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Volunteer Military Companies
of Baldwin County, Ga. after Civil War
Harrisburg Blues was an African American military company organized in 1877 at Midway with O. T. Adams as Captain.
Baldwin Blues, 2nd Ga. Battalion was reorganized in April 1872 with 69 enrolled members. Officers: Miller Grieve, Captain; B. R. Herty, 1st Lieut.; W. W. Williamson, 2d Lieut.; Ed. P. Lane, 3d Lieut.; D. B. Sanford, Ensign. 
Middle Georgia Volunteers was a African American military company organized in Milledgeville in 1877 or 1878. Commanded by Capt. Bob Collins. A Flag was presented to them at the State House Aug. 2, 1878 by Miss Ada R. Lee response by J. S. Mason. Feb 3, 1880 Alfred Lee was the Capt. when he died and was buried with military honors. Simon Jones was a member in 1881 when he died. 
Baldwin Volunteers, organized in the south-west portion of Baldwin in 1874., Officers: W. R Fenn, Captain; A. J. Gibson, 1st Lieut; J. N. Cumbass and W. B. Breedlove, 2nd Lieuts. The armory was located at Thomas J. Cooper's in 1875.
Milledgeville Light Infantry,2nd Ga. Battalion was organized in July 1884. W. E. Haygood was the Captain.  C. B. Goetchius - Lieut. Rev. D. McQueen Chaplain. Some members were N. Thompson and Willie D. Caraker, Junius Clyde Bell, Joe Wilson, Hansell Hunter, Briscoe Walls, J. J. Wooten, W. L. Jackson. In 1888 G. T. Whilden was the captain.   In 1889 J. D. Howard was Capt. In 1890 B. B. Adams Jr, was nominated for 1st lietu, L. C. Hall, 2d, lieut, Dawson Smith, Junior 2d liuet
DuBignon Volunteers,2nd Ga. Battalion were organized in the neighborhood of Stevens Pottery  in south-west Baldwin on Oct.23, 1884. The company was named for Judge Fleming DuBignon.  W. R. Tyler was Captain. W. A. Torrance was Orderly Sergeant.
The uniforms were green trimmed with buff.  1885: Captain W. R. Tyler; Sergt. William Lee, Lieut W. A. Cook, Lieut. William Rice; LieutA. R. Bloodworth, Orderly Sergt W. A.Torrance; Private Louis McCullars. 1887: W. A. Cook was Lieut.  1888: William Rice was  Captain; C, M, Gibson 1st Lieut., R. W. Bloodworth 2nd Lieut. 1889: Charles Gibson private.  ____ Torrance a Sergt. in 1889 
Blount Volunteers,2nd Ga. Battalion were organized by P. T. Ennis in 1884 in the old Salem district in the eastern part of Baldwin county. P. T. "Dosh" Ennis was Captain. Named after Rep. . James H. Blount. Had 37 men when organized.  Rev. J. M. Hall, of Macon, was chaplain in 1885. The armory was at Black Springs. Some members were John Arnold; Sam Ennis; Benjamin Brown Jr. , Mitchell Green. Frank Simmons, Tim Crowley, E. L. Moran. In 1885: J. W. Champion, 1st Lieut., A. J. Brown, 2nd Lieut. Jr., E. A. Butts, 4th Serg't, W. A. Simpson, Private
Salem Grays
Organized in 1874. Company was from the east side of Oconee river. Company Roll:
1. C. W. Ennis - Captain
2. Henry Vinson - 1st Lieut.
3. M. B. Talbird - 2nd Lieut
4. W. H. H. Barnes - Jr. 2nd Lieut.
5. J. R. Daniel - 1st S'gt
6. F. C. Posey - 2nd  S'gt
7. E. A. Ennis - 3rd S'gt
8. Thos T Smith - 4th S'gt
9. E. B. Huff - 5th S'gt
10. W. G. Medlin - 1st Corp'l
11. P. T. Ennis - 2nd Corp'l
12. Wm M Grier - 3rd Corp'l
13. B. D. Posey - 4th Corp'l
14. C. W. Barber
15. M. A. Barnes
16. F. M. Barnes
17. R. E. Blood(s)worth
18.  J. M. Blood(s)worth.
19. Samuel Blood(s)worth
20. Mortimore Brundage
21. A. J. Brown
22. A. P. Bland
23. E. T. Brookins
24. Daniel Brookins
25. Benj Brookins
26. Levi Blizzard
27. G. W. Bird
28. J. W. Champion
29. J. W. Chandler
30. Julius Cummings
31. W. R. Dirden
32. Balus Edwards
33. E. N. Ennis
34. B. T. Ennis
35. T. B. Ennis
36. W. W. Freeman
37. J. W. Hall
38. Irbin Hudson
39. James Huff
40. William Histler
41. Bernard King
42. W. E. King
43. Camillus Lester
44. L. L. Lester
45. W. M. Leonard
46. J. S. Leonard
47. J. S. McDaniel
48. W. E. Minor
49. James T. Medlin
50. Joseph L. Medlin
51. Sam L. Moran
52. Samuel Oxford
53. E. H. Oxford
54. G. W. Oxford
55. T. J. Oxford
56. R. A. Prosser
57. Thomas Pugh
58. J. A. P. Robson
59. John L. Robson
60. George Robinson
61. A. J. Rogers
62. Orin Sanders
63. W. J. Smith
64. J. T. Simpson
65. J. F. Simpson
66. R. D. Smith
67. Isaac Taylor
68. D. J. Tompkins
69. E. S. Vinson
70. Charlie White
71. Thomas Willis


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