
Bridges, Corbin L. Hawes Destrict 2
Barrow, Lucy-a widow McGhees Destrict 1
Barrow, Haywood, Lueazar C. Barrow orphans of James Barrow dec'd McGhees Destrict 1
Buchannon, Sarah-a widow, Thomas Jefferson Buchannon, Robert Buchannon orphansof Robert Buchannon dec'd McGhees Destrict 1
Boyington, Moses McGhees Destrict 2
Bevans, Shadrack McGhee's Destrict 2
Boyington, John C. McGhee's Destrict 1
Brown, Mark-Fishing Creek Doles Destrict 2
Barrington, John, Fishing Creek McGhees Destrict 1
Babb, Elizabeth-a widow Doles Destrict 1
Barkesdale, Horation Doziers Destrict 1
Baker, Jean-a widow McGhees Destrict 1
Brown, Stephen Doles Destrict 1
Brown, Edwards Whites Destrict  1
Blount, Major Doziers Destrict 1
Brown, Thomas C. Whites Destrict 1
Barrett, Mary and other orphans of Isaac Barrett dec'd Doles Destrict 1
Barker, Elizabeth-a widow McGhees Destrict 1
Barker, Edmund McGhees Destrict 1
Colbert, William B. Doziers Destrict 1
Cook, Jeremiah Doziers Destrict 1
Cole, Isaac-blacksmith McGhees Destrict 1
Cobb, Jacob-a farmer Doziers Destrict 1
Coon, James-old soldier Doziers Destrict 1
Curry, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick William Curry, Samuel Adams Curry orphans of John C. Curry dec'd Russells Destrict 1
Crittendon, Robert G. Doles Destrict 2
Clayton, Samuel Haws Destrict 2
Cone, Joseph Haws Destrict 2
Cone, Jackson Haws Destrict 1
Cavennah, Catherine-a widow McGhees Desrict 1
Cavennah, Thomas, Polly Cavennah, John M. Cavennah, Edward Cavennah, Nancy cavennah, Eliza M. Cavennah orphans of George Cavennah dec'd McGhees Destrict 1
Cooper, Davis McGhees Destrict 2
Cook, Burrell Doziers Destrict 1
Collins, James-a gun maker Doles Destrict 1
Clements, Stephens Doles Destrict 2
Cousins, Greene, former Captain Doles Destrict 2
Collins, Robert McGhees Destrict 2
Collins, David McGhees Destrict 1
Collins, Moses McGhees Destrict 2
Cox, Turner McGhees Destrict 1
Collins, Aaron Doles Destrict 1
Calhoun, Susan V.M. orphan of Irwin Calhoun dec'd Doziers Destrict 1
Calhoun, James S. Doziers Destrict 1
Calhoun Philip T. Doziers Destrict 1
Chapman, Mary orphan of Laban Chapman, dec'd McGhees Destrict 1
Chapman, John D. Stephens Destrict 2
Chapman, Mary-widow Stephens Destrict 1
Cooper. Jeremiah McCrarerys Destrict 2
Clark, John-Governor McCrarerys Destrict 2
Danielly, Sarah-widow Russells Destrict 1
Danielly, Mariah Luezar, James Danielly, orphans of Arthur Danielly dec'd Russells Destrict 1
Donnelly, Thomas Russells Destrict 1
Dozier, Agnes-a widow Haws Destrict 1
Dismukes, Elizabeth-a widow McGees Destrict 1
Dodds, John F.-waggon maker McGees Destrict 2
Daniel, William McGees Destrict 2
Daniel, Young McGees Destrict 2
Dunnivent, Daniel Doles Destrict 2
Davidson, Fountain Doles Destrict 1
Dorsey, Dennes Williams orphan of Dennes Dorsey, dec'd  Doles Destrict 1
Doles, John Doles Destrict 2
Doles, Zacahariah orphan of Lemon Doles dec'd Doles Destrict 1
Dozier, James P. Capt. Dozier's Destrict 2
Durden, William orphan of Dempsey Durden dec'd McGees Destrict 1
Disharoon, John E Doziers Destrict  1
Digby, Nathaniel McGees Destrict 1
Dismukes, James

Dawson, Georganah orphan of John Dawson dec'd
Doles Destrict

Doziers Destrict

Source:  Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Talmadge, Julius Y.,- Dykes, W. F., Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Lucy Cook Peel Memorial Committee. 1926

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