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Names of persons, Baldwin County, entitled to draws.
Belonging to Maj. Richard W. Ellis's Battalion of said County enrolled in this book by T.O. Allen in 1821.
Capt. Doziers Destrict number 317.
Capt. Russells Destrict number 105.
Capt. Doles Destrict number 318.
Capt. Haws Destrict number ---.
Capt. McGhees Destrict nuumber 319
Names of Persons entitled to draws,
with remarks in R.W. Ellis's Battalion
No. of
Norris, Robert Doles Destrict 2
Nichols, Allen L. McGees Destrict 2
Newsome, Anthony Husons Destrict 1
Pitts, Henrietta B., Payton T. Pitts, Columbus Pitts orphans of John Pitts dec'd Russells Destrict 1
Parham, Robert, a farmer Russells Destrict 1
Parham, Mathew A. Russells Destrict 1
Perry, Amos P., house joiner Russells Destrict 1
Palmer, Christopher Russells Destrict 1
Pickett, Elizabeth, a widow and Richard Pickett orphan of William Pickett dec'd Haws Destrict 1
Perdue, George, a farmer Haws Destrict 2
Person, Josiah, a farmer McGees Destrict 2
Palmer, Larkin Doles Destrict 1
Parham, Benjamin J. orphan of Stith Parham dec'd Haws Destrict 1
Psalter, Zabel Haws Destrict 1
Pool, William W. McGees Destrict 1
Page, James Doles Destrict 1
Parker, Simeon Doles Destrict 1
Perry, James McCrareys Destrict 1
Page, Robin Doles Destrict 1
Potee, Ellender, a widow Haws Destrict 1
Potee, Caroline E., Benjamin P. Potee, Joseph W. Potee orphans of Benjamin Potee dec'd Haws Destrict 1
Rogers, Polly, a widow Doziers Destrict 1
Redding, James P., a farmer Doziers Destrict 2
Redding, Rowland Doziers Destrict 1
Roper, John M. Doles Destrict 2
Redding, Parham D. Haws Destrict 1
Rice, George W. Haws Destrict 1
Reynolds, Robert, a farmer Haws Destrict 2
Reynolds, James Haws Destrict 2
Reed, Jeremiah McGees Destrict 1
Ray, W.D. Doles Destrict 2
Runnolds, William, a farmer McGees Destrict 2
Ready, Isham McGees Destrict 2
Reynolds, Sarah, a widow, Mary Reynolds orphan of Joshual Reynolds dec'd McGees 1
Reatherford, Benjamin H. McGees Destrict 2
Redding, Martha W Haden Redding, Louisa Redding, Malinda Redding,Mary Redding and Jmes F. Redding orphans of Archer Redding dec'd. The last named orphan only entitled to one sixth of one draw, the other five entitiled to two, their father and mother both being dead and the last wife still living Haws Destrict 2
Rogers, William B., a doctor Husons Destrict 1
Scott, John R.,  Mechanic Russells Destrict 2
Skinner, Florey, a widow, Ebenezer Skinner, John Skinner, Isaac Alford Skinner, Henry Skinner, Larkin Skinner, orphans of Henry Skinner, dec'd Russells Destrict 1
Smith, John, a farmer Doziers Destrict 1
Searcy, William Doziers Destrict 2
Searcy, Aaron Doziers Destrict 2
Scurlock John Doziers Destrict 1
Spikes, Andrew Russells Destrict 1
Skinner, William, a farmer Russells Destrict 1
Sawyer, Charles, a farmer Doles Destrict 2
Sawyer, Zadock Doles Destrict 2
Smith, Mary, a widow Doles Destrict 1
Spier, John N. Haws Destrict 2
John, Steven
Waters of Potato Cr.
Haws Destrict 2
Simpson, George McGee Destrict 2
Scurlock, Joshua McGee Destrict 2
Sheppard, Davis Doles Destrict 1
Simmons, Elijah Haws Destrict 1
Savell, John B. Haws Destrict 2
Scoggin, Wm. D. Esq. Doles Destrict 1
Scogin, James Doles Destrict 1
Scogin, Smith, Jr. Doles Destrict 1
Spencer, Richard McGee Destrict 1
Slaughter, John McGee Destrict 2
Small, Pierce, Thomas Andrew Jackson orphan of Small, Pierce dec'd  McGee Desrict 1
Sims, Judith, a widow Doziers Destrict 1
Searcy, Benjamin R. Haws Destrict 1
Spillers, Elizabeth, a widow Whites Destrict 1
Tomlinson, James Doles Destrict 1
Tansey, David Doles Destrict 1
Tansey, Eli Doles Destrict 1
Tomlinson, Mary, a widow, Sarah Tomlinson, Benj. c. Tomlinson, J.D Mary Ann Tomlinson orphans of John Tomlinson dec'd. Doles Destrict 1
Ticker, Orray, a doctor Haws Destrict 2
Tapley, William Haws Destrict 1
Trice, Patience, a widow, Elisha Trice, Jean Trice, Patience Trice, Benjamin Trice, Thos. Jefferson Trice, James Madison Trice, Martha Ann Trice, Louisa L. Amanda M. Trice orphans of Benjamin Trice dec'd Doziers Destrict 1
Tiller, Bagwell B. Mcgee Destrict 1
Tiller, Paul Horn, orphan of Joseph Tiller dec'd McGee Destrict 1
Thompson, William H. McGee Destrict 1
Turner, Asa, a doctor Doles Destrict 2
Thomas, Martin, Elizabeth Thomas, Emmaly Thomas, orphans of Jonathan Thomas, dec'd Haws Destrict 1
Veazy, Thomas, a farmer Haws Destrict 2
Veasy, James Haws Destrict 1
Womble, Mariah, orphan of Drury Womble  Doziers Destrict 1
Woodall, Jacob Doziers Destrict 2
Woodall, Tempy, an idiot Doziers Destrict 1
Watson, John Senr. Doles Destrict 2
Watson, John-Sheriff Doles Destrict 1
Watson, Henry W. Doles Destrict 1
Wiley, Ann, a widow, J. Eliza Wiley, Lord H. Wiley, John B. Wiley, Sarah Ann Wiley, orphans of Moses Wiley dec'd Doziers destrict 1
Wynn, Patsy, a widow, Gabriel Wynn, Charles R. Wynn, John Westley Wynn, Thomas Harrison Wynn, Sarah Hobbs Wynn, Shady Ann Mason Wynn, Robt. Tarpley Wynn, Anderson Westmoreland Wynn, orphansof Robert Wynn dec'd Doziers Destrict 1
Whitfield, Allums, an idiot Doles Destrict 1
Wheeler, Henry Doles Destrict 1
Wheeler, Frances A. B. Doles Destrict 1
Watson, Robert F. McCrareys District 1
Wilson, Elizabeth, a widow Doziers Destrict 1
Womble, Edmund Doziers Destrict 2
Walker, Barshaba, a widow Haws Destrict 1
Young, Marmaduke N. Haws Destrict 1

Georgia, Baldwin County.
Certify that this book contains a true list of all the names of persons entitled and sworn before me in said county as entitled to draws in the prsent contemplated Land Lottery this 30th, July 1821.
Hallen J.J. C.

On inside of back cover.

Captains Companeys in Maj. Amos Youngs Battalion

Captain Husons Destrict number.
Captain Malcolms Destrict number 419.
Captain Stephens Destrict Number.
Captain Whites Destrict number.

Source:  Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Talmadge, Julius Y.,- Dykes, W. F., Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Lucy Cook Peel Memorial Committee. 1926

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