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Early Schools
Milledgeville/Baldwin County Georgia
Grouped By Location

105th, Gumm District, Northeast Baldwin, East of Oconee River


Rocky Creek School
 Teachers:  1917-1918 - Evangeline Butts

Sandtown School

Sparta Hwy. Teachers: 1896  Eliza L. Lindsey. 1899 - 1900 Anna G. Goodson. 1902  Geneva B. Cullens. 1903-1904  Rebecca P. Smith.
1905  Minnie Humphries, Estelle Smith.  1919 Mabel Liner.

Spring Hill School

 Lake Laurel Rd.   1908 county map.  Teachers: 1896  A. W. Sinton.  1899-1900, 1902  P. J. Farley. 1903-1904  Georgia Malcolm. 1905  Jordan B. Lawrence.  1906 - Millie Burce. 1917-1918.  Florrie Boyer. 1919  Evangeline Butts

Bass School
Rocky Creek, NE, Teachers: 1902-1903 - 1903-1904; Alice Vaughan 1906;  Beatrice A. Johnson.  1909 - Eva L. Arnold. 1910 - Annie Ennis

Morans School

School deeded to Baldwin County in 1899. Teachers: 1899-1900  Mrs. Annie W. Moran.  1902- 1903  Sophie B. Howard. 1903-1906  Mamie Torrance.  1909-1910  Nannie Finney

Rock Spring(s) School

Was located in Northeast Baldwin, 9 miles from Milledgeville near the home of J. I. Roberts.. Miss Elizabeth Thomas was prinicpal in 1911. Patrons: Geo. W. Underwood, J. I. Roberts, T. N. Willis, John M. Holder, Allen Denton,  John Kilgore, Thomas Miller, Charles S. Brown.  Eb. Hester lived here in 1920.  Methodist church meetings were held at the school house in the early 1900's.

Taylor School
 Teacher 1917-1918 - Lizzie Mae Smith

115th, Salem District,  East and Southeast Baldwin, East of Oconee River


Buck Creek School
Teachers: 1896  Lula I. Pritchard.  1899-1900, 1902 Rebecca B.Smith. 1902  Jordan B. Lawrence.  1903-1904  Anna Smith.
1906  Beda Smith. 1917-1918  Anna Fuller. 1919  Eugenia Humphries.

Friendship School

Teachers: 1896  Amanda Dickson. 1899-1900 - Eliza Speights. 1900 Mary A. Lee. 1902  Joseph W. Bloodworth. 1906 Dequella Pitts. 1917-1918 Christine Taylor. 1919 Amanda Thornton.
June Hill School
Was near Town Creek, Hwy. 24 East.

Town Creek School
Teachers: 1896 Flem Mitchell. 1906 Mary Lamar.  1917-1918 Eugenia Roberts. 1919  Vivian Andrews.

Union School

Teachers: 1896 Hattie D. Austin. 1899-1900 Joseph W. Bloodworth.  1902-1903 Rebecca B. Smith. 1903-1904  Lillie Vinson
1906 Anna Smith. 1917-1918  Ellen Johnson. 1919 J. B. Lawrence.

Walkers Chapel School

 Teachers: 1896 Pleas. J. Farley. 1899-1900 Nancy Harper.  1902-1904  Alice C. Oglesby. 1906 Hattie Clay.  1917-1918 Mattie Butts

Black Springs Academy/School
Black Springs, Sparta Hwy., was  next to Black Springs Church. Established 1860.  1860 Trustees: James M. Hall, Francis T. Miner, Eliphilet Chandler, Joseph Leonard, Brinkley Babb, Ezekiel Trice, John Speight, William A. Robinson and James M. Gumm. On 1908 Map. Teachers: 1895 - Mrs. M. E. Butts. 1897 - John F. Jackson.
1899 -1900 Mrs. Annie G. Harris.  1902-1903 Agnes C. Simpson.  1903-1904 Alice M. Vaughn. 1906 - Effie Simpson. 1910 - Nannie Finney. 1917-1918 - H. B. Brice, principal, Lillie Bivins, Alice West, Viola Hitchcock, Nettie James, Ruby Mitchell, Madeline Stiles, Laura Hicklin,  Mildred Stembridge.  1918-1919 -  Myrtle Rossee. 1920 - Bertie Roberson.  86 students enrolled in 1921 and was to be consolidated with Harmony School, Union Point School,  and Montpelier in 1921. 1922-1923 teacher  Mrs. J. H. Underwood. In 1925 Mrs. J. H. Underwood, teacher.

Buck Creek/Bucks Store/Bucks School
 Teachers: 1895 Mrs. M. E. Fowler. 1899-1900.  Miss Alma Bullard. 1902-1903 Annie Gilmore.

Gum Creek School
  Teachers:  1899- 1900 Mrs. Lucile Scott. 1903-1906  Mamie Renfoe.

Harmony School
Teachers: 1895 - Annie E. Woods. 1897 - Mrs. W. R. Renfroe.  1909 - Mamie Torrance. 1910- Mamie Torrance principal.  1917-1918 - Ruth Barber.
1918-1919 - Annie Godfrey. Was to be consolidated with Black Springs, Union Point and, Montpelier  in 1921. 1922 teacher Prof. A. C. Whitfield.

Maryville Academy
  Teachers: 1897 Heneritta Brantly. 1900 Miss Willie Roberts. 1902-1903 Laura B. Ennis. 1903-1904  Annie Gibson

Montpelier School

1 mile from Montpelier Church, Sparta Hwy.22E  1908 County Map. 76 students were enrolled in 1921. Was to be consolidated  with Harmony School,  Union Point School,  and Black Springs  in 1921

Stembridge School

 Built in 1890 on property donated by W. H. Stembridge. Trustees appointed were T. E. Pugh, W. H. Stembridge, R. D. Smith, L. L. Lester and J. A. Prosser.   Miss Hattie Vinson teacher here in 1895.

In East Baldwin, consolidated with Union Point in 1905, school to be built on land donated by T. E. Pugh.

Union Point School (link)

Was at intersection of Hwy 24 and Deepstep Rd. On 1908 County Map.
 Teachers: 1897 Clara Smith. 1899-1900  Mrs. Mary D. Sherwood.
1900 Miss Myrtis West was teacher and W. P. Williams principal. Some students were: Lizzie Mae Lary; Pearl Lary; Sam Lary; Stella Prosser; Essie Pugh, Ethel Pugh; Howard Stembridge; Jimmie Stembridge, Marion Stembridge; Roger Stembridge; Eula Simpson; Effie Simpson; Belle Simpson; Effie Simpson, Eula Simpson; Otelia Simpson; Carol Smith and Charlie Smith.  1902-1903 - Alice Simpson, 1903-1906 -  Cassie Simpson. 1910 - Mr. O. D. Chase of Johnson City, Tenn., principal
1917-1918 Effie  Heringdine, Leola Newton.  1918-1919 Alline Stevenson, Mrs. Olive Pearson.  92 students were enrolled in 1921. In 1925 B. J. Wells was prinicipal, teachers - Mrs. B. J. Wells, Miss Bessie Adams, Mrs. Florence Crocker. 

Union Point Junior High
Established 1922. Professor N. S. Timmons, principal; Miss Bertha Holt, assistant principal;
Mrs W. E. Hodges & Mrs. Florence Crocker, assistants

318 Meriweather District, north & Northwest Baldwin. West of Oconee River


Harper's Mission School
Hwy 212.  All grades. On 1908 County Map. Teachers: 1903-1904  Jordan Lawrence.  1917-1918 Odessa Sinton. 1919 Lucille Napier

Jordans Crossroads /Crossing School
Teachers: 1899-1900  Geneva B. Cullins. 1902-1904 Mary A. Davis. 1906 Fannie Bell

Morgans Chapel
Teachers: 1896, 1899-1900, 1902, 1905 Addie M. Robertson. 1906 Gertrude Caldwell. 1917-1919 Carrie Burns.

Neriah School
Hwy. 212/Neriah Rd. All grades.  County Line Primitive Baptist  Church is located there now.

Rock Mills School

Teachers: 1896 Anna P. Screens. 1899-1900 Mary A. Randall. 1902 Hattie B. Hardwick. 1903-1904  Pearl G. Adams. 1906 Julia A. Logan.  1919 Clara Hood.
Saint Mary's School
Teachers: 1896 Eliza A. Speights.  1899-1900 U. S. Johnson. 1900 Eliza A. Speights. 1902 C. A. Sinton. 1906 Carrie Hitchcock. 1917-1919 Luella Flagg.
Saint Paul's School
Teachers: 1896 Marlow Ferrell.  1899-1900 Fannie Brown.  1900 Emma Price.  1902 Mary A. Humphries. 1903-1904 Emma Price,  1917-1918 Julia Lewis. 1919  Eula Roberts.
Vaughns Chapel School
Teachers: 1896  J. B. Lawrence.  1899-1900 Lizzie B. Austin. 1902  Mary S. Brown. 1903-1904  Mamie L. Parks. 1906 Marlow McTiers. 1917- 1918 Mamie Wilson.  1919 Marlow Smothers.

Corinth Academy
West Baldwin. Old Monticello Rd.  Inc. 1826. All grades. Trustees 1826-Edmund Brantley,  Josiah Matthews, Henry Densler, Benjamin Doles, James C. Watson,  1837-Wm. D. Scoggins, L. J. Smith, Thomas Raines, James Talbot, James Jolley

Dovedale School
Teachers: 1897 - Linnie Hunt. 1899-1900 - Nannaline Myrick.  1900 -Mary M. Napier. 1906 - Edith Creswell.  1909 - Ethel Stembridge. 1910 - Lady Askew

Greenwood School
 On 1908 Map. On or near Hwy. 212. Teachers: 1902-1903 Berta Callaway.  1903-1904  Lucille M. Bullard.

Hawkins School
Teachers 1897 Eva L. Arnold

Humphries School
Meriweather, All grades. Teachers: 1909 Miss Bonner. 1917-1918  Viola Hill.  1918-1919  Pansey Smith.
In 1921 there were 100 students.

Meriwether/Academy Institute

Meriwether Community near Buck Creek. 1890 high school. Professor L. S. McSwain, principal until Aug. 1892. Miss Aurie Brantley was music teacher here in 1891.  1897 Ikie C. Hudson teacher. Closed by Oct. 1901 and the building purchased for a dwelling by Sydney Brown.

Snead School

 NW 14 miles from Milledgeville near intersection  of Stiles Rd. & Stiles Cemetery Rd.  All grades. Teachers; 1880 Mary E. Snead, 1918-1919  Laura M. Smith.  1920 Etta Stiles with a total of 10 students.  In 1921 there were only 5 students.  On 1908 County Map

319th, Pittsburg District West Baldwin, Brown's Crossing
Antioch School
Was located on old Monticello Rd.  next to Antioch Church. Teachers: 1896 Lewis A. Lee. 1899-1900 Minnie Brantley. 1900 Julia A. Logan. 1902 Cotinne M. Dozier.  1903-1904  Geneva B. Cullins. 1906  Leo Bell.  1919  Annie Washington.

 Teacher in 1896 - Viola G. Jenkins

Browns/Brown's Crossing/Browns Grove School

Teachers: 1896  J. C. Raiford. 1899-1900  Martin Harris.  1900  Minnie B. Stevens. 1902  Georgia A. Clay. 1903-1904
Ella L. Shivers.  1906 Addie Smith. 1917-1918  Lucille Napier.  1919  Lovenia Dennis.

Hooper's Chapel
Teacher - 1896 Mattie A. Bruce

Fishing Creek School
 Was off Lawrence Road. Fishing Creek Church is at current location. Teachers: 1899-1900  Rosa Pickrum. 1900 Sarah E. Williams. 1902 Rosa B. Pickrom. 1903-1904 Sarah E. Williams. 1906 Emma Russell. 1917-1918  Addie Perdue.  1919 Lucetta Perdue.

Nazarene School
 Teachers: 1896  Geneva A. Bruce.  1903-1904  Ruth Melton. 1906  Fannie C. Brown.  1917-1919  Mary Giles

Proctor's School
 Teachers: 1899-1900  Corrine Butts.  1900  India E. Wilkes. 1902  Fannie C. Brown. 1903-1904 Miss Maggie Humphreys.

Walker's Grove School
 Teachers: 1896 Mary A. Randall.  1899-1900  Mary Humphries. 1900 Viola G. Cheney. 1902  Buenos A. Jones.  1902 Anna M. White. 1903-1904 Carrie C. Willis. 1917-1918 Euphenia Houston.  1919 Alice Hutchens.

Baldwin Primary School (link)
Hwy 22 West, established 1922. Combination of Proctor. Watson & Pleasant Grove Schools.

Fannie Bonner School
Brown's Crossing, 1890's.  School was conducted in Fannie Bonner's home, terms 3-6 mos

Philadelphia Academy
West Baldwin. 1836. All grades. Trustees: Benjamin Lester, John S. Stephens, James McCrary, Shadrach Bivins and William Lewis  Act

Pine Grove School

SW Baldwin on Kitchens Rd. before 1882. All grades. Teachers: 1882-  W. P. Williams 1882.  1909 - Essie Newton. 1910 - Pearl Gilman.   1911 -  W. C. Ivey.  1917-1918 - Fannie Lane. 1918-1920 Mattie Lewis. 1922-1923 Hattie James. 77 students were enrolled in 1921.  In 1925 Miss Annie Lou Stanley was teacher.
 W.M. Kitchens, Jr was truck driver for this school according to 1930 Federal Census.

Pittsburg Academy
West Baldwin, 8 miles from Milledgeville. Opened Feb 1875.  Jno. W. Frayser was the teacher. J. W D. Webb, secretary.
Neighbors: John Wood, J. W. D. Webb, Pickney Brown, Perrian W. Brown, Mrs. Morris & Mrs. Horne per Union Recorder Jul 18 1916.

Pleasant Grove Academy/School (link)

Lawrence Rd., off Hwy 22, West. School was located across the road from church at intersection.  Open 1860 - 1921.  Trustees:
David P. Brown, Oliver P. Bonner, Thomas Morris, Thomas Horne, and Oscar V. Brown. Church & School incorporated together. Teachers: 1896-1900 - Mable Hodges.
1900 -Maggie Whitaker.  1902-1903 - Caroline Jenkins. 1904 - Pearl Tanner. 1906 - Clifford Speights.  1909 - Eleanor Adams. 1910 - Olive Bonner.  1917-1918 - Mary Lizzie Ivey.  1918-1919 - Mary Norris.  In 1921 there were 98 students. Act

Proctor School (link)
aka Clinton Road School

Brown's Crossing school district. All grades.  Teachers: 1896-1897 Mrs. F. M. Beal.  1899-1903 - Mrs. F. M. Beals. Union-Recorder  Nov. 26, 1925.

Hattie Pottle's School
Brown's Crossing. house owned by P.W. Williams. 1898 - 1900, White. All grades. Union-Recorder  Nov. 26, 1925

Sycamore Level School

This private plantation  school was located on the the Sycamore Level plantation of David B. Hill, 10 miles west of Milledgeville. J. C. White of Devon England was employed here as a teacher here in 1843 by  David B. and James A. Hill, according to an article in the Union Recorder, Oct. 11, 1898 by B. H. Hill. Mr. White, who boarded with David B. Hill,  taught the children of only five or six families, his school never numbering over 18-20 pupils.  The school house was on a little hill within a quarter of a mile of the spring, about 18x18 and  built of split pine logs.  The desks were made of rough boards, and the seats were made of logs with no backs to the puncheon seats.  A stick and dirt chimney was the source of heat.  Pokeberries were the source of ink for his quill pen. Mr. White taught at this school for one year, his fame spread and he accepted a postion as a teacher in Crawford county. Not remaining there long due to difficulty with two of his male pupils, he resigned and returned to Baldwin county and was employed by Mrs. Hill since David Hill  had died. After teaching there he resigned and became a teacher at the Academy at Milledgeville. After teaching a year or two there he returned to England.  Later H. C. White and N. S. White, the sons of J. C. White from England taught here. Some of the former pupils in 1898 were Mrs. Seymore, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Hodges (cousins), Mrs. Andrew Ross (niece), Mrs. M. A. White (sister) of B. H. Hill. (later correction - D. B. Hill)

Watson School (link)

West Baldwin. Teachers: 1909 - 1910 Mrs. F. M. Beals.  1917-1918 Mary Blitch; 1918-1919 Miss Viola Hill. All grades. Was open in 1921 and 91 students were enrolled.

320th District  Milledgeville
Eddy School (link)
First African American school in Milledgeville was opened in 1866 by the  American Missionary Society; Five white teachers were provided by the Freedman's Bureau.  The school was first located in Flagg's Baptist Church. 1869 - In March 1869 a large, new school located behind Flagg Chapel church and the land donated by the city and the school became financially supported by the city.  The first building burned in 1925, 2nd buildingin 1946. Sallie Ellis Davis Elementary School was named after her.  Closed 1947.

Academy of Baldwin County
aka Baldwin County Academy
Milledgeville, established 1811. Male and Female. Was located on southwest corner of penitentiary square in 1834.  Trustees, teachers, etc. 1811: Joel Crawford, Augustine Harris,  Hubert Reynolds, Dr. Thompson Bird.  In 1815 Abner Locke taught penmanship part time.  1818:Thompson Bird, Robert Rutherford, Samuel Boykin; teacher Charles Sidney Spencer. 1819: Rector:  Rev. Mr. Gildersleeve, Mr. Goff, assitant. 1820: Rector: Warren Isham. 1821:  Rector: Dr. William Green. 1822: Rector: William Green. Trustees: James Camak, Marlow L. Pryor, John Williams, Williams Rutherford, and Joel Crawford, Esqs. 1823: Rector: Mr. Jameson, assistant Mr. Kingsbury. 1824- Rector: Mr, Blanchard; female dept. Miss McKenzie 1828: Rector:Joseph, daughter Miss S. H. Folker. 1829: Rector: - Rev. Mr. Preston, Mr. McGill and Mr. Bowland were teachers Trustees:  John Williams, William D. Jarratt, William Y. Hansell, S. K. Hodges. 1830: Rector:Warren Isham principle, Martha Spaulding teacher. Acts

Capitol School
Milledgeville 1873. All grades. J H. Allen teacher

Factory Mission School
1867. Rev. Benjamin Johnson of St. Stephens Episcoplal Church was superintendant taught about 100 children to read.

Georgia Normal and Industrial College now
Georgia College & State University (link)
Milledgeville 1891.  On site of old pententiary. Created by act of the General Assembly

G. M. C. Grammar School

 Teachers: 1917 -1918  Julia Moore, principal, 7th; - Lois Crawford, 6th - Lucy Brown, 5th;  Sadie Humphrey, 4th Mattie E. Moore, 3rd - Cassie Simpson, 2nd; Inez Ellison 1st. in 1918-1919 - J. J Marshburn. president, Julia Moore principal, Agnes Stembridge, Mattie Moore, Benita Allen, Josephine Bethune. Cassie Simpson; 1922 - 1923 - Julia Moore, principal, 6th grade Cassie Simpson, 5th Agnes Stemridge, 4th Mattie Moore, 3rd Mamie Pitts, 1st, Eunice Bell.

Masonic Collegiate Institute

High school for boys established by Benevolent Lodge No. 3, F. A. M., opened in Milledgeville Jan 2, 1868. Scholarships were $25 each, for 1 yrs tutition and were to be gotten from John M. Clark or J. H. Nichols, Treasurer of the Board. The charge was $50 without a scholarship. Rev. Benjamin Johnson was in charge of the school. Samuel G. White was president of the Board of Trustees.

Middle Georgia Militiary and Agricultural College
now Georgia Military College (link)

Milledgeville. Open Jan 1880. Began as coed college. Located in state capital building. Created by act of the General Assembly. Started with 219 male and female students. Faculty: Dr. W. S. Dudley, president, Professor O. M. Stone, V. P. and James E. Witherspoon. Military department - O. T. Xeiman, Esq. commandant. Female teachers 1880: Carrie Fair, Mary Herty, Birdie Little, Allece Wright, Rosa Stallings. Macon Telegraph and Messenger 7-15-1880. Professor J C Hinton , fall of 1880. 1899 - 1900 - Miss Manie B. Jones, Miss O'Nora Ennis, Miss Julia Moore, Miss Effie A. Moore, Miss Sarah E. Perry, Miss Mittie A. Shea, Mrs. Lucy P. Walker, Miss Henrietta Brantley. Old Photos

Milledgeville High School
Mr. O. M. Cone was principal in 1879 and Mrs Mosely, of Eatonton was teacher replacing Mrs.Goetchius

Milledgeville Academy

Was on state house square on Wayne St. present site of Presbyterian Church. Milledgeville See 1830 map. c. 1818 Samuel Boykin, Robert Rutherford, town commissioners in 1819. Chilly McIntosh, son of  Lower Creek Chief William McIntosh was a student here in 1819,

Milledgeville Business College

Opened in the new Ohlman building in 1905 by J. H. Dickinson and J. T. Stevens of Tennille. Taught telegraphy, railroad accounting and typewriting.

Milledgeville Male Academy

In 1851 B. S. Miller was appointed teacher. Trustees were R. M. Orne, C, J. Paine, I. L. Harris and J. U. Horn. Jan 1852  J. A. Dennis was in charge. Feb 1853 W. R. Grow was principal. O. M. Cone teacher in 1870 took Mr. Roberts place. Mr Cone left the school and moved away in 1874 and Mr. Allen was elected to teacher for the year 1875..  Cone's High School - Mrs Herty teacher 1876.

Peabody Model School
Milledgeville. 1891. Grammar. High school added later. George Peabody Bio.  Was part of GNIC/GCSU. teaching school.

Roberts Academy
W. Henry Roberts,  Milledgeville, 1870.

Miss Sarah Ann Rockwell was a teacher in "her school" in Milledgeville in the 1870's

321th Midway/Hardwick, Harrisburg, Hopewell.
Scottsboro &Trilby became 1714 Dist. in 1912


Black Creek School
Trilby Hwy. 112, near Wilkinson Line. School was next to Black Creek Church. Teachers: 1896 Joseph W. Bloodworth. 1899-1900  Hattie Bland. 1900  Hattie D. Austin. 1902-1904  Gussie M. Hall. 1906 Mary Randall. 1917-1918  Pearl Ribsy. 1919 - Lucy Stevens.

Freedman's High School
Midway c. 1869. Opened by Freedman's Bureau

Harrisburg School No 1

Harrisburg Community. 1871-1952.  Teachers:  1895 Moses P. Austin. 1899-1900 Charles Youngblood. 1901 Ulysses S. Johnson.  1902 Eliza A. Speights.   1903-1904  Mollie A. Bruce.  1906- 1907  Sallie Ellis.  1917-1918  Hattie Myrick, Gertrude Hitchock.  1919  Mary West and Viola Lee.

Harrisburg School  No. 2
Harrisburg Community. 1871-1952.  Teachers: 1906 - 1907 - Corinne Blount.

Hopewell School

 Teachers: 1899 - Anna L. Harris. 1899-1900 Mollie Bruce. 1900 - Sallie A. Bruce. 1902 - Willie G. Cook. 1903-1904 Mollie A. Bruce. 1906- Mollie A. Bruce. 1909- Bernice Amoss. 1910 - Ethel Pugh. 1925 - Miss Annie Lou Dunn
Scottsboro School
 Scottsboro Teachers: 1896 Anna E. Compton; 1899-1900. Viloa Cheny. 1900 Fannie C. Brown.  1902-1904 - Mary A. Randall. 1906 Arrie Austin. 1917-1918 Maggie Veal . 1919  Mattie Veal 1922-1923 - Prof. J. L. Lawrence principal, Hattie Richardson, assistant.

Shiloh School
 1896 teacher - Matin V. Harris

Wright's Grove School

 Teachers: 1896 Ellen A. Bailey. 1899-1900 Mary S. Brown.  1902-1904 - Julia A. Logan. 1906 Viola Thomas.  1917-1918  Eliza Speights, Elsie Hutchin.;  1919 Alice Speights and Edna Singleton.

Chalmers Female Institute/College
Scottsboro 1848. Private institute. Trustees 1849: Rev. Washington Baird, E. Monroe Wright. Rev. Washington Baird Teacher; Mrs. Wright Assisting. 1850: Advertisement Principals  Rev.  Washington Baird, Rev. C.M. Shepperson. Mary E. Shepperson, various literary & ornamental branches. Mon. C. E. Tauxe, from University of Zurich, Switzerland, Professor of Modern Lanuguages ; Prof. I. N. Loomis.  Incorporated 1854. 1854: Washington Baird, Principal, and Seaton Grantland, Farish Carter, A. H. Hansell, J. T. Tucker, H. V. Johnson, Tomlinson Fort, S. K. Talmage, J. W. Baker, M. Grieve, I. L. Harris, D. R. Tucker, and James C. Whitaker.

Hall(s) School

Teachers: 1895 Mamie Holloway. 1897 Sophie Howard.  1902-1903. 1917-1918 Maude Smith. 1918-1919 Sarah Lawrence.  70 students were enrolled in 1921.

The Hermitage Female Academy/Seminary

Scottsboro 1832. Private female academy. Washington Baird, Principal, Catherine Fitzgerald advertised this school in 1835. L. Lataste was teacher here in 1833. In 1838 was combined with Scottsboro Female Institute and called Scottsboro Female Seminary and run by William E. Anderson, principal.

Hopewell School

Hopewell Community 4 miles west of Milledgeville. Teachers: 1893 Rebecca Bearden. 1894 Cora Mahone. 1895 Miss Louie Cook. 1897 Mary L. Hall. 1899-1900 Miss Louie Cook. 1899 - 1900  Miss Annie Cook. 1902-1904 Annie Ray. 1906 Miss Willie G. Cook. 1909 Bernice Amoss. 1917-1919  Rosie Cook. 1922 Rosie Cook. In 1913 the teacher Miss Cook and 25 students were in the building when a tornado hit & destroyed the building - no serious injuries.. 89 students were enrolled in 1921.

Leonicera/Lonicera Academy

Midway. Established 1826.  All grades. Trustees: James Lamar, William W. Carnes, Benjamin H. Reynolds, James Bonner, John A. Jones. Act   Lonicera is Latin for Honeysuckle

Midway Elementary
See 1956 Photo

Midway. 321st Dist. White.  Teachers: 1896-1897 Mrs. M. D. Sherwood. 1899-1900 Mamie Torrance. 1900- 1903 Kate B. Snipes.  1903-1904 Helen Skinner. 1909 Agnes Stembridge, Marion Holllinshead, Mrs. Ola B. Edwards. 1910 - Joseph Duke, principal;  teachers: Marion Hollinshead, Agnes Stembridge, Mamie Griswold.  1917-1918 J. L. Lawrence, Agnes Stembridge, Mattie Vaughn, Jessie Allen;  1918-1919  J. L. Lawrence prinicpal, Jessie Allen, Eula Simpson, Flossie Simpson. 80 students were enrolled in 1921.  In 1925 O. J. Holliman was principal, teachers were Miss Mamie Torrence, Mrs. Cora Holt, Miss Willie Mae Pettigrew and Mrs. O. J. Holliman.

Midway Female Seminary (link)

Midway c. 1837. female boarding school. Trustees:Col. J.S. Thomas, Col. D.C. Campbell; A. M. Nisbet, Esq.; D. Tucker, Esq. A.M. Nisbet, Esq.; Harper Tucker, Esq. John B. Mallard, Principal and Addie Green , Teacher (1848)

Midway Junior High

Midway. White. Established 1922. Professor J. F. McCluney, principal; Mrs. J. D. Willis, assistant principal, Miss Leola Newton & Miss Bessie Adams, assistants. See 1956 Photo

Midway High School

Midway. From Georgia Weekly Telegraph 2-7-1871. At Old Oglethorpe University. In 1871 Prof. R. C. Smith, Principal, Rev. C. W. Lane, Lecturer on Natural Sciences, W. D. Seymour, Instructor in Mathematics. Two terms 5 months each. Primary Class $20 term, Middle class, $25 term, Highest, $30 term. Boarding in good families can be had for $15. mo. Designed for boys and young men, girls and young ladies would not be refused admission. Wm. McKinley, Pres. Board of Trustees

Midway Male and Female Academy
Midway. 1833 Trustees: Richard J. Nichols, Thomas Ragland ,Thomas Foard, William J. Davis, Benjamin H. Reynolds

Midway Seminary

Midway. Established 1835 . Male boarding school. Trustees:Charles W. Howard, Samuel Rockwell, Baradel Stubbs, John A. Cuthbert, Dr. C.P.Beman, Mr. Ramsey teachers.

Miss Floyd's School at Midway

 Miss Kate Floyd opened her coed school in 1869 in the Midway chapel, whch was near the railway station in Midway and Col. W. G. McAdoo's residence. It was moved to the Old Academy building in Midway near the residence of John Hammond in 1871.

Mosleyville School

Mosleyville Hwy 112/Vinson Hwy.  Teachers: 1896 Nellie G. Underwood. 1899 Agnes Stembridge. 1899- 1900 Miss Ela Florine Coker.  1902-1903, 1903-1905  Agnes Stembridge. On 1908 County Map. Consolidated with Midway School in 1905.

Mount Pleasant School

Mt. Pleasant Community
Teachers: 1895 Kate Wheeler; 1897 Isaac J. Peeler. 1899-1900 Bertha M. Jackson. 1902-1904 Bertha Gilman. 1909. 1914 Mattie Goodwin; Leone Etheridge.
1910: Marion Stembridge, principal; Marie Wynn, assistant. 1917-1919 Mamie Cormanni. 1919 Rosa Hodges.   86 students were enrolled in 1921. 1922- Lorene Humphries, principal, Senie Hubbbard, assistant. Some students in 1900: Eleanor Allen, James Allen, Ophelia Batson, Fannie Batson, John Batson, Benny Beck, Lydie Wood, Cora Johns, May Wood, Walton Batson, Laura Allen, Mattie Beck, Levi Smith.

Oglethorpe University (link)

Midway. 1835. Trustees: Thomas Goulding, S. S. Davis, S. J. Cassels, S. K. Talmadge, J. C. Patterson, H. S. Pratt, Robert Quarterman, Charles W. Howard, C. C. Jones, Joseph H. Lumpkin, Washington Poe, Eugenius A. Nesbit, William W. Holt, B. E. Hand, Richard K. Hines, Samuel Rockwell, John A. Cuthbert, Tomlinson Fort, J. Billups, Charles C. Mills, Charles P. Gordon, John H. Howard, Thomas B. King and Adam L. Alexander Act

Scottsboro Female Institute aka
Scottsboro Female Academy (link)

Scottsboro 1828. Trustee: Farish Carter.  Robert C. Brown, Rector.  Household and School furniture, etc. sold by auction Dec. 1835. Bought by Lucien & Victor Lataste and the name changed to Georgia Female College aka Seminary. In 1840  Shaler G. Hillyer was principal. He sold his proberty and moved to Penfield. Opened in 1845 by S. W. Baker

Scottsboro Male Academy

Scottsboro 1831. Trustees: Lucius Q. C. Lamar, Farish Carter, Seaton Grantland, James Bozeman. Green Jordan, Samuel Rockwell
Thomas W. Baxter. Act
Scottsboro School
Scottsboro Teachers: 1896 Cora Ennis. 1897 Leila Ostendorff. 1899-1900 Miss Annie Gimore. 1902-1903 Alma M. Bullard; 1906 Maggie Humphrey.  1917-1918 - Pauline Smith.  1918-1919 Gladys Tindall. 85 students were enrolled in 1921. In 1925 teachers were Mrs. Roy Baisden, Jr & Miss Bessie Richardson

State Farm School

State Prison Farm on Hwy 22. Established 1903 for children of the workers at the state farm. It was here until wind storm tore the bldg down in early 1920's, then children went to GMC. 1 room bldg also used for church. Teachers: 1903 - 1904 - Alice  M. Wright.  1909 Berta Williamson.  1910 - Florence Stembridge;
1917-1918 -  Laura Bell Stembridge;  1918 - 1920  Lucy Hargrove. 1922-1923 - Ruth King  92 students enrolled. In 1920 a tree was planted for Isaac Newton Maxwell who died in WWI.

St. Johns School
Midway (?)Bertha N. Gilman was teacher here in 1905.

Talmage School

Midway. High School. Boarding and Day School.  Former location of Oglethorpe University.  In 1874 the old College was repair and in October the school opened by Prof. Benjamin T. Hunter of Athens. It was open until 1876 when Prof. Hunter went to Macon to teach after insufficient patronage to sustain the school.

Trilby School

Trilby Hwy. 112, near Little Black Creek.   1908 County Map. Teachers: 1899-1900 Miss Bessie Hill. 1902-1902  Mrs. Ola Edwards. 1903-1904  Franes M. Beals. 1909 Julia Riley. 1910 - Silbey Wicher.  1917-1918 - Elizabeth Smith. 1918-1919 - Frances Ferguson. 1920 - Clarbelle Torrance.  75 students enrolled in 1921.

322th, Coopers, Stevens Pottery Southwest Baldwin
County Line  School
Hwy 49 SW. Was located next to County Line Church.  Teachers: 1899-1900 Eula Hill.  1902-1903 Mamie L. Parks. 1903-1904  Isabelle Lites. 1906  Mattie B. Pitts.  1917-1918  Hattie Milton. 1918- 1919  Isabelle Reeves.

Mitchell Zion School
Was located at or near Mitchell Zion Church on Union Hill Church Rd. Teachers: 1917-1918  Isabelle Reeves. 1919Alfred Kyle

No. 1 M & E. R. R.
Teacher in 1896 John I. Dickson

Stevens Pottery School
Teachers: 1899, 1900, 1902, 1903-1905 Marlow D. Ferrell. 1906 Elia Speights. 1917-1918 Zira Thomas.

Torrance Chapel School
Wast at or near Torrance Chapel Church.  Pancras Rd, SW, near Coopers.All grades.

Camp Creek School
 Teacher wanted for school at Camp Creek was advertised by T. J. Finney and R. D. Ivey in 1864 newspaper. Was next to Camp Creek Church, 1908 County Map. Teachers: 1885 - Mr. Gladin. 1890 - Mamie Torrance. 1892 - Helen Rice. 1895 - Eva Arnold. 1897-1898 - Mamie Torrance. 1899-1900 - Mamie L. Roberts. 1902 - Ikie Hudson. 1903-1904  - Mamie Allbritten. 1905 - Mamie Torrance. 1906 - Leone Gumm.  1910 - Rossee Cook.  1914 - Bessie Adams. 1917 - Emily Keller. 1 teacher school in 1921 with 86 students enrolled. 1922 teacher - Mrs. M. L. Weaver. Some students in 1898: Sam Humphries, Washie Humphries, Alonzo Gladin, Carrie Gladin,  Ivey Gladin,Johnnie Gladin, Mattie Goodwyn,  Lois Martin, Louis Martin, Susie Martin, Eddie McCullars, Effie McCullar, Smith McCullar, Texie McCullar, Agnes Medlin, Lucy Minter, Nannie Minter, Henry Osborn, Lula Osborn, Belle Pettigrew, Ben Pettigrew,  Glover Pettigrew, Maggie Pettigrew, Ellis Torrance, Gus Torrance, Mildred Traynham, John Williams, Mary Williams,  Patie Williams, Abbie Vinson, Carrie Vinson.

Coopers/Cooperville School (link)

Gordon Road. Cooperville., S. W. All grades.  Teachers: 1885 Mr. McCarthy. 1896 Ikie C. Hudson. 1897 Mary B. Lawrence.   1899-1900, 1902-1904 - C. Bobbie Gause. 1913  George Wheeler principal. 1917-1918 Elizabeth Echols, Mattie Goodwin, Beulah Branan. 1918-1919 G. L. Andrews principal, teachers - Mattie Goodwin. Beaulah Brannen. 1921-1922 Prof. J. A. Maddox, principal, Eula Simpson, assistant principal assistants, Mrs. J. R. Watkins, Mary Vaughn.  83 students were enrolled in 1921. In 1925 Rev. J. L. Lawrence was principal, teachers were Miss Louis Hicks, Miss Lanette O'Neal, Miss Mattie Lou Ivey.

Cooperville Junior High

Established 1922. Professor J. A. Maddox, principal, Eula Bell Simpson, Assistant Principal, Mrs. J. R. Watkins & Miss Mary Vaughn, teachers.

Cooperville High School

Professor Grover Bloodworth was the prinicipal in 1916. In 1920 the teachers were Miss Brannan, Miss Brake, Miss Jewett. Principal and Ralph Moran was principal.

Ennis School circa 1899-1904
Photo courtesty of  Pamela Deck via Essie Ivey Henroid her grandmother, daughter of Julius Alonzo Ivey via Michelle Grimes
Ennis School

Was located on Ennis property on Hwy. 49/betwwen County Line Church Rd. & Brown's Crossing Rd.  Teachers: 1895 Miss Rebecca F. Bearden. 1897 Sophie E. Bostick. 1899-1900 Miss Sophia B. Howard. 1902-1903, 1903-1904 Miss Ikie C. Hudson. 1906 V. Beatrice Johnson.  Source: 1908 County Map

Matilda Chapel at Union Hill

3 miles west of Stevens Pottery. 1887 Susan E, Minter.  1895-1896 Charles G. Byington W. T. Minter, P. F. Bloodworth, W. H. Manderson.  Some students in 1896: Grover Bloodworth, Johnnie Ivey, Horace Manderson, Lillie Roberts, Henry Brown, Cleleland Etheridge, Mirtie Brown, Mamie Gibson, Mattie Goodwin, Priscilla Goodwin, Ludie Torrance, Doria Manderson, Eva Torrence, Ollie Ivey, Lizzie Ivey, Abbie Vinson, Mattie May Ivey

Matilda Chapel at Stevens Pottery
 consolidated with Cooperville

Salem School

Southwest Baldwin, Teachers: 1909 -Miss Kate Roberts; 1910 -  Kate Roberts; Abbie Hill; Ola Edwards.  In 1911- Mrs. Ola Barnes  Edwards was principal and  Kate Roberts Williams, assistant as well as Miss Rosie Bell Cook. In 1912 the school was a new 3 room building large enough for 130 children with patent desk and black boards. Also in 1912 a private term was started and taught by Addie Speights.  In 1916 - Miss Martin of Lynchburg and Adams of Eatonton were teachers here and boarded with Mrs. William Rice.  In 1917- teachers were Olive B. Pearson and Sara Barnes. 1917-1918 - Mamie Torrance, Iris Wilkinson. 1919 William Rice  & J T Bloodworth were trustees of the school.  80 students were enrolled in 1921. Teachers -1921 were Hattie James, principal, Mary Smith and Lorena Humphries. Some students in 1921 were W. A. Torrance, Lizzie Humphres, Calvin Rice, Mary Neal, Reginald Martin, Aliza Pettigrew, Ansie L. Evans, Minter Patterson, Edgar Bloodworth, Laura Wilkinson, Albert Huff, William Bloodworth, John Collins. Teacher 1922-1923 - Connie Jones, principal, Beulah Brannen, assistant. In 1925 Dozier Pettigrew was principal and Miss Amie Clyde Veal was teacher.

Stevens Pottery School

Stevens Pottery, Teachers: Laura Glenn was a teacher here in 1880. She lived with her brother John Glenn, sister-in-law Fanny Stevens Glenn, niece Matilda Glenn. Students boarding with them were Huldy A. Allen and Fannie Davis. A new school house was built in 1885.  Teachers: 1885 - Miss Smarr 1892 - Miss Carrington. 1895 Fannie D. Williams. 1897 Clara Perry.  1899-1900 Clara Perry. 1900  Fannie Perry. 1902-1903  L. V. Strickland. 1903-1904  J. T. Stephenson. Consolidated with Cooperville in 1905.

Union Hill School

Union Hill Church Rd. southwest Baldwin Co.  was next to Union Hill Church.  Teachers:  1892 - Annie Bostick; 1899-1900 Miss Ike C. Hudson. 1902-1903  Ida L. Armstrong, 1903-1904 Kate F. Roberts 1906.  Mr J. T. Dupree. 1909 Ethel Pugh. 1920 Bethel Beck.  1922-1923 - Iris Wilkinson. 1925 Miss Leola Newton.
Vinson Grove School
Cobb Bridge Road. Deed in the Baldwin County Deed Book Y p271 1899,  that John William Vinson grants 1 acre in 322nd District adjacent to R.T. Adams on Cobb Bridge Road. Information from Laura Northrop

Unknown  Locations, etc.

Mt. Mariah School
African American,Teachers: 1917 - 1918 - Mamie Etheridge; 1919 -  Geneva Lewis.

New Mt. Sion/Zion
African American, Teachers: 1917-1918 - Otelia Rivers; 1918-1919 - Susie Quarker

House of John Bozeman

House of John Bozeman. 1819. Ga. Journal 19 Jan 1819. R.B  Washington..Will open an English School. 25 Jan. in the house of John Bozeman....his dau. Elizabeth Snead will take charge of the Female dept...first quarter's tuition, $ advance.

Henry Dension was  a teacher here in 1819.

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