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Methodist Episcopal - First United Methodist Church
Milledgeville, GA

Photo by Eileen B. McAdams 2006
Original Site of Methodist Church, Memory Hill Cemetery
This marks the original site of the Methodist Church erected about the year 1805. Bishop Asbury and Bishop McKendree in 1815 held here a conference which James O. Andrew attended. Bishop Capers, Dr. Lovick Pierece and many other notable figures of Methodism served as pastors. The daughter of Bishop Capers is buried near this spot. In gracious appreciation of the pioneer work done by this great church this boulder is erected by The Robert E. Lee Chapter U.S.C. 1929.

Church on Statehouse Square 1823-July 6,1914
Georgia Archives

Church on Statehouse Square 1823-July 6,1914
Georgia Archives

 West Hancock St. 1914-2003
Submitted by Tom Freeman

     The first building of the Methodist Church was built around 1805 and located at  Memory Hill Cemetery. See marker above. The second church was built on Statehouse Square in 1823 and faced Greene St.  According to Our Children's Ancestry when the new church was built this building was removed and used in the construction of the city hospital.  The 3rd site of the church (above) was on West Hancock St. in 1914. The present location is Log Cabin Road, off N. Jefferson and 441 N and opened April 2003.
     History of Baldwin County by Anna Maria Green Cook list the " Methodist Pastors at Milledgeville  from 1805 - 1898: Samuel Cowles, P.E., 1805-6; Jeremiah Lumsden, 1806-1806; Eph Tucker, Jr., preacher, (no church) 1805; Josiah Randall, 1807-8; Moses Mather and Robert Porter, 1807; Jos. Tarpley and A. Judge, 1808; Lovick Pierce, P.E., 1809; Jas. Jennings and Thos. Mason, 1809; Lane Mills, (church built) 1810; A.M. McEwan, 1810; Jos. Tarpley, P.E., 1810-1814; B. Daloney, 1811; A. Pickens, 18111; Lane M. Meek, S. School begun) 1812; Lovick Pierce, (Con. held here) 1813;  Thos. Mason, 1814; Lewis Myers, P.E. 1814-1818; Christopher I. Parsons, 1815; John Wright, 1816; Nicholas Talley, 1817; Joseph Tarpley, P.E. 1818; John B. Glenn, Sr., preacher, 1818; Samule Johnson, Jr., preacher, 1818; Jas. Bellah, 1819; Jas. Dunwoody, 1819; Jas. Bellah, 1820; Robert Flourney, 1820; Isaac Smith, 1821; Allen Turner, Bond English, on circuit, 1821; S. K. Hodges, P.E., 1822-26; Jep. Sinclair, John Bigby, on circuit, 1822; Wm. Capers, 1823-1824; Bond English, 1825; S.K. Hodges, P.E.  1825; R. Ffflournoy, 1826; Wm. Arnold, P.E., 1827-30; S.K. Hodges, 1827; S.K. Hodges, Challes and Hardy, 1828; Geo. Hill (died here).  New Church built 1829; Lovick Pierce and W. P. Arnold 1830; John Howard, P.E., (1st. Session Ga. Conf.) 1831-32; Elijah Sinclair 1831; Jesse Boring, Myles Green, (twenty-three members) 1832; Cassell Harrison, (139) 1833; Jos. Travis, (131) 1834; R. A. Steele, (117) 1835; Calvin Danforth, (Supply) (89 mem.) 1836; Cobb Key, (113 mem.) 1837; Robert S. Wilson, (123 mem.) 1838; Walter R. Branham (Great Revival) (172-151) 1839; Alfred T. Mann, (135) 1842; Isaac Boring, J. R. Danforth (152) 1843; Edwin H. Myers, (137) 1844; Joshua Knowles, (124) 1845; Frederick D. Lowery, (129) 1846;  Richard Lane, (117) 1846; Jackson P. Turner, (146), 1847; Wiley G. Parks, 1849; Robert W. Bingham, 1850; J. Bradford Smith, 1851; J. W. Hinton, 1852; Charles R. Jewett, 1852-1853; Charles P. Cooper and C. W. Key (6 months) 1854; Thomas H. Steward, 1855-6; Dr. Lovick Pierce, 1857; M. P. Norris, 1857; Walter Knox, 1858; Wm. J. Scott, 1859; H. J. Adams, 1860-61; Chas. A. Fullwood, 1862-53; Geo. W. Yarbrough, 1864-65; Wesley P. Pledge, 1866; W. C. Malloy, 1867; W. P. Almond (died), 1868; W. T. Caldwell, 1868; Peter A. Heard, 1869; A. J. Jarrell, (Mem. 164, 239, 244, 246) 1870-1-2-3; W. W. Wadsworth, (Mem. 312) 1874; H. J. Adams (Mem. 300) 1875; H. H. Parks, (Mem. 330) 1876; Geo. G. Smith (Mem. 312) 1877-8; H. H. Parks, 1879-9-; G. H. Patillo, 1881-2; R. W. Bigham, 1883-4-5; J. D. Hammond, 1886; J. R. King, 1886-7-8-9; J. M. White, 1890-1; R. J. Bigham, 1892; J. M. White, 1893-4; J. S. Bryan, 1895-6; J. S. Bryan and W. R. Branham, Jr., 1896; J. S. Bryan and W. R. Branham, Jr. 1897-8.

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