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Governor's Horse Guards
was an elite military calvary corp composed of the leading citizens of Milledgeville. There were abouth 40 members when first organized May 21, 1859.
Officers of the  Corp May 21, 1859:
C. DuBignon, Captain
John Jones, 1st Lieutenant
L. A. Jordan, Cornet
M. Grieve, Jr. Orderly Sergeant
J. Stiles, 2d Sergeant
G. T. Myrick, 3d Sergeant
E. A. Nisbet, 4th Sergeant
Wm. McCombs, 1st Corporal
D. Tucker, 2d Corporal
F. G. Grieve, 3d Corporal
A. P. Williams, Esq. Secretary & Treasurer.
Uniforms: According to the Southern Recorder dated 24 Jan 1860 the uniforms made in New York cost around $2,000. The pants were "of dark blue with a red and gold lace stripe down the sides. The coat was also dark blue, gold lace covering the breast, crossed from one side to the other, surmounted by sixty heavy gilt oval buttons running down in five rows, the coat buttoning on the centre row ".  The back of the coat was "also ornamented with gold lace, the whole making a very showy appearance.  in the Jan 15, 1861 Southern Recorder states that the dress Caps were made M. Lentz in Milledgeville

Governor's Horse Guards, Company A, Phillips Legion Calvary 1861
Mustered into service July 5, 1861. Ordered ito camps by Governor Brown in May 1861, marched to Big Shanty above Marietta the latter part of June, 
and on the 5th of July was mustered into service for the war. Roster from Southern Recorder, July 16, 1861
Capt. Charles DuBignon, resigned due to increase in deafness, Jun 1862
1st Lieut. Samuel G. White
2nd Lieut. James H. Nichols
O. S. Thomas H Kenan
1st Thomas H. Kenan
2d Dr. J. S. Butts
3d  J. W. McDowell
4th Iverson  L. Harris, Jr.
1st E. J. Humphries
2. W. T. Mapp
3d. James A. Beall
4th John W. Baker
J. R. Andrews
George B. Beecher
J. S. Best
J. O. Bonner
P. W. Brown
R R Brown
J. S. Butts
B. V. Cox
Lee W Dance
E. F. deGraffenried
Charles DuBignon, Jr.
W. B. Echols
J. F. Gregory
W. K. Guerineaux
T. Hartley Hall
James M. Hall
Rabun M Hall
Thomas A Haygood  died 2/17/1863
H Hudson
J. T.  Jones
Richard Nichols Lamar
Tomlinson F. Newell
James A. Prosser
Littleton Jasper Pugh, died near Louisburg N.C., Oct 1861, age 24, remains sent home
N. J. Pugh
J. W. Roberts
P. M. Smith
W. J. Smith
J. W. Stembridge
Henry A Wise

MUSTER ROLL of the Governors Horse Guards
Company A, Phillips Legion of Cavalry, on May 1, 1864. Roster from Union Recorder Mar. 12, 1901
Captain J. H. Nichols
1st Lieut. G. B. Beecher
2d Lieuty. W. T. Mapp
2d Lieut D. T. Couch, Jr.
1st Serg, J. A. Bell
2d Serg. Perrin Winfield Brown
3d Serg. Elisha James Humphries
4th Serg. J. W. Baker (Cobb County)
5th Serg. J. O. Bonner
1st Corp. J. S. Best
2d Corp W. J. Smith
3d Corp. D. Mead Smith
4th Corp. J. W. Jones
Farrier, Thomas Augustus Prosser

William Armstrong
Isaac Bales
James Bales
J. O. Bonner
Robert Richard Brown

W. L. Byers
W. D. Couch
L. W. Dance
J. R. Daniel
J. J. David
J. Davis
J. H. Dickson
J. W. Dickson
J. C. Dowdy
W. B. Echols
William Ennis
H. F. Fields
A. J. Gibson, transf. from Baldwin Blues
T. F. Green
J. F. Gregory
B. C. Hall
J. W. Hall
R. M. Hall
Thomas Jefferson Hall
E. Holland
M. R. Holland
Urby H. Howard
H. D. Hudson
J. T. Jones
J. H. Lawrence
W. H. Lednum
Lucius L. Lester
D. Martin
J. A. Martin
O. Miller
James B. Moran
J. A. Orme
Charles. E. Prosser
James A. Prosser
Thomas A. Prosser died 11/8/1864 at home
Reuben A. Prosser, 
G. Porter
N. J. Pugh
John William Roberts
E. Robinson
J. H. Robinson
John W. Robinson
T. C. Robinson
W. E. Robinson
J. B. Russell
J. W. Smith
T. D. Smith
J. Smith
J. Stokes
M. B. Talbird
J. H. Terry
J. J. Turner
E. Truelove
H. Watson
W. J. Welch
O. T. White
Henry a Wise/Wyse (of Wilkinson Co,)

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