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Montpelier United Methodist Church
Established 1790
449 Sparta Hwy. 22 Northeast

     The oldest church in Baldwin County was  first located near the Oconee River in old Washington/Hancock counties which became Baldwin county in 1803. Montpelier Church was moved in 1843 when Col. Benjamin Hall gave an acre of land four miles east of the Oconee River for the new site of  the church. In early days Baptist and Methodist Circuit riders preached at the church. It changed it's name in 1843 to Montpelier Meeting House. Later it was called Montpelier United Methodist Church.
    Sarah Canty Whitaker in Our Children's Ancestry list the ministers of the church from 1866-1932 as follows "J. V. M. Morris 1866-1869; J.W. Stipes 1870 - 1872; Walter R. Branham 1873; G. W. Hardiway 1874;
Walter L. Yabrough 1875; W. R. Foote, Jr. 1876-1877; E. A. Gray 1878 - 1879; J. C. Davidson 1881 - 1882;
Thomas H. Gibson 1883-1884; F. D. Cantrell 1885; T. H. Gibson 1886; T. P. Brown 1887; Geo. W. Griner 1888-1889;
J. J. Ansley  1890-1891' J.V.M. Morris 1892-1895; Geo. W. Yarbrough P.E. ; Geo. W. Griner 1896; J. F. Nison, P.E. 1896-1898; J.M. Lowery 1897-1898; Crawford Jackson 1899; Z. Spear 1900-1901; W.R. Stilwell 1902-1904; John H. Height, P.E. 1903-1904; F. G. Golden - Term filled by J. C. Adams 1905; Alonzo D. Coggins 1906-1907; O.P. McDermont 1908-1910; B.C. Stearcy 1911; J.W. Quillian P.E. 1912; S. H. Dimon 1912; A. A. Tilley 1916-1919; L.W. Browder 1920-1923; Henry B. Mays P.E. 1920; J.H. Farr 1924-1929; E.C. Butts, L.D. 1932; Frank Quillian 1932"

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