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U. S. Passport Applications
Milledgeville/Baldwin County Georgia

Richard Newton Abbott of Milledgeville, Ga.
Annie Abbott
Charley Abbot
Richard was a railroader and traveling on the continent.
May 21, 1892

Richard Newton Abbott
Theatrical manager, issued in Berlin upon entering Russia. Living in Milledgeville, Ga.,  born Sep 21, 1852 in Van Buren, Ark.,
husband of Annie Abbott
Issued Nov. 29, 1892

Charles Robert Baker of Savannah, Ga. temporarily of Geneva, Switzerland. Artist, traveling to Italy
born in Milledgeville, Ga. May 16, 1882, father Robert Baker. Adopted  brother of Mrs. Nona McAdoo Foster, sister of William McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury.
Issued Nov 3, 1915
Charles Robert Baker
Left U. S. May 14, 1910 arriving in Basel, Switzerland Aug 16, 1916 residing as an artist (dancer & singer) . Resided England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Munich, German, Italy from May 1910 - 1916.
Issued Feb 28, 1918

Charles L. Bass of Fairburn, Ga.
Minister of Gospel, visiting France, work in Army Y.M.C.A. June 25, 1918
Born April 1871, Baldwin County, Ga, son of Charles Henry Bass (born Hancock Co., Ga.) who died in 1874 in Milledgeville, GA.

Charles J. Bayne of Sandersville, GA. Journalist, Born Milledgeville Sep 28, 1870.
Issued Aug 18 1890

James A. Beall, born Jan 1843 Milledgeville, Ga.
Issued Mar 19 1868

Jeremiah Beall of New York.
Commission Merchant
visiting Italy, France and England for export and import Mar 4 1918 - Mar 8 1919
 Born Jul 18,  1870 in New York,   Father James Augustus Beall born in Milledgeville died about 1886 in Ga.
Issued Jan 10, 1920

Joseph B. Beall, born Milledgeville, Ga. Mar 29, 1865
Issued Jun 6 1868
Joseph B. Beall, wife and children of New York City
Issued May 17, 1894
Issued  May 17 1895

Robert W. Boyer of Milledgeville, born in Sparta Ga Sep 7, 1891, student. Traveling  to Philippine Island for 5 months to fill appointment made by the United States to Philippine Island Constabulary Service.
Issued Jun 21 1916

William Jasper Brake and wife Mary L Brake. William born Milledgeville Dec 15, 1852
Issued Mar 21, 1900

Pauline B. Brent, of New York born Milledgeville Jan 31, 1870.
Issued May 27 1907

Fannie Fort Brown (Mrs. Julius Brown) of Atlanta. Ga. Born in Milledgeville Jan 29, 1849.
Issued Dec 15, 1890
Issued Mar 21, 1896

George M. Brown with wife Carrie Hoyt Brown of Atlanta (born Atlanta Sep. 27, 1866)  Born in Milledgeville Oct 15, 1865, son of Joseph E. Brown who was born in S. C. Traveling to Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Frances, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, England, Scott for pleasure and study.
Issued Apr 10, 1923

Mary Brown of Atlanta
Traveling to France, British isles for Y.M.C.A. Service. Father George M. Brown. Born in Atlanta May 24, 1893

Mary Lucile Butts of Brunswick, Ga.
Music Supervisor traveling to France for Y.M.C.A. Canteen work.
Born May 4, 1880, Bainbridge, Ga. Father Dr. Judson A. Butts, born in Milledgeville, died Apr 17, 1918 Brunswick, Ga.
Passport issued Oct 14, 1918

Louis Camak
Civil Engineer traveling to Cuba for recreation. Residence Athens, Ga., Born Aug 14, 1873, Athens.
Father James Camak born in Milledgeville.
Issued Feb 28, 1920

David Campbell of Knox Co. Tenn.
Coal operator traveling to Great Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland. Born Mar 27 1862 in Milledgeville. Father J. B. Campbell was born in S. C.
Issued Jun 9, 1921

Maj. Charles T. Caraker
U. S. Army officer attached to American Relief Administration in Paris. Enroute to Russia for food relief. Born Apr 14, 1890 in Milledgeville, Father Charles T. Caraker born Milledgeville
Issued May 22 1919
Issued Sep 24, 1919

Henry Pardee Carr of Richmond, Va. Physician traveling to Mexico and Brazil for public health work. Born April 28 1895 in Milledgeville. Father Arthur James Carr born in Milledgeville.
Passport issued Nov 7, 1923

George C. Carrington of Miami, Fl. Born Jun 11, 1903 in Milledgeville. Father D. S. Carrington
Issued Jun 18, 1920

Samuel Thomas Chandler of Milledgeville. Salesman traveling to France and British Isles for Army Y. M. C. A. work
Born Mar 6, 1880 in Milledgeville. Father Joseph B. Chandler born in Conn.
Issued Aug. 21, 1918

Carolyn H. Childs of Newton, Mass.
Nurse traveling to England and France for reconstruction work. Italy and Serbia. Born Nov 22, 1878 in Newton, Mass.
Father Edwin O. Childs born in Milledgeville, Ga.
Issued Feb 28, 1919

Maury Howard Crawford of Milledgeville, student, traveling to England, France, Italy & Switzerland as a student.
Born Jun 5 1901 in Braddock, Penn. Father George Gordon Crawford born in Atlanta. Traveling to Great Britain, France,
Italy and Switzerland for study & travel
Issued Sep 22, 1922

Kathryn S. Cullom of Miami, Fla. Housewife traveling to Bahama Islands and Cuba for recreation.
Born in Milledgeville Sep 20, 1894. Husband Smith Cullom born in Ala.
Issued Jan 22, 1920

Jonas A. Davis of New York.
Minister of Gospel, visiting Liberia for Missionary Work. Born Mar 22, 1855 in Milledgeville, son of Peter Davis of Baldwin Co
Issued Dec. 5, 1916

George S. Davis of Suffolk Co. Mass. Executive traveling to England, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Cuba, Columbia,
Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Jamaica. Born in North Platte, Neb.. Oct 1 1883.
Father Milledge M. Davis was born in Milledgeville, Ga.
Issued Aug 22, 1922

Mrs. Marquerite C. Diaz of Pensacola, Fl. Housewife traveling to Cuba for temporary residence. Born May 7, 1897 in Milledgeville. Father Robert J. Diaz born in Texas. Born in North Platte, Neb. Oct 1 1883. Father Milledge M. Davis was born in Milledgeville, Ga.
Issued Apr 6, 1920

Charles B. Drake of Warrensburg, Missouri, teacher traveling to England, France, Spain and Italy for study.
Born Mar 3 1887 Minneapolis, Minn. Father Wallace B. Drake born in Milledgeville.
Issued May 1, 1920

Mrs. Henry Dreyfus of New York. Born May 12, 1856 in Milledgeville.
Issued Apr 28, 1903

Annie Floretine Dreyfus of New York. Born May 12, 1856 in Milledgeville. Traveling to France, Austria, Germany,
Switzerland, England  andHolland for pleasure.
Issued May 25, 1922

James Durden of Savannah, Ga. Musician traveling to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and England for musical engagement.
Born in Savannah Oct 18, 1896. Father William Durden born in Milledgeville
Issued Jun 4, 1920

O'Nora Ennis of Milledgeville. Born Oct 11, 1867 in Crawfordville, Ga.
Issued May 28, 1910

Elizabeth G. Ferguson of Milledgeville. Teacher traveling to England, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and Scotland.
Born Sep 1 1896 in New York. Fatgher David Ferguson born in Norfolk, Va.

Richard Orim Flinn of Atlanta, Ga. Minister of the Gospel. Born Aug 8, 1870 in Milledgeville. Issued June 3, 1896
Issued Feb 2, 1905

Nona McAdoo Foster of Knoxville, Tn. Born Jan 8, 1872 in Milledgeville.
Issued Jul 15, 1912
Nona McAdoo Foster of Irvington N. Y. Traveling to Switzerland and Italy for temporary residence and reasons of health
Issued Nov 3, 1915;  Issued Nov 11, 1915
Nona McAdoo Foster Switzerland temporary residence. Traveling to France and Spain. Issued May 24, 1917
Issued Jun 5, 1917

Jack Gans of Little Rock, Ark. Working for Norton-Berger Shoe Co. Traveling to Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Hungary and Spain for pleasure. Born Feb 4, 1901 in Little Rock, Ark. Father Gus M. Gans born in Milledgeville
Issued May 16, 1922

Joe Gans of Little Rock, Ark. Merchant. Born Milledgeville Ga. July 4, 1859.
Issued Apr 1891

Burwell Gardner of Augusta, Ga. Retired Broker Traveling to Spain, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, France, British Isles, New Zealand. Born July 2, 1861 in Milledgeville. Father James Gardner born in Georgia.
Issued Dec 24, 1923

Horace F. Gobert of Germanville, Fla. Traveling to Cuba for pleasure. Born Feb 19, 1884 in Sparta, Ga. Father born in Louisville, Ga.
Issued Nov 1, 1919

W. P. Hall. born about 1826 in Milledgeville, Ga.
Issued Feb 26, 1868

Sarah Glover Hansell of Thomasville, Ga. Teacher traveling to Canada and Japan for missionary work. Born Apr 2, 1893 in Thomasville, Ga. Father Charles Paine Hansell born in Milledgeville, Ga.
Issued Jul 13, 1918

Fanneal Harrison of Atlanta. Social worker traveling to France for reconstruction service for the American Red Cross.
Born Jun 12, 1882 in Decatur, Ga. Father Zadoc Daniel Harrison born in Milledgeville.
Issued Mar 8 1918
Traveling to Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia for American Red Cross
Issued Dec 27, 1919
Traveling to Great Britain and France for Red Cross service
Issued Sep 2, 1921

Clara W. Hasslock of Milledgeville. Teacher traveling to England, Scotland, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, German, Switzerland for travel. Born Oct 26, 1884 in Nashville, Tenn. Father Herman A. Hasslock born in St. Louis, Miss.
Issued May 25, 1922

Myrtle C. Haygood of Los Angeles, Ca. Usher traveling to Japan, China, Hong Kong. Born Mar 15, 1895 in Milledgeville.
Father William E. Haygood born in Georgia.
Issued Sep 12, 1922

Charles Holmes Herty of Athens, Ga. Born Dec. 4, 1867 in Milledgeville, Ga.
Issued May 4, 1899
Issued June 17, 1909
Charles H. Herty of Chapel Hill, N.  C. Wife Sophie S. Editor traveling to France, England, Belgium, Holland and Spain for purchase of dyes for American consumers.cFather Bernard R. Herty born in Virginia.
Issued Sep 2, 1919
Traveling to France, Switzerland, England, Italy, Germany, Holland, and Belgium for pleasure.
Issued Sep 22, 1923

Laura Josephine Hill of Macon, Ga. Stenographer traveling to China. Born Jul 21, 1887 in Macon, Ga. Father born in Milledgeville
Issued Aug 18, 1919

Hannah S. Hines of Macon. Traveling to France, Belgium, Great Britain, German, Switzerland and Monaco for pleasure.
Born Nov. 14, 1865, The Pines, Early Co. Ga. Father Richard K. Hines born Midway, near Milledgeville.
Issued May 26, 1923

James Hinton of Cambridge, Mass. Student traveling to Great Britan and Ireland for study. Born Jul 24, 1886 in Milledgeville.
Issued  Jun 21, 1915

Alestine B. Hodges of Ula, Washington. D. C. Interior Decorative traveling to France, and Italy for study and sightseeing.
Born Irwinton, Ga. Oct 6, 1886. Father Charles R. Hodges born in Milledgeville.
Issued Jun 20, 1924

Helen B. Hoover of Milledgeville. Teacher traveling to Ireland, England, Switzerland, Belgium and France for travel and study.
Born Jun 7, 1891 in Columbus Ohio. Father born in Columbus, Ohio.
Issued May 25, 1922

Orran Lawson Hudson of Milledgeville. Traveling to Cuba and Panama on behalf of Panama Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Born Apr 6, 1883 in Hawkinsville, Ga. Father's name Thomas Hudson in Georgia.

C. I. Humber of Enid, Ok. Sells real estate. Born Dec 15, 1869 in Milledgeville
Issued Mar 1909

Charles Crawford Jarrell of Augusta, Ga. Minister of Gospel traveling  to Belgium, Poland and Czechoslovakia for relief work.
Born Nov 17, 1874 in Milledgeville. Father Rev. A. J. Jarrell born in Jones Co. Ga.
Issued May 8, 1920

Mrs. B. R. Jaynes of Macon, Ga. Traveling to Cuba for pleasure. Born Dec 4, 1859 in Milledgeville, husband G. R. Jaynes
born in New Jersey
Issued Jan 24, 1920

Anne Kidd of Milledgeville. Student traveling to England, Belgium, Italy, France and Scotland for touring.
Born July 16, 1901 in Milledgeville. Father J. E. Kidd born in Milledgeville.
Issued May 12, 1924

Lucius Q. C. Lamar of Milledgeville.  Lawyer traveling to Cuba to practice law. Born May 9, 1874 in Milledgeville.
Father Lucius James Lamar born in Milledgeville
Issued Jul 14, 1917
Issued Mar 27, 1918
Issued Nov 6, 1919

Richard Vanderhost Lamar of New York, N. Y. Occupation medical research. Born Apr 8, 1883 in Milledgeville
Issued Mar 18, 1912

Delores Faglia Lamar of Augusta, Ga. Housewife traveling to France, Switzerland and Italy to visit friends and relatives.
Born Nov 30, 1885 in Milan, Italy. Father Dr. Richard V. Lamar born in Milledgeville, Ga.
Issued Feb 14, 1925

Thomas W. Lamar of Jamaica, N. Y. Insurance broker traveling to England and France negotiating reinusurance contract.
Born Mar 8, 1876 in Milledgeville. Father Lucius J. Lamar born in Georgia.
Issued Mar 12, 1920

E. E. Leonard of Tampa, Fl. Clerk traveling to Cuba on vacation.Born May 7, 1877 in Milledgeville. Father W. M. Leonard
born in Baldwin Co., Ga.
Issued Mary 14, 1919

Eli S. Lester born abt 1824, Baldwin Co. Ga.
Issued Mar 10, 1849

Grace Lumpkin of Columbia, S. C. Traveling to England and France as secretary for Y. W. C. A. Born Mar 3, 1891 in Milledgeville. Father William Wallace Lumpkin born in Oglethorpe Co., Ga.
Issued Dec. 27, 1918

Emile P. Lugand of Milledgeville, Ga. Born Jul 4, 1855 in Havre, France. Marble dealer.
Issued Jun 19, 1908

James W. McMillan of Milledgeville. Manufacturer traveling to Great Britain to learn details of methods used in making high gloss fire brick. Born May 6, 1850 in Glasgow, Scotland.
Issued Nov 23, 1918
Issued Jun 17, 1920
Issued Jun 16, 1921

De Vore Henry Mathews of Rhode Island. Jewelry exporter traveling to Cuba. Born Dec. 20 1886 in Providence, R. I.
Father Charles Henry Mathews born in Milledgeville
Issued Dec 19, 1918

John M. Matoushon of Milledgeville. Restaurant proprietor traveling to Greece to visit parents, to Romania to visit friends.
Born Sept 11,  Samarina, Turkey. Father Michael Matoushon born Samarina, Turkey.
Issued Jun 2, 1920

Sarah Eva Miller of Key West, Fl. Born Dec 16, 1875. Husband Andrew R. Miller born in Wilkinson Co., Ga.
Issued Dec 5, 1919

Carl Winn Minor of Valdosta, Ga. Born Jul 25, 1868 in Milledgeville.
Issued Jan 4, 1900

Charles J. Montgomery of Augusta, Ga. Physician traveling to Great Britain, France, Italy and Switzerland for travel.
Born Apr 27, 1868 in Milledgeville, Ga. Father James G. Montgomery born in Ga.
Issued Apr 14, 1924

C. M. Moore of Fitzgerald, Ga. Railroader traveling to Cuba for recreation.
Born Dec 27, 1900 Fitzgerald, Ga. Father William  B. Moore born in Milledgeville.
Issued Jan 10, 1920

Clara E. Morris of Milledgeville. Teacher traveling to France to visit brother, England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland as a tourist.
Born Apr 29, 1889 in Milledgeville. Father Charles L. morris born in Canton, Ga.
Issued Apr 1923

Charles Stubbs Morris of Paris, France (temporary) legal Milledgeville. Employed on behalf of American Relief Administration. Traveling to Germany. Born Aug 14, 1892 in Milledgeville. Father Charles Louis Morris born in Clinton, Ga.
Issued Oct 13, 1921
Issued Oct 28, 1921
Issued Apr 8, 1924

Isaac Newell of Milledgeville. Traveling in China. Born Oct 28, 1872 in Milledgeville
Issued Jul 21, 1915

Mary H. Newell of Harvey, Ill.  Social worker traveling to England, France, Italy,
Born Dec 21, 1877 in Milledgeville. Father Tomlinson F. Newall born in Milledgeville.
Issued May 19, 1924

Gordon S. Orme of New Orleans, La. Born Mar 5, 1864 in Milledgeville
Issued May 5, 1906

Ina Padgett of Milledgeville. Science teacher traveling to England, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland for travel and study. Born Oct 24, 1895 Tyson, Ga. Father D. J. Padgett born in Tyson.
Issued Mar 2, 1923

Ruth V. Parks of Miami, Fl. teacher traveling to Cuba. Born Jun 24, 1897 Blaxern, Va, Father Marvin M. Parks lives in Milledgeville.
Issued Dec 31, 1920

Thomas B. Perry of Milledgeville. Physician traveling to Cuba. Born Mar 12, 1863 in Milledgeville. Father Henry born in Ireland.
Issued Jan 31, 1921

Charles H. Phillips of Washington D. C. Clergyman. Born Jan 17, 1858 in Milledgeville
Issued Jun 17, 1889

Charles H. Phillips, Jr. of St. Louis, Mo. Physician traveling to Italy, Greece, Egypt, Belgium, British Isles, France, Holland and Switzerland for travel and delegate to the Worlds Ecumenical Conference London, England
Born May 5, 1882 Tullahoma, Tn. Father Charles H. Phillips born Milledgeville
Issued Jun 27, 1921

C. A. Sanford of Sherman, Tex.  Manufacturer traveling to Mexico on commercial business. Born Oct 8, 1868 in  Jamestown, Tx. Father Thomas Monroe Sanford born Milledgeville
Issued Jan 9, 1919
Issued Mar 14, 1921

Henry A. Schonhardt of Milledgeville. Born May 25, 1873 in Johnstown, Pa.
Issued Jun 29, 1905

John Harvey Shackleford of Mobile, Ala. Student traveling to Belgium, France, Austria, German, Italy, Holland and British Isles.
Born Aug 27, 1897 in Thomasville, Ga., Father J. M. Shackleford born in Milledgeville.
Issued May 23, 1922

James L. Sibley, Jr. of Miami, Fl. Salesman traveling to Cuba on business.
Born Aug 29, 1893 Marietta, Ga. Father James L. Sibley born in Augusta, Ga. Living in Milledgeville

Jeanne Hall Smith of Macon, Ga. Traveling to France to visit relatives and business. To Italy, England, Spain, Norway and Sweden for pleasure. Born Jan 26, 1864 in Macon, Ga. Husband  Robert Hall Smith born in Milledgeville.
Issued Apr 14, 1920

George Cook Smith of Milledgeville. Born May 6, 1866 in Charleston, S. C.
Issued Apr 16, 1892
Issued May 15, 1899
Issued Mar 28, 1903

Walter O. Smith of Savannah, Ga. Pipe fitter traveling to Cuba. Born Jun 28, 1871 in Milledgeville.
Father was born in Hancock Co. Ga
Issued Jul 3, 1920

Mrs. K. G. B. Sorrell of Savannah, Ga. Born Baldwin Co.
Issued June 8, 1890

Eugene W. Stetson of New York, N. Y. Banker traveling to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece, Algeria and Morocco. Born Dec 5, 1881 Hawkinsville, Ga. Father J. D. Stetson born Milledgeville
Issued Mar 26, 1920

Mabel Taylor Allen of Milledgeville. Music teacher traveling to Japan, Germany, France, China, Eqypt, India, England for study and sight seeing. Born Jan 7, 1880 in Grass Lake, Mi. Father Dr. W. H. Taylor born in Grass Lake, residing in Ludington, Mich.
Issued Jan 2, 1923

Howard C. Tinsley of Rome, Ga. Traveling to Uraquay to be a clerk at Montevadeo. Born Feb 8, 1878 in Milledgeville.
Father Howard Tinsley born in Monticello, Ga.
Issued Jul 7, 1921
1923 - Traveling to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Peru for the purpose of returning to the U. S. on leave of absence.
Issued Dec. 15, 1923
1924 - Vice Consul and clerk of Montevideo. Traveling to Uruquary, Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Paraguay, Peru  enroute to N. Y.
Issued Mar 5, 1924

George Harris Tunnell of Milledgeville. Student enroute to the Philippines to fill appointment by U. S.  to Philippine Island Constabulary Service. Born Mar 8, 1894 in Macon, Ga.
Issued Jun 21, 1916

Dan C. Vaughan of Washington D. C. Chief, Division of Publications, Dept. of Commerce. Traveling to Virgin Islands to assist in taking census of Virgin Islands. Born Jun 25, 1873 in Milledgeville. Father Richard M. Vaughan born in Georgia.
Issued Nov 5, 1917

Fred L. Vinson of Jacksonville, Fl. Traveling salesman traveling to Cuba for commercial reasons. Born May 12, 1892 in Milledgeville. Father Edward S. Vinson born Georgia. Living in Milledgeville.
Issued Oct 13, 1920
1924 - Clerk, American Consulate, traveling to Chihuahua, Mexico
Issued Nov. 24, 1924

Thomas H. Wall of Bath, S. C.  Traveling to France, Italy, Switzerland an England for Army Y. M. C. A. Born Sep 25, 1893 in Augusta, Ga. Father William Edward Wall born in Milledgeville.
Issued Jul 25, 1918

Harrison Ward of Jacksonville, Fl. Locomotive fireman traveling to Cuba for employment with Cuba Cane Sugar Corp.
Born Apr 6, 1884 in Milledgeville. Father Ben Ward born Putnam Co., Ga.
Issued Jan 8, 1918

J. C. Wardlaw of Milledgeville. Teacher. Born Feb 3, 1876 in Camilla, Ga.
Wife Edna P. Wardlaw
Issued Mar 19, 1910

James Field Wardlaw of Lynchburg, Va. Lawyer traveling to British Isles, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and German for recreation, travel and to
attend American Bar Organization in London.
Born Oct 3, 1893 in Laurens, S. C. Father A. G. Wardlaw born in Milledgeville, resides in Lynchburg, Va.
Issued Jun 26, 1924

George Elmore Watson of Marion, S. C.Born Feb 21, 1886 Milledgeville
Issued Sept 10, 1906

Bessie Cooper West of New Orleans, La. Traveling with husband to Jampan, China, Hong Kong and India on business
Born Jan 21, 1872 in Cooperville, Ga. Spouse Alonzo M. West born Savannah, Ga.
Issued May 26, 1920

Oscar R. Whilden of New Orleans, La. and wife Grace Lanneau Whilden.  President of Central American Cattle Co. Traveling to Costa Rica, Guatemala,
Spanish Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba, Columbia, Venezuela, and Panama buying  and exporting cattle to the U. S.
Born Apr 8, 1887 Milledgeville. Father George P. Whilden born in S. C.
Issued Oct 13, 1917

Joseph Hill White, M. D. of Savannah. born May 4, 1858 in Milledgeville. Wife Emily H. White. Father Edward James White born in Georgia
Issued Apr 1893
1918 - Senior Surgeon U. S. Public Health Service. Traveling to Guatemala to eradicate yellow fever
Issued Jul 8, 1918
1919 traveling to Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala on official government business
Mar 16, 1919
Nov 10, 1920

Josephine H. White of Washington, D. C. Reconstruction aide traveling to Guatemala, Cuba, Jamaica for pleasure.
Born Jun 4, 1874 McIntosh Co., Georgia. Father Joseph H. White, born Milledgeville
Issued Mar 16, 1921

Mary Roberta White of Washington, D. C.  traveling to Guatemala, Cuba, Jamaica for pleasure.
Born Oct 1, 1892 in Milledgeville, Father Joseph H. White resides in Washington, D. C.
Issued Mar 16, 1921

Joseph Hill White, Jr. of Washington, D. C. Traveling to Brazil as American consul. Born Dec 20, 1894 Edgewater, N. Y.
Father J. H. White born Milledgeville
Issued Aug 19, 1919

J. W. Wilcox, Jr., Naval Officer leaving Turkey. Born Mar 22, 1882 Milledgeville
Issued Aug 1, 1910

Alice Atwood Williams of Milledgeville. Art teacher traveling to England, France and Germany for travel & study
Born Apr 2, 1885 Darien, Ga. Father James Alfred Atwood born Roswell, Ga.
Issued May 15, 1924

Carrie Williams of Atlanta, Ga.
Maid and nurse traveling to Honduras, accompany Mrs. Ella J. Patterson
Born Aug 11, 1891 in Milledgeville. Spouse Joseph Williams born in Guyton, Ga.

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