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Names of persons, Baldwin County, entitled to draws.
Belonging to Maj. Richard W. Ellis's Battalion of said County enrolled in this book by T.O. Allen in 1821.
Capt. Doziers Destrict number 317.
Capt. Russells Destrict number 105.
Capt. Doles Destrict number 318.
Capt. Haws Destrict number ---.
Capt. McGhees Destrict nuumber 319
Names of Persons entitled to draws, 
with remarks in R.W. Ellis's Battalion
No. of
Evans, Elizbeth-a widow, John Evans, Patsy Evans, orphans of John Evans dec'd

Ellis, William M.G.
Doziers Destrict

McGees Destrict

Ellis, Austin McGees Destrict 1
Everett, Silas Doziers Destrict 2
Gordy, Wilson Russells Destrict 1
Gordy, William Junr Doziers Destrict 1
Greene, Miles Junr.-a farmer Doziers Destrict 2
Greggs, Timothy Doles Destrict 1
Gholson, Eggleston Haws Destrict 1
Grant, Priscilla, a widow, Charles Grant, James Grant, John Grant, Anderson Grant, Greene Grant, Elizabeth Grant orphans of Charles Grant dec'd  McGees Destrict 1
Gregory, Thomas Doziers Destrict 1
Godwin, Kinchen William Russells Destrict 1
Greene, Robert-a farmer Doles Destrict 2
Gile, Jesse Doles Destrict 1
Greene John H. Doziers Destrict 2
Gile, Sherwood Small Doles Destrict 1
Gachett, Benjamin Haws Destrict 2
Gates, Thomas J. Malcolms Destrict 2
Hubbard, John Russells Destrict 1
Hubbard, Thaddeus Russells Destrict 1
Hendrick, John-a farmer Doles Destrict 2
Harvey, William formerly Capt. Doles Destrict 2
Hendrick, Mary-a widow Doles Destrict 1
Haws, Claborn-Capt. Haws Destrict 2
Huff, Edward-a farmer Haws Destrict 2
Ham, William, Welton Ham, Malinda Ham, Stephen Ham, John Ham 
orphans of Bartlett Ham dec'd
Haws Destrict 2
Horton, Edmund-a farmer Haws Destrict 2
Hudgens, Jane-a widow McGees Destrict 1
Humphries, James C. Esq. Doles Destrict 2
Harp, Dixon-a farmer McGees Destrict 2
Hyatt, James-a farmer Doles Destrict 2
Harp, John-a farmer McGees Destrict 2
Harvey, Maryann J.-a widow Haws Destrict 1
Harvey, Stephen Doles Destrict 2
Howard, John Junr. Doles Destrict 2
Huff, William H. Doles Destrict 1
Hill, James A. McGhees Destrict 2
Humphries, William C. McGhees Destrict 2
Hill, Elizabeth-a widow, Thomas Hill, Louisa Hill, Amanda Hill 
orphans of Robt. E. Hill dec'd
McGhees Destrict 1
Hill, Alexander L. McGhees Destrict 1
Hill, John McGhees Destrict 1
Harvey, Edward G. Doziers Destrict 1
Hall, Clarkey, Mary Hall, Pool Hall, Burrill Hall, Aliza Hall, Nancy Hall
orphans of  James Hall, dec'd
McCrareys Destrict 1
Holt, Sarah-a widow Doziers Destrict 1
Hendrick, Obadiah, Polly D. Hendrick, Elizabeth Hendrick, Benjamin Hendrick, Master D. Hendrick orphans of John Hendrick dec'd Doles Destrict 1
Hughes, James McCrareys Destrict 2
Hass, Henry Doziers Destrict 2
Howard, John Senr Malcolms Destrict 2
Howard, Thacker B. Malcolms Destrict 1
Howard, Homer V. Malcolms Destrict 1
Harper, Mary, a widow, Adaline Harper orphan of Solomon Harper dec'd Malcolms Destrict 1
Hughs, John Malcolms Destrict 2
Horn, Elijah W. McGhees Destrict 1
Johnston, Gideon Doziers Destrict 2
Jones, Edee,-a widow, Lucy Jones, Eliza Jones orphans of William Jones dec'd Doziers Destrict 1
Jackson, Thomas-a farmer Doziers Destrict 1
Jones, Benjamin Haws Destrict 1
Jones, Cooper Haws Destrict 1
Jolley, Asa McGhees Destrict 1
Irby, Jones Jackson orphan of James Irby, dec'd Doles Destrict 1
Jackson, Sarah-a widow Doles Destrict 1
Jolley, James McGhees Destrict 2
Jolley, William McGhees Destrict 1
Jones, Ambrose Russells Destrict 2
Jenkins, Walter S. Stephens Destrict 2
Johnston, John Malcolms Destrict 1
King, James S. Russells Destrict 1
King, John Doles Destrict 2
Lewis, Fanny, a widow, James Trannon Lewis, Elizbeth B. Lewis, Lucy A. Lewis, John E. Lewis, Charles F. Lewis, orphans of John Lewis dec'd Russells Destrict 1
Lord, Henry, a farmer Russells Destrict 2
Lockett, Royal, a saddler Haws Destrict 2
Long, Nancy, a widow, Polly Long, charles Long, Elizabeth Long, Arthur Long, Lucinda Long, Susanna Long orphans of Drury Long dec'd McGhees Destrict 1
Leonard, Frances McGhees Destrict 1
Leonard, James C. McGhees Destrict 2
Lemley, Solomon D. McCrareys Destrict 1
Lester, Benjamin L. Doziers Destrict 1
Lester, William C. Doziers Destrict 1
Lee, Thomas McGhees Destrict 2
McGinty, William, a farmer Russells Destrict 2
McGinty, Robert C., a preacher Russells Destrict 2
Moore, John Senr Russells Destrict 1
Moore, Whittington, a blacksmith Russells Destrict 1
Mitchell, William S. Russells Destrict 1
Moore, Lavenah, a widow Russells Destrict  1
Mandevil, Charles G. Haws Destrict 1
Morris, Joseph Haws Destrict 1
Moore, Seaborn Miller Haws Destrict 1
Morris, James Haws Destrict 2
Moore, Spencer a farmer Haws Destrict  2
Morris, Thomas Haws Destrict 1
McKinney, William McGhee Destrict 1
McKinney, Grissom McGhee Destrict 1
Miles, John Esq. McGhee Destrict 2
Miles, William Junr McGhee Destrict 1
Moore, All Can orphan of Luke Moore dec'd Doles Destrict 1
Martin, John L. McGhees Destrict 2
Mecham, Henry Junr Doles Destrict 1
Mercier, Benjamin P. Doles Destrict 1
Meacham, Henry Senr. Doles Destrict 2
McGinty, Meshack Doles Destrict 2
Moss, Jean, Margaret Moss, Martha Moss, orphans of Samuel Moss dec'd,         mother dec'd also  McGhee Destrict 2
Moore, Mary, a widow Doles Destrict 1
Miles, Aquilla  McGees Destrict 1
McGee, Jacob McGees Destrict 1
Moore, Martha, Elizabeth Moore, Susan Moore, John Moore, Alford Moore, Aromenta Moore, oprhans of Morris Moore dec'd Doles Destrict 1
McKinney, Jean, a widow McGees Destrict 1
McKinney, John McGees Destrict 1
Mathews, Josiah Doles Destrict 2
Moughon, Thomas Doziers Destrict 2
Musslewhite, Harriet, Greene Musslewhite orphans of Drury Musslewhite dec'd Malcolms Destrict 1
Martin, Seborn, Jesse Martin orphans of Cullen Martin dec'd Doles Destrict 1
Malone, Charles, a preacher Doziers Destrict 2
McDaniel, Daniel orphan of Daniel McDaniel dec'd Doziers Destrict 1
McDaniel, James Doziers Destrict 1
Malone, John A. Doziers Destrict 1
Source:  Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Talmadge, Julius Y.,- Dykes, W. F., Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Lucy Cook Peel Memorial Committee. 1926

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