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Revolutionary War
Soldiers in Baldwin County Georgia
The Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers

We are the old, the unremembered dead
Forgot we lie
In country graveyards high in lonely hills;
We are unwept save by such tears as sheds
The pitying sky

Roselle Mercier Montgomery

D.A.R. Lineages 
  • William Ackridge/Akridge, 1827 Land Lottery, Ginns District
  • William Anderson, Private, Georgia Troops, served under Elijah Clark, died Baldwin County 1844, buried Meriweather area, West Baldwin
  • John R. Arnold Georgia Troops, buried East Baldwin
  • William Babb North Carolina Troops. 1827 Land Lottery, Elizabeth Babb, widow, Doles District, buried Black Springs area, N.E. Baldwin
  • James Barrow, died in Baldwin County, 1828; buried East Baldwin; will at courthouse
  • Samuel Beckam/Beckcom  (1760-1825) commanded a company in the Revolutionary War from Georgia, and a monument to his memory now stands near Milledgeville, Ga. He died in Baldwin County, Ga. 1827 Land Lottery, Bivins District,  grave moved to Memory Hill
  • Captain Edward Beeson Milledgeville GA 29 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.1, p.  —Serial: 9200; Volume: 3
  • Francis B. Boykin,(1745-1821), was lieutenant of South Carolina Mounted Rangers, 1775, and at the battle of Fort Moultrie, 1776, he commanded a company and was specially distinguished. He rose to the rank of major. He was born in Southampton Co., Va., and died in Milledgeville, Ga., buried Samuel Boykin Family Burial Ground
  • Edward Brown 1827 Land Lottery,  Lingos District
  • John R. Brown 1827 Land Lottery,  Doles District
  • Uriah Brown, Private, South Carolina Militia , 1827 Land Lottery,  Bivins District, 74 yrs old in 1831  pension roll
  • William P. Brown, 1827 Land Lottery, Bivins District
  • James Canty  (1755-1817), served as lieutenant and captain of South Carolina rangers.James Cantey (1755-1817) served as lieutenant and captain in Col. William Thomson's South Carolina rangers. He was born in Kershaw County, S. C.; died in Milledgeville, Ga. Buried Whitaker cemetery
  • Thomas Petters (Peter) Carnes He was born in Bladensburg, Md.; died, 1822, in Milledgeville, Ga.  Colonel Maryland Line. Georgia legislator, Congressman and judge; buried Memory Hill
  • ____Clark, S.B. Clark widow 1827 Land Lottery, Buchanan's District
  • John Cone, Sr., 1820 Land Lottery, 1827 Land Lottery, Thomas District
  • Cary Curry, 1820 Land Lottery, died 1821 in Baldwin County, will at courthouse
  • Tolliver Davis, 1827 Land Lottery, Bivins District; pension filed in Forsyth, Monroe Co. Ga 1834 
  • James Andrew DeLaunay, Georgia Troops, died 1832; buried Memory Hill, will at courthouse
  • John Dismukes , 1827 Land Lottery, Elizabeth widow, Weeds district, (gravestone In Memory Hill Cemetery marked Jesse Dismukes, Georgia Troops). See details
  • Jesse DolesNorth Carolina Troops, 1820 Land Lottery, died Baldwin County 1821, buried Jesse Doles Family Cemetery; will at courthouse
  • Joshua Doster, 1820 Land Lottery-Irwin County
  • Andrew DuBourg Capt. Georgia Troops, buried Memory Hill
  • James Duncan Virginia, Continental Line,  Lieut. Minute Bn of GA; Died 1834, buried Memory Hill
  • John Eiland Georgia Troops., buried outskirts of Milledgeville (grave lost)
  • William D. Evans, 1827 Land Lottery
  • Peter Fair Ga Troops. French soldier; buried Memory Hill
  • Capt. Abner Fluellen,  died August 1815 (Ga. Journal - Died; On Monday last at his plantation in this Co. (Baldwin), Capt Abner Fluellen. 55 years. Officer in Rev. fought at Guilford.)
  • Elijah Feeney, died Baldwin Co. 1808, soldier of Delaware
  • John Fuller, 1827 Land Lottery, Lesters District
  • Wiley Goodwin, North Carolina Continental Line, 1822 pension list age 57
  • Abner Hammond (1762-1829), was lieutenant of state troops under his brother Col. Samuel Hammond. H
  • He was born in Richmond Co., Va.;  Georgia Troops; died in Milledgeville, Ga. Secretary of State, 1811-1823. 1827 Land Lottery, Bivins District, buried Abner Hammond Grave site or Memory Hill; will at courthouse
  • Henry Hand, 1827 Land Lottery, Lesters district
  • William Hand, 1827 Land Lottery, Sarah Hand widow, Lesters  District
  • Michael Harvey, Georgia Troops, died 1810, buried Harvey Family Burial Ground, will at courthouse
  • _____Hogens, 1827 Land Lottery, Nancy Hogens, widow, Thomas District
  • David Holliman,private, Georgia Troops, died Baldwin County 1815
  • ___Howard. Edith widow 1827 Lottery Buchanan's District
  • John H. Howard (1761-1822) served as private and scout in Captain Putnam's company under Brigadier-General Sumpter. He rose to the rank of major. He was born in South Carolina; died in Milledgeville, Ga. Widow Jane Howard, 1827 Land Lottery, Bivins District; buried John Howard Family Burial Ground
  • John Hubbard  Georgia Troops, buried John Hubbard Family Graveyard
  • Manoah Hubbard, 1820 Land Lottery
  • Thomas Humphries, Sr., 1820 Land Lottery, buried Thomas Humphries Cemetery
  • Robert Ivey, buried Robert Ivey Cemetery
  • Drury Jackson Corp., Slaughter's Co., 8 Va. Regt.; 1767- 1823, buried Drury Jackson Cemetery, will at courthouse
  • Richard Jarrell - 1820 Land Lottery - Irwin
  • Dempsey Justice   1766- 1827 per DAR records, buried West-Neal Cemetery, will at courthouse
  • Nathan C. Keil  Milledgeville GA 15 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.2, p.  —Serial: 6924; Volume: 14
  • John Kennon (1752-1812), served as lieutenant 1776 in the North Carolina line. He was born and married in Virginia, lived in North Carolina during the Revolution and died in Milledgeville, Ga.
  • James Lester, Sr.  Georgia Troops, died 1820 Baldwin County, buried Lester Cemetery No. 1, will at courthouse. Also in War of 1812
  • Col. John Lewis, Jr.  Georgia Troops, died 1817 Baldwin County
  • Phillip Logan, North Carolina Continental Line, pension records (dropped 1820)
  • James Lucas  served in the Revolutionary War from Georgia. He was born, 1755, in Prince Georges County, Md.; died in Milledgeville, Ga., after 1795.
  • William Matthews - born in England, died in Baldwin Co., served as private. Married Dorcas Wright.
  • James McCormick - died Baldwin Co. 1814. S. Carolina militia.
  • William McGehee Morton's Co., 4th Va. Regt. Fought in the battles of Brandywine and Guilford CH, per "Southern Recorder" Jan 31, 1829, died 1829; buried Rose-Little Cemetery, will at courthouse
  • Henry Meacham, Sr. , 1827 Land Lottery, Doles District, 1836 Will, Baldwin County, Ga
  • John Miles, Sr. 1827 Land Lottery. Wicks District, lived in Montpelier in 1801, will at courthouse
  • Thomas Miles, 1827 Land Lottery, Lingos District, died Nov. 23, 1844, in Russell Co, Alabama (pension records)
  • Nathaniel Miller, 1832 Land Lottery
  • William Moran Georgia Troops, buried William Moran and Lattimore Family Burial Grounds
  • John Morris, 1827 Land Lottery, Thomas District
  • John Myrick Georgia Troops, 1827 Land Lottery, Doles District, died 1836, buried John Myrick Family Cemetery
  • Solomon Ogden, 1820 Land Lottery
  • Richard Parham, Georgia Troops, buried Richard Parham Family Cemetery
  • David Parker, also paid taxes in Hancock 
  • Archibald Perkins, b. Goochland Co. Va, died Baldwin Co., Oct. 15, 1820, age 94 yrs.
  • Lovick Pierce, Sr. 1820 Land Lottery
  • Otey Prosser died August 3 1839, obit.
  • ____Raiford, Patience widow, 1827 lottery
  • Anderson Redding, 1827 Land Lottery, Reddings District, moved to Monroe County
  • John R. Robinson/Roberson Traylor's Co., 2 Va. Regt. In 1831, age 81, died December 18, 1832 pension list, Jeriah Robison, widow; buried John R. Robinson family cemetery
  • Richard Rowell, 1820 Land Lottery
  • James G. Russell, Virginia Militia, pension records, in 1831 he was 67 yrs old, died May 4, 1843;   Black Springs Cemetery
  • James Y. Russell,Black Springs Cemetery
  • John Rutherford, 1832 Land Lottery, served under Nathaniel Green. Buired 3 miles from Sandersville, Washington County. Died Oct. 21, 1833
  • William M. Sanford, Capt. in the Marines - served aboard the ship "George Washington."  Died 12/12/1806

  • buried in Jesse Sanford Family Cemetery
  • William Scurlock  North Carolina Militia, 1827 Land Lottery, Reddings District, 1831 he was 72 yrs old. per pension 
  • George Searcy, 1827 Land Lottery
  • Thomas Short, Jr.  (1740-1810), served, 1780, as lieutenant-colonel in the Virginia militia. He was born in Amelia County, Va.; died in Milledgeville, Ga. Thomas Short, Jr., served as captain and lieutenant-colonel of Virginia troops, 1780; died  1810, in Milledgeville, Ga.
  • William Sims, died July 1, 1810
  • Samuel SlaughterGeorgia Troops, died 1821, buried Samuel Slaugher Family Burial Ground; will at courthouse
  • Peyton Smith, died 1807 Baldwin County, Ga. Buried Eastern Baldwin Co GA 31  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.4, p.  —Serial: 9504; Volume: 6; will at courthouse
  • ______Smith, Sarah widow 1827 Lottery
  • Hubert Stephens, 1820 Land Lottery
  • Peter Stubbs, died in Baldwin County May 19 1821 (Georgia Journal)
  • Willam Scurlock, 1827 Land Lottery, Pension
  • Adam Tapley, 1827 Land Lottery, lived Bivins District
  • Benjamin Talbot/Talbert, 1820 Land Lottery, 1827 Land Lottery  Pension Application Marker: GA. Troops, but was Virginia Continental Line, 1820 Land Lottery, was 69 in 1831 pension record ; buried Memory Hill
  • James Thomas, Georgia Troops, he recived a sord from Gen. Nathaniel Greene, his superior officer for meritorus conduct, 1827 Land Lottery, Pitts District. grandfather of Confedrae Brigadier-General, Bryan M. Thomas, buried Butts-Thomas Cemetery
  • Andrew Nickolas Torrance born in Soctland, settled Va. 1766, moved to SC, then Baldwin Co. where he died July 1 1812. Married 1780 Esther Howard, Q.M. Continental Army, buried Memory Hill
  • John Watson, Stewart's Regt., Ga. Troops, buried NW Baldwin
  • Hudson Whitaker Georgia, Ensign Dawson's Co, 7 NC Regt., buried Whitaker Grave Yard
  • John Whitney, (1745-99) served as a private in Captain Sawyer's company, Colonel Dike's regiment, which assisted, 1776, at the evacuation of Boston. He was born in Harvard, Mass.; died in Milledgeville, Ga.(?)
  • Archer Worsham, 1827 Land Lottery, Nancy C. Worsham widow, Lesters District, will at courthouse

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