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Baldwin County, Ga
Will Abstracts Surname N-P

 JAMES NEAVES 1/2/1818 - 7/5/1819
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: James Neaves, Case Neaves (minors)
Others mentioned: Brother - William Neaves;  James Parker; William Gregg; Shadrack Bivins

 JOHN NEVES 10/8/1828 - 11/7/1828
Wife: Catherine
Children: not named
Others mentioned: George W. Rowell & his father Capt. Richard Rowell;  Mrs.
Pine; Myles Greene; R.G. Crittenden; Anderson Redding; Jacob Woodall

ELIJAH OWENS  9/8/1814 - 3/4/1816
Wife: Nancy
Children: John J. Owens, James Nehemiah Owens, Elijah Smith Owens, Clarissa Ann Boykin
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - James Boykin;  Thomas Woodard; Robert Rutherford; J.H. Howard

MARTIN PALMER  1/11/1827 - 11/27/...
Wife: Nancy
Children: John Palmer, Isaac Palmer, Lockey Palmer, Caroline Palmer,
Arrabella Waggoner, Ann Palmer, Sally Palmer
Others mentioned: Abraham Feutrill; Goodwin Myrick; Edmund Low; Samuel
Cunningham; James Tomlinson; James Cunningham

 HENRY PARHAM  4/7/1823 - 7/7/1823
Wife: Agnes
Children: Rowland Parham, Gincy Parham, Lisha Redding,
Mary Rogers, Agnes Dozier, Elizabeth Redding
Others mentioned: William Searcy; William Redding; Son-in-law - Anderson
Redding;  Grandsons - John H. Parham, William Burge;  James Berryhill;  Rowland Redding

 JACOB PARKER 11/7/1812 - 3/1/1813
Wife: Polly
Children: Jacob Parker (maimed), Jane Ledbetter
Others mentioned: Francis Baker; Thompson Bird;  Samuel Parker

 THOMAS PAYNE  9/1/1822 - 1/9/1823  noncupative
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Heirs of property - Mary Ann Jailett & brother, not
named, children of Peter Jailett in Brunswick, GA;  Payne's mother; Rhody Bivins; T. Betrand; C. Grizall

 JOHN PETERSON   4/9/1806 - //
Wife: mentioned, not named
Children: mentioned, not named
Others mentioned: Jesse Walker; Isabella Walker; Thompson Bird

 BETSY PICKETT  10/3/1826 - 12/15/1826
Children: Dicy Haws, Polly Reynolds, Richard Pickett
Others mentioned: Thomas Pickett; Nicholas Childers; B. Farler; E. Low;
Nancy Beasley

WILLIAM PICKETT  2/10/1813 - 3/17/1813
Wife: not named
Children: William Pickett, Edmund Pickett, others not named
Others mentioned: Benjamin Reynolds; Solom Betton, William Punchard; Thomas Hamilton

 TAMSEY T.  PINE 12/26/1824 - 8/8/1825
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Sister - Catherine Neaves; Brother-in-law - John Neaves;
Susan Dixon; Mrs. Ann Williams of Savannah; Simeon Kemp; Charles Malone;
Hines Holt; Thomas W. Harris

sources:  Baldwin County, Georgia Will Book A 1807-1832, Abstractions compiled by Francis Igmire
LDS #415161

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2004