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Baldwin County, Ga
Will Abstracts Surname D

 WILLIAM DAVIS  (of Chatham County)  3/31/1829 - 5/12/1829
Wife: Sarah
Children: William G. Davis, Fleming G. Davis, children by last marriage not
named, Ann J. Paine, Mary E. Harris
Others mentioned: Theodocius Barton; Seaton Grantland; William Low; John
McPherson Berrien; Hetty Minis; Abby Minis; Philip Minis

GILL DAYS 3/23/1834 - 5/14/1834
Wife: Lydia
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Jarres Jolly

JAMES A. DELAUNEY    3/20/1831 - 5/ /1832
Wife: Emily
Children: Francis V. Delauney, others not named
Others mentioned: Benjamin F. White; William Stanton; William Ellis

MARIA L.  DELAUNAY  3/7/1843 - 12/6/1854
Children: Oephelie E. Delaunay, Susan M. Delaunay, Francis L. Delaunay,
Emily M. Delaunay, Pauline C. Delaunay, Edward W. Delaunay, George C. Delaunay
Others mentioned: Brother - Thomas White;  Nieces - Ann M. Dickinson, Maude
Jane White;  Lafayette Carrington; Joseph H. Nesbit;  J.I. Mitchell;
Samuel G. White; Benjamin A. White

 MARY ANN DENTON  4/28/1849 - 9/10/1849
Children: James W. Denton
Others mentioned: Sister - Helena Berry;  Sister-in-law - Eliza Minor;
Niece - Mary Rogers;  Agent - Augustus W. Randolph;  Oliver Johnson; John G. Park;
John W. Gay; Josiah W. Wooten

ARCHIBALD DEVEREAUX 5/3/1816 - 3/3/1817
Wife: Eliza
Children: not named
Others mentioned:  Niece - Eliza Steel;   Tomlinson Fort; R. Lewis; O.F.

 JOSEPH DIGBY 9/1/1816 - 11/4/1816
Wife: not named
Children: William Digby, Cincinnatus Digby, James Digby, Anderson Digby,
Sally Digby, Polly Digby, Huldah Digby, Rebecca Digby
Others mentioned:  Josiah Parsons; David Cox; Benjamin Forgerson; Arthur
Redding; James Pettigrew; Nathaniel Waller

JESSE DOLES  1/4/1826 - 11/28/1831
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: Benjamin Doles, Thomas Doles, Elizabeth Doles (deceased), Sarah
Others mentioned:  Son-in-law - Azariah Butts;   Daughter-in-law - Sophia
Doles;  Grandchildren - Mary Patterson, Nancy Brewer, Jesse Calvin
Anderson, Zachariah Doles, Nancy Butts, Polly Butts, Lucy Butts, William
Butts, Betsey Butts, Matilda Butts;  James C. Watson; John Hannon; Henry
Densler; Levin J. Smith

THOMAS  DOLES  2/10/1842 - 3/3/1845
Wife: Mary
Children: Joseph Doles, Jesse Doles, John Doles,
Patsy Wilscher, Jensy Windham, Sarah Grice
Others mentioned: Wife of Joseph - Martha W.; Wife of Jesse - Nancy;
Patsy's husband - Jerry Wilsher;  Husband of Jensy - Reuben Windham;
Husband of Sarah - William Grice;  Granddaughter - Betsy Doles (John &
Vicey);  Rev. John Fellwood; Stephen Bassett; John M. Johnson; William Lego

 DENNIS DOYLE 10/3/1834 - 1/ /1840
Wife: Mary A.
Children: Frances W.A. Doyle, Georgian T. Doyle, Benjamin R.C. Doyle
Others mentioned: Perry Scott & wife Elizabeth; W.R. Hill & wife Louisa;
Elam Johnson & wife Frances D.;  James B. Boyer & wife Mary E.;  Samuel S.
Miles; Minerva C. King; Cyrus C. King

 PETER DUBOSE  Sr.   6/10/1821 - 1/4/1822
Wife: Sarah
Children: James Dubose, Amos Dubose, Peter Dubose, Elizabeth Hodge
Others mentioned:  Grandsons - Peter Dubose, Amos Dubose, Peter Dubose,
Reuben Dubose (sons of Peter Washington County, GA); Granddaughters -
Catherine Dubose, Mary Dubose (dau. of Peter);  John G. Thomas; J.T.
Thomas; Thomas Miles; Quenton Hay

ANDERSON DUBORG   6/18/1834 - 9/5/1850
Wife: Virginia
Children: not named
Others mentioned:  Sister - Eugenia DuBorg;  Francis V. DeLaunay;
James L. DeLaunay; Oephalie Oliva DeLaunay; B.P. Stubbs
Land in France

VIRGINIA DUBORG 2/18/1848 - 3/ /1848
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Brothers - Francis DeLaunay (deceased), Gustavus
DeLaunay, Thomas W. White  Sister - Oephalie Stewart;  Francis DeLaunay's
children - Emily DeLaunay, Pauline DeLaunay, Susan DeLaunay, Gilmer
DeLaunay, Edward DeLaunay, Oephalie DeLaunay, James DeLaunay, Alphonse
DeLaunay, Gustavus DeLaunay;  John Stewart;  Adopted daughter - Virginia E.
Stewart;  Maria S. DeLaunay; Mary V. White;  Miller Grives;  H.J. Osborne;
D.M. Edwards; W.H. Underwood

 ANN DYER  11/11/1826 - 1/ /1831
Husband: Thomas Dyer
Children: Thomas M. Dyer, John Dyer, Emily Bacot (Darlington District SC), Sarah Shelton
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - David Shelton;  James Bozeman;  Thomas Davley

sources:  Baldwin County, Georgia Will Book A 1807-1832, Abstractions compiled by Francis Igmire
LDS #415161

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2004