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Baldwin County Historical Features
Feature Name                                    Type               Latitude Longitude 7.5' x 7.5' Map

Allen Hospital                                     hospital             330319N 0831442W              Milledgeville

Allon Mill (historical)                           populated place 330259N 0830605W             Friendship

Asylum Station (historical)                   locale                330259N 0831330W             Milledgeville

Averills Ferry (historical)                     crossing             330052N 0831021W             Milledgeville

Baldwin Co. Academy (historical)       school               UNKNOWN UNKNOWN   Milledgeville

Bass School (historical)                       school               331010N 0831151W             Lake Sinclair East

Carling (historical)                               pop. place         330320N 0831419W            Milledgeville

Clark Chapel (historical)                         church             330038N 0831145W           Milledgeville

Collins Island (historical)                         island               330919N 0831312W          Lake Sinclair East

Fort Wilkinson (historical)                       military           330242N 0831229W            Milledgeville

Fraley Ferry (historical)                           locale              330959N 0831414W           Lake Sinclair East

Fraley Shoals (historical)                         rapids              331019N 0831443W           Lake Sinclair East

Georgia Female College (historical)         school             UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Milledgeville

Georgia State Penitentiary (historical)      building          330455N 0831351W             Milledgeville

Governors Square (historical)                  park               330437N 0831401W           Milledgeville

Hermitage Female Seminary (historical)   school            UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Milledgeville

Humbers Old Ferry (historical)                crossing         331029N 0831940W           Lake Sinclair West

June Hill School (historical)                      school           325929N 0830413W           Gumm Pond

Marion Ennis Health Center (historical)    hospital         330451N 0831324W            Milledgeville

McKinzies Ferry (historical)                     crossing        330054N 0831025W           Milledgeville

Midway Seminary (historical)                   school          UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Milledgeville

Milledgeville Academy (historical)            school          UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Milledgeville

Milledgeville Female Academy (historical) school         UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Milledgeville

Milledgeville Seminary (historical)             school         UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Milledgeville

Oconee Old Town (historical)                  pop. place   330016N 0830923W           Milledgeville

Oconee Siding (historical)                         locale          330618N 0831255W           Milledgeville

Old Governors Mansion                           building       330446N 0831354W           Milledgeville

Old State Capitol                                     building       330442N 0831329W           Milledgeville

Penitentiary Square (historical)                  park           330455N 0831351W           Milledgeville

Powell Lake (historical)                            lake            330120N 0831102W           Milledgeville

Rock Landing                                           locale         330027N 0830948W           Milledgeville

Scott Hospital (historical)                          hospital       330501N 0831335W          Milledgeville

Scottsboro Academy (historical)               school        UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Milledgeville

Scottsboro Male Academy (historical)      school        UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Milledgeville

State House Square                                 park            330443N 0831329W          Milledgeville

Stevens Pottery                                        locale          325806N 0831742W          Gordon

Ta(o)rrance Chapel School (historical)     school         325931N 0831847W           Gordon

Trilby School (historical)                          school         325853N 0831047W           Napier Pond

Tucker Ferry (historical)                          crossing       330031N 0830837W           Milledgeville

Vaughn Chapel (historical)                       church         330811N 0831348W           Lake Sinclair East

Walker Chapel (historical)                       church         330500N 0830928W            Milledgeville

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