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Baldwin County, Ga
Will Abstracts Surname G

 MRS. ANN E. GEDDES  12/12/1843 - 11/9/1848
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - David C. Campbell;  Granddaughters - Anna
Eliza Campbell, Harriet Catherine Campbell, John Bulow Campbell, Charles
Geddes Campbell, Caroline Joana Campbell, Robert Meminger Campbell;
Tomlinson Fort; Endocia W. Ford

 EGGLESTON GHOLSON  3/5/1823 - 5/5/1823
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Sisters - Sarah Harper, Agnes Arnold, Sarah Chatham;
Brother: John Gibson, John Gholson;  Brother-in-law - George R. Chatham;
David Moore (son of Clement Moore); Benjamin Cachet; John Sneed; Thomas H.Moore

 JAMES  GLADEN 9/4/1845 - 3/3/1851
Wife: Patience
Children: James Gladen, Patience Pulley, others not named
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - James Pulley, Stephen Mills;
John O.Prosser; Michael Leonard; James S. Simpson

 REUBEN BRADFORD GOODWIN  7/4/1826 - 10/6/1826
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Mother - Sarah Goodwin;  Sister - Eliza Castlen of
Virginia; 1/2 Sister - Carolina Day; 1/2 Brothers - Samuel Grantland,
Seaton Grantland; Children of Eliza Castlen & Carolina Day; John R. Smith; John Leonard

 PRISCILLA GRAY 8/3/1822 - 10/18/1826
Children: Thomas S. Bonner, Druscilla Brown, Polly Stovall
Others mentioned: Edward Cary; James Bozeman; Littleton Atkinson

ZACHARIAH   GRAY 12/8/1815 - 1/17/1818
Wife: Priscilla
Children: Aurelia Kennan
Others mentioned: Thad. G. Holt; Jacob Barrow; J.W. Devereaux

 MICHAEL  GRAYBILL 3/15/1839 - 1/ /1840
Wife: Judith
Children: not named
Others mentioned: John Graybill; Edmund I. Butts; Jesse G.B. Graybill;
John W. Graybill;  Asa J. Bishop; George W. Butts; Appleton Bivins

 ELIZABETH  GREEN  5/10/1842 - 8/7/1847
Children: Thomas H. Green, Joseph J. Green, William T. Green, Martha
Anderson (Meriwether County, GA)
Others mentioned: Charles S. Hurt;  L. Crittenden;  Joel E. Hurt

SAMUEL GREENLEE  6/27/1822 - 1/7/1823
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Brothers - James Greenlee, David Greenlee (of Rockbridge
County, VA);  Sarah Minor (infant daughter of Mary Minor of Baldwin Co.);
Nathan Dillard;  Simon Whitaker;  John H. Howard;  Benjamin J. White;  John Whitaker

 JOHN GRIMES 7/21/1843 - 5/2/1853
Wife: Mary
Children: George Benjamin Grimes, William J. Grimes, Malinda Grimes
Others mentioned: Matthew Lord & son Wiley Lord;  Jeremiah Sanford;
John Evans; Mary West

sources:  Baldwin County, Georgia Will Book A 1807-1832, Abstractions compiled by Francis Igmire
LDS #415161

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2004