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Georgia Military Institute Cadets
Who Served in the Civil War.

"The Georgia Military Institute,  located about 20 miles from Atlanta was at that time an important military college. It was a training camp for the Confederate army from the beginning of the war and many of the leaders of the Confederacy received their military training there."
   "The roster herewith published, and other facts concerning the cadets of the G.M. I. have been gathered together by W. E. H. Searcy, of Griffin, Ga, orderly sergeant of company A, and ordnance sergeant of the battalion.
  Got Into Service
   In the spring of 1862 many of the cadets left the institute and went into the Confederate service, training men in all sections of the county. Later others were sent out from time to time, to impart the training in military tactics, etc., so vitally needed.
   The cadets protected the lines of transportation to Tennessee and Virginia. They were a constant menace to the raiders who came in from the federal arm, and rendered important service to generals Forrest, Wheeler and others in keeping these raiders out of the state.
  On May 6, 1864, Sherman broke camp at Chattanooga for his march to the sea. The battalion of cadets went before him to the sea and were in all the military movements from Chattanooga to Savannah. they helped to hold Atlanta during the siege and were in Hardee's corps, Wayne's division, Carswell's brigade, Johnston's army.
  They served under General Hood after Johnston was displaced by him. They were turned back from the march to North Carolina, to Augusta, where they defended the great Confederate arsenal at that place. There they were disbanded and paroled in May, 1865. It is said that they were the last troops in the south, east of the Mississippi, to give up their arms. This was due to the fact that the arsenal at Augusta could not be abandoned until the federal government was able to get troops there, which was difficult, with railroads torn up and stragglers all through the country.

Roster of Institute
  The full roster of the cadets of the Georgia Military Institute who served in the war between the states, here published for the first times, is as follows:

General Frank W. Capers, commander and instructor of the battalion
J. F. Crutchfield, adjutant
John A. Fitten, sergeant major
W E S Searcy, ordanace sergeant
J S Austin, Captain, Co. A
Victor E. Manget, Captain Co. B
L. J. Hill, first lieutenant
Paul Favor, second lieutenant
F E Courvoiser, third lieutenant
James R. McClesky, fourth lieutenant
W E H Searcy, orderly sergeant and ordance sergeant
C W Henderson, second sergeant
Theodore Elyea, third sergeant
J W Symins, fourth sergeant
J Scott Todd, fifth sergeant
J A Arnall, sixth sergeant

Privates - company A
A H Alexander, Forsyth, Ga., killed in battle of Atlanta in 1864
F Arnold, Coweta county
Park Arnold, Coweta county
Herman Bellingrath, Atlanta
B P Blanton, Griffin, Ga
E. Brumby, Marietta, Ga.
J Brumby, Marietta, Ga
W H Burke, LaGrange, GA
J Burroughs
E Cabaniss, Forsyth, Ga
H. H Cabaniss, Forsyth, Ga
Joseph F. Cambell, Mobile Ala
W P Carlton, Green county
James Corry, Green county
Ed Cashin, Augusta, Ga
Ambrose William, Macon, Ga
J H Dabney,
J H Dawson, Greensboro, Ga
Grank D'Antignac, Augusta, Ga
J Dorsey, Opelika, Ala
J Pope Edwards, Opelika, Ala
Jacob Einstein
Warren Flake, DeKalb county
A B Foster. Madison, Ga
___ Freeman
J Gary
W Gary
Thomas A Hamilton. Columbia Co.
J Hardee
W P Hardee
H P Harrington, West Point, Ga.
John Harris
J C Hawkins, Meriwether county
George M Head
A W Hill, Washington, Ga
Thomas A Hill, Washington, Ga
John Hinton, Athens, Ga
Huger, Charleston S.C.
D A Jones, Burke county
W D Jones, Jr, Burke county
Barrington King, Marietta, Ga
J H Land
W S Lane
Charles T Latimer
___ LeSeuer
T G Lester, Lexington, Ga
Robert O Loterr, Screven county
George McLeod, Cobb county
McClesky, Athens, Ga
W S McHenry, Madison, Ga
Madison McWhorter, Green county
Robert Ligon McWhorter, Green county
Charley Mann, Perry, Ga
W H Mims
G D Myrick, Milledgeville
William H Parsons, Johnson county
George Patillo, Cartersville,
James Pearce
J W Pearce, Decatur, Ga
Robert H Plant, Macon, Ga
W H Robert, LaGrange, Ga
Wiley Roberts
A Robinson, Meriwether county
E Robinson, Meriwether county
Jeptha H Rucker, Athens, Ga
Tinsley W "Tinnie" Rucker
Lawrence T Ryan, Hawksinville, Ga
A J Sapp
D Schley
G Schely
W T Sheppard, Columbus, Ga
W Shumake, Harris county
A A Smith, LaGrange, Ga
H H Smith
W Smith
W Solomon
W Solomon
W Taft
James T Thurman, Atlanta, Ga
Mitchell Tison, Darien, Ga
J J Turabell, Banks county
Abram Waitzfelder, Milledgeville
C Walker
J Walker
Byron D Watson
C Howard Williams. Columbus
M Williams
James P Woodward
J H Wynn, Coweta county

Color Guard
George E Coleman, color sergeant, Harris county, Ga
Julius Brown, corporal, Milledgeville, Ga
A J Hulsey, Atlanta, Ga
Thomas W Milner, Cartersville, Ga, color corporal
Henry W Fewes, Forsyth, Ga, color corporal
Henry A Dunwoody, Darien, Ga, color corporal

Company B
Victor E Manget, Captain
Charles H Solomon, first lieutenant
P Hazelhurst, second lieutenant
Steele White, third lieutenant
T A War, first sergeant, Green county
Isaac P Harris, second sergeant, Newton county
Seaborn Montgomery, third sergeant
Tom Bussey, fourth sergeant, Marrietta, Ga
B Frank Lee, Thomaston, Ga
C W Linn
Thomas Acee, Talbotton, ga
J Symmes
F Jones
J K Anderson, Greenville, S.C.
___McNealey, Marianna, Fla
J H Stokes, Lumpkin, Ga
Stephen G Jordan, Washington county

Privates - Company B

L Allen, Bainbridge, Ga
R H Atkinson, Macon, Ga
W Baker
Clay Billingales, Green county
W A Bomar, Atlanta, Ga
W E Breese, Charleston, S.C.
C Brown, Cuthbert, Ga
R Brown, Americus, Ga
F Burt, Marietta, Ga
Nathan Bussey, West Point, Ga
O B Calhoun, South Carolina
H C Cameron, Harris county
T G Chaney, Ellaville, Ga
J D Coleman, Harris, Ga
William E Collier
Augustus Culverhouse, Knoxville, Ga
Lyman H Compton, Milledgeville, Ga
D Cunningham, Talbot county
Jessee Dean, Atlanta, Ga
W Dean, Atlanta, Ga
Dunwood, Cobb county
Paul Goldsmith, Atlanta
T B Goldsmith, DeKalb county
Sam W Goode, Lumpkin county
John M Green, Cobb county
J W Griffin, Lowndes county
Sam Griffin, Lowndes county
J W Grubbs, Waynesboro, Ga
W Harris
C B Heldt, Savannah, Ga
Winfield Hitchcock, Hancock county
George H Holliday. Atlanta, Ga
M F Hood, Hamilton, Harris county
J M Hudson, Hamilton, Harris county
Lucius Humber, Lumpkin
T J Hunt, Harris county, Ga
A Johnston
Malcolm Johnston, Baldwin county
T Johnston
D Jones, West Point, Ga
H B Jones, columbus, Ga
W M Jones, Hamilton, Ga
Edmond Jordan, Washington county
Kollock, Savannah, Ga
Lucius L Lamar, Milledgeville
Ophilo V lamar, Ellaville, Ga
Lewis T Lee, Fort Valley, Ga
Oscar Lee, Atlanta, Ga
Hal T Lewis, Green county, Ga
C W Linn
W W Little, Harris county, Ga
Frank S Loftin, Franklin county
A T Luckie, Covington
J Mabry, houston county, Ga
William J Markley, Greenville, S,C
E C Marsh, Cartersville, Ga (killed at Oconee bridge battle)
Bruce McCaskill, Albany, Ga
W Penn McClatchey, Marietta, ga
McLauren Mays, S S
John McLeod, Emanuel county
R B Mobley, Hamilton, Ga
J Moore, Weston, Ga
W F Moore, Marietta, Ga
Mousseau, Charleston S.C.
A B Myrick, Milledgeville
W E Myrick, Milledgeville
Neufville, Savannah, Ga
William Newson, LaGrange, Ga
W F Patillo, Harris county
Robert Persons, Upson county
Thomas Persons, Marietta, Ga
James H Rahn, Guyton, Ga
Horace Remshart, Savannah, Ga
A Reynolds, Cobb county
Homer V Reynolds, Cobb county
J C Richter, Madison, Ga
Fletcher P Reynolds, Covington, Ga
___Robinson, Meriwether county
Robert L Rodgers, Washington county
O A (Cube) Sanders, Covington, Ga
A J Shropshire, Coweta county
W W Shumake, Troup county
___Smart, Camden county
Richard R Smith, Washinton county
Thomas H Smith, Washington county
Sam Spencer, Columbus, Ga
N C Stevens, Ellaville, Ga
Tennant, Marietta Ga
Isaac Thomas, Forsyth, Ga
Traylor, Harris county
W D Villard, South Carolina
Taylor Walton, Lumpkin Ga
George Warthen, Sandersville, Ga
J C Waters, Marietta, Ga
N Wesson, Albany, Ga
O S Williams, Hamilton, Ga
T Williams
B Wright
C Wright, Covington
Thomas Young, Valdosta, Ga"

Source: Atlanta Constitution, June 8, 1924

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2005