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Baldwin County, Ga
Will Abstracts Surname L - M

 THOMAS LAMAR 12/10/1810 - 3/4/1811
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: Patsey Smead, Sophia Wille?
Others mentioned: Brother - John Lamar;  John Herbert; John Ragland;
Jeremiah Lamar; James Reynolds

ZACHARIAH LAMAR  1/23/1832 - 11/1/18__
Wife: not named
Children: John Basil Lamar, Andrew Jackson Lamar, Mary Ann Lamar
Others mentioned: Lucius Q.C. Lamar; Jesse Robinson; Robert McComb; William G. Lane; Isaac Newell

JAMES LAMAR  2/13/1819 - 6/27/1820
Wife: not named

 JAMES LESTER 2/13/1819 - 6/27/1820
Wife: not named
Children: James D. Lester, Eli Lester, Benjamin L. Lester, William C. Lester, Selia Smith
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - John H. Smith;  Hines Holt; Alfred B. Holt; Philip T. Calhoun

 ELIZABETH LEWIS 1/10/1825 - 1/24/1825
Children: William Lewis, Fielding Lewis, Richard Lewis, Fauntleroy Lewis, Ulysses Lewis
Others mentioned: Sons-in-law - William Kennon, D. Stone, ....Dawson;
Daughter-in-law - Lucy Lewis;  William H. Torrance

COLONEL JOHN LEWIS  1/1/1817 - 9/15/1817
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: William Lewis, Fielding Lewis, Charley Lewis, Austin Lewis (deaf & dumb)
Others mentioned: Hiram Starrs; John L. Harris; Stephen Sanders;
Granddaughter - Elizabeth Lewis Sturges

WILLIAM LEWIS  2/20/1851 - 3/21/1851
Wife: Margaret
Children: William Lewis, Marianne Lewis
Others mentioned:  Son-in-law - John W. Pettigree;  George Reeves;  George W. Ward;  William Rice

W. J. LEWIS  7/17/1854 - 9/7/1854
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned:  Mother - Mrs. Ann D. Guasina;  Stepfather - William R.
Guasina;  Iverson L. Harris;  F.D. Ross;  F.W. Cullens;  Wiley Cullens

ZILPHA MAHON 4/2/1850 - 5/9/1850
Children: Elias Mahon, Dixon Mahon
Others mentioned: Grandchildren - Lucretia Mahon, Martha Mahon (Elias);
Moses Caraker; J.E. Ewing; Charles L. Hawley

CHARLES MALONE  1/20/1836 - 5/2/1836
Wife: Martha
Children: Mary W. Malone, Julia Howard
Others mentioned:  Son-in-law - Mark Howard;  Brother - John A. Malone;
Sister - Elizabeth Crew;  Howell Peebles; Stith Parham Myrick; W.F. Scott;
William Sanford; John B. Dyer

HENRY W.  MALONE  3/6/1835 - 9/17/1835
Wife: Francis R.
Children: not named
Others mentioned:  Father - Charles Malone;  Sister - Mary W. Malone; Uncle
- Henry Weaver;  Aunt - Elizabeth Crew;  Children of Elizabeth Crew;
Elizabeth Ann Darnell; Rev. William Capers & son Francis W. Capers;  Henry
Darnell; Samuel Boykin; Thomas Foard; Thomas H. Hill; Jacob Fagle; George A. Brown

JOHN H. MANDERSON  2/14/1825 - 12/15/1826
Wife: not named
Children: George Manderson, Joana Manderson, children of John Manderson, dec. , Jeanette
Troubbeville, Mary Manderson, Sidney/Sydney Adams (daughter)
Others mentioned: Sons-in-law - Jesse Troubbeville, Robert Adams;
Executors: Tomlinson Fort; Lewis Bond; Witnesses: Lewis Bond, John H. Wales, Samuel Sanford
Note: all children born out of wedlock but acknowledged as heirs as well as their descendants.

 MRS. ANN MARLOR  7/14/1842 - 11/10/1845
Children:  Elizabeth Bethune
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - Benjamin T. Bethune;  Iverson L. Harris;
John L. Barringer; John Bayne; James H.R. Washington

 WILLIAM MARTIN 12/4/1807 - 11/7/1808
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Brother - David Martin;
 Nephew - John Martin (son of David);
E. Owens; Benjamin Robinson

 JEREMIAH MATHEWS 1/29/1808 - 10/11/1813
Wife: Polly
Children: William Abraham Mathews, Josiah Mathews, Rhese Mathews, Sally
Grimsley, Christian Parker, Rebecca Mathews, Polly Mathews, Oebel Mathews, Nancy Mathews
Others mentioned: Cousin - John Mathews;  Mathew Mathews; Hardy Herbert

 CATHERINE McGEHEE  / /     - 12/22/1846
Children: Elizabeth Rose
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - Washington Rose (Putnam Co.); Sister - Mary
Clem;  Grandson - William V. McGehee;  Greatgrandson - Nathan McGehee,
Edmund V. McGehee;  Lorenzo D. Buckner;  Sam G. Beecher;  Seaton G. Day; Iverson L. Harris

WILLIAM McGEHEE  8/14/1821 - 2/6/1829
Wife: Catherine
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Brothers - John McGehee, Micajah McGehee, Mumford
McGehee, Daniel McGehee, Jacob McGehee, Samuel McGehee (deceased);  Sisters
- Mary McGehee, Elizabeth McGehee, Anna McGehee;  Nephew - William McGehee
(son of Samuel - trustee for Samuel's children);  Samuel's wife - Olive
Rhods;  Wife's grandchildren -William V. McGehee, Nathan McGehee;  Thomas
Foard; Lucius Q.C. Lamar; Henry W. Malone;  Charles Malone; Samuel K.
Hodges; Joseph L. Ricard

 JOHN McMULLEN  11/9/1829 - 5/ /1832
Wife: Jane
Children: William McMullen, Daniel McMullen, John McMullen, Jeremiah
McMullen, Lemuel McMullen, Betsy McMullen (divorced), Polly McMullen (divorced)
Others mentioned: Lemuel Crittenden; Jesse C. Owsley;  Mathew Carswell; Edward Huff

 JAMES  McMURRAY   not dated
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: not named
Others mentioned: M.D. Huson; Carlton Welborn

JOHN T.  McNEAL  5/19/1853 - 7/3/1854
Wife: Mary P.
Children: George W. McNeal, John H. McNeal, Burwell J. McNeal,
Rebecca Evans, Jane Head, Mary Stillwell, Nancy Gunn
Others mentioned: Sons-in-law - James B. Head, Jacob M. Stillwell, Daniel
G. Gunn;  Isham S. Fannin; John Wingfield; Thomas J. Bunny; Marcus A. Wingfield

 JOHN MILES  6/11/1824 - 11/12/1825
Wife: Peggy
Children: Abram Miles, Thomas Miles, William Miles, Aquilla Miles, Robert P. Miles,
John P. Miles, Sally Jourdon, Caty Cavirrah, Lucy Bartow, Polly Rogers
Others mentioned:  Granddaughter - Peggy Miles (crippled);  James Bonner,
Thomas M. Ellis; E.W. Carnes; W.H. Carnes

 LUKE MOORE  11/1/1819 - 11/2/1819
Wife: Sally
Children: A'll ? Moore, Arthur Moore, Bartholomew Moore, Movis Moore,
Esther Gilbert, Mary Wheeler, Elizabeth E. Wilingham, Susan Cousins
Others mentioned:  John Cargell, James C. Humphries;  John Brown;  Samuel Smith

WHITTINGTON MOORE    / /  -  7/1/1833
Wife: not named. Children: not named
Others mentioned:  Brothers - Thomas Moore (Butts Co.), Jacob Moore, Clem Moore;
 Sisters - Sally Bivins (widow), Mary Moore (widow), Nancy Humphries;
 Deceased brothers-in-law - Jonathan Bivins (Baldwin Co.), Elineza Moore (Jones Co.);
 Nephew - Appleton Bivins;  John B. Gorman; William S. Mitchell; D.B. Mitchell

 JOHN MORAN 6/10/1833 - 10/8/1833
Wife: Jane
Children: William Moran, Westly Moran, James Moran, Barnes Moran, Temperance Moran
Others mentioned:  Brother - William Moran;  Witnesses: S. Boykin; Thomas Mills; William W. Carnes

OBEDIAH MORRIS  4/11/1820 - 1/12/1821
Wife: Mary
Children: Jeremiah Morris, Tabitha Colbert, Elizabeth Moore
Others mentioned: Grandchildren - Jimmy Pendleton Colbert, Emily Morris,
Nancy Moore, Julia Moore, Obediah Moore;   Nancy Freeman;  F. Smith

 HENRY MOSS  8/2/1808 -   / /
Wife: Keziah
Children: Epps Moss, Patsy Moss
Others mentioned:  James Moss; Myles Green; William Terrell; James Thweatt;
Susannah Thweatt; Elizabeth Devereaux

 CORNELIUS  MURPHY  8/18/1833 - 1/18/1834
Wife: Elizabeth A. Humphries
Children: John Murphy, Elizabeth Bozeman
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - John Bozeman; Brother - John Murphy;  Sister
- Sarah Monroe; Grandson - Cornelius Murphy Bozeman;  Thomas B. Stubbs; Tomlinson Fort

DRURY MURPHY  12/23/1834 - 1/10/1835
Wife: Mary
Children: her children, not named
Others mentioned: George W. Murry

 GEORGE W. MURRAY 5/24/1836 - 10/17/1836
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Friends - Henry T. Hall (McIntosh Co.), Owen H. Kenan
(Coweta Co.), William A Tennell (Baldwin Co.), Pryor Wright (Baldwin Co.);
Sister - Mary Jane Trimmengham;  Nephew - William Paget;  Niece Ann Paget;
Children of William T. Hall (Island of Cuba);  Farish Carter; Michael J.
Kenan; Sol. D. Belton, Nathan McGehee, Robert Christian

JOHN  MYRICK  2/23/1835 - 11/2/1835
Wife: not named
Children: John F. Myrick, Polly Jones, Elizabeth Green, Martha Horton, Lucy Clemens, Amy Parham
Others mentioned: Daughter-in-law - Martha Myrick;  Grandsons - John M.
Myrick, Freeney Myrick, Benjamin Myrick, Goodwin Myrick, William Myrick,
John Myrick, Stith Myrick;  Anderson Redding; Myles Green; Edmund McGehee; Samuel McKnight

sources:  Baldwin County, Georgia Will Book A 1807-1832, Abstractions compiled by Francis Igmire
LDS #415161

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2004

LDS #415161

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2004