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Baldwin County, Ga
Will Abstracts Surname R-S

 CHARLES REDDING 10/14/1815 - 11/20/1815
Wife: Edith
Children: John Redding, Parham Redding, Archer Redding, Ezekiel Redding,
Sally Redding, Rebecca Redding, Patsey Redding
Others mentioned: Anderson Rice; William Scurlock; Robert Wynn; William T. Searcy

 WILLIAM REDDING Sr.  1/19/1820 - 10/28/1822
Wife: not named
Children: Charles Redding, Arthur Redding, Anderson Redding
Others mentioned: Grandchildren (children of Charles) - Archer Redding,
Patsey Redding, Ezekiel Redding, Rebecca Redding, John Redding, Sally
Redding, Parham Redding;  William Searcy; Sally Searcy; Rowland Falkner

 JAMES REYNOLDS   5/7/1827 - 6/ /1828
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Brothers _ Larkin Reynolds, John Reynolds, Benjamin
Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, James Reynolds;  Nancy Reynolds (daughter of
Larkin); Elizabeth Reynolds (daughter of Robert); Hope Hull Slather;
John L. Blackburn; Royal Lockett; Willis Cox

 SUSAN RICE   / /     - 8/ /1854
Children: Frances Ready (widow)
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - Isham Ready (deceased); Frances' son-in-law
- Jacob Collins; Charles Ogden; James Duncan; Iverson L. Harris

 JOHN  R. ROBINSON   4/3/1826 - 5/9/1833
Wife: Juriah
Children: Solomon Robinson, Luke Robinson, William David Robinson,
Sally  Underwood, Fanny Hightower, Eliza Robinson
Others mentioned: William Whitaker; James Boykin; James H. Armstrong

 EZEKIEL ROLSTON 8/19/1815 - 9/4/1815
Wife: Dulcy B.
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Eli S. Davis; Joseph Stovall; Pheney Coyne

 RICHARD ROWELL  5/29/1849 - 7/2/1849
Wife: not named
Children: George W. Rowell, Larence G. Rowell, Virginina C. Napier, George A.H. Brooking
Others mentioned: Son-in-law - Littleton S. Brooking;  Grandchildren -
Julia Frances Rowell, Martha Ann Rowell, Ellenor Lavonia Rowell, Florida
Avan Rowell, Oregon Cordelia Rowell (George W.'s children);  Benjamin S.
Jordan; William S. Rogers; John P. Butts; D.C. Campbell

 PETER ROWLETT  8/30/1808 - 9/5/1808
Wife: not named
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Brother - Edward Rowlett (Wilkes Co.), other surviving
brothers & sisters not named; Daniel Sturges Jr.; Anthony Parker; Tomlinson Fort

JOHN RUTHERFORD  2/8/1826 - 12/3/1833
Wife: Sally Cardon (present wife)
Children: John G. Rutherford, Nathaniel Rutherford, William Rutherford,
Benjamin H.Rutherford, Robert Rutherford, Dorothy Bigham
Others mentioned: Children of Dorothy by Lemuel Wegins; Former husband of
wife - John W. Garden (deceased); Edward Cary; Thomas Foard; Nathan B. Davis

 NANCY RUTHERFORD 8/20/1826 - 1/1/1827
Husband: Thomas Rutherford (deceased)
Children: William Rutherford, Franklin Rutherford, Elizabeth Rutherford,
Dorothy Brooks Moore, Nancy W. Malone, Mazinelchir? Rutherford, Pheoclrey Rutherford
Others mentioned:  S. Boykin; Joshua H. Bighan; Thomas Darby

 JESSE SANFORD  7/14/1818 - 3/5/1827
 Wife: Martha G.
 Children: John W.A. Sanford, Thomas C. Sanford, Ralph M. Sanford, Gordon
 Sanford, Mary G. Moughon, Martha C. Jordan, Emily Sanford, Camilla Sanford
 Others mentioned: Sons-in-law - Thomas Moughon, Green H. Jordan;
Brother  William Sanford; Sterling Bass; David Thomas; John Moore

 FRANCIS SAYRE  7/25/1808 - 10/4/1808
 Wife: not named
 Children: not named
 Others mentioned: Friend - Rudolphus Bogert of New York; Daniel Wilson;
Ben  Easley, C. Williamson

 SMITH SCOGGIN    not dated
 Wife: Sarah
 Children: William Scoggin, others not named
 Others mentioned: Mary Watson; Thomas Moughon; Samuel Watson

JAMES SCOTT  1/7/1811 - 2/4/1811
 Wife: not named
 Children: not named
 Others mentioned: Brother - John Scott; Sister - Charity Spencer; Nephew
 O. Spencer; Heirs of George Chisolm; William Bryant; Thomas P. Stubbs

 WILLIAM SIMS  7/5/1810 - 12/3/1810
 Wife: Judith
 Children: Greene Sims, George Sims, Frederick Sims, William Sims, Benjamin  Sims
 Others mentioned: Sons-in-law - Jacob Jackson, John Tamplin, Robert Warren;
  Grandchildren - Patsey Sims (daughter of Frederick), Miles Sims (son of
 Greene), Fanny Tamplin (daughter of John), Epps Warren (son of Robert),
 Benjamin Sims (son of Frederick);  Myles Greene; Alexander Greene; Robert Samuel; Malachi Joiner

 CHARLES SHEPPARD 11/19/1811 - 6/8/1812
 Wife: not named
 Children: John Sheppard, William Sheppard, David Sheppard, Charles
 Sheppard, Thomas Sheppard, Benjamin Sheppard, Martha Beasley
 Others mentioned: Son-in-law - William Beasley; Rowling Parham; James  Redding

SAMUEL  SLAUGHTER   4/1/1820 - 7/2/1821
 Wife: Fanny
 Children: Daniel Slaughter, John Slaughter, Reuben Slaughter, Sally
 Slaughter, Prudence Ann Chapman, Fanny B. Slaughter
 Others mentioned: Isaiah Chapman; Colonel Francis Smith

GRIFFIN  SMITH  6/19/1814 - 1/10/1820
 Wife: Mary
 Children: Samuel Smith, Rolling Smith, Jeremiah Smith, Patsey T. Smith,
 Juicy E. Smith, Polly C. Smith, Nelly G. Smith, Annie Jones, Sally  Callaway, Rachel Gray
 Others mentioned: Richard W. Ellis; C. Murphey; Thomas Moughon

JOHN H.  SMITH  11/13/1821 - 7/3/1826
 Wife: Celica
 Children: Leonadas L. Smith, Seaton W. Smith, John D. Smith, Lucinda
 Worsham Peters, Melinda E. Smith, Henrietta C. Smith, Exer Ann Smith,  Permelia E. Smith
 Others mentioned: Richard W. Ellis; Benjamin L. Lester; Laban Beckom, James Collins, Nathaniel Terry

MANSELL J.  SMITH  10/26/1841 - 10/29/1841
Wife: Cynthia Ann
Children: not named
Others mentioned: Friends - Louis Kenan, A.H. Kenan, Wyatt Smith, Stephen
Smith, William Smith (KY or TN);  Child of Dr. Charles I. Paine;  Fred H. Sanford; Thomas F. Green

MARSHALL  SMITH   7/21/1815 - 11/24/1817
 Wife: Nancy
 Children: Marshall Smith, Gilly Smith, William Smith, Patsey Smith, Lette  Smith, Elizabeth Smith
 Others mentioned: Grandson - Edward Barrett;  Granddaughter - Polly
Smith;  John Zachary; John Harvey; Luke Herrington; Campen Herrington

PARHAM  SMITH  2/12/1809 - 5/1/1809
 Wife: Elizabeth
 Children: Thomas Smith, Robert Smith, others not named
 Others mentioned: Thomas Smith Parham; John Hill; Benjamin Hubert; John  Tomlinson

PEYTON T. SMITH  11/17/1806 - 10/6/1807
 Wife: not named
 Children: not named
 Others mentioned: Nieces - Judith Pinkard, Elizabeth Pinkard;  Nephew -  Daniel Jett;
Parents of Daniel Jett - Daniel & Sally Jett;  Heir: Peyton  Pinkard;  James Pinkard; Judith Jett; Jean Patterson

RICHARD J. SMITH  12/14/1825 - 7/6/1829
 Wife: Rachel
 Children: Levin J. Smith
 Others mentioned: Granddaughter - Harriett Smith;
Son-in-law - John Howard;
John Hannon; Josiah Mathews; Henry Densler; Thomas L. Densler; Jesse Doles

 JOSHUA SOURLOCK  8/25/1822 - 10/28/1822
 Wife: Mary
 Children: not named
 Others mentioned: J. L. Martin; Daniel Sourlock; Henry L. Jones; "on eve
of  settling unfortunate difference Mr. T.B. Howard & myself"

 ELIZABETH  STEELE  1/1/1830 - 11/1/1835
 Children: Archibald D. Steele, Lavina Wallace, Nancy Davis
 Others mentioned: Benjamin Woolsey; Maurin Martin; John Stephens

THOMAS  STEPHENS 11/7/1815 - 11/20/1815
 Wife: not named
 Children: William Stephens, Thomas Stephens, Mary Howard, Sarah Howard,
 Elizabeth Stephens, Nancy Stephens
 Others mentioned:  Thomas Boyce; Edmund Lowe; Lazarus Battle;
Jeremiah  Harvey; Gracy Battle; E. Low

 JOSEPH STOVALL 10/30/1847 - 3/6/1848
Wife: Mary Pleasant Stovall
Children: Joseph Stovall, Mary J. Randle (Louisiana), Camilla Moughon,
Joseph Anna Williams (Mississippi), Antoinette Stovall, Eloise Adelaide Jackson
Others mentioned: R.A. Blount; Nathaniel Guyton; Gen. J.N.C. Robertson;
Sons-in-law - N.G. Williams, Thomas H. Moughon, John Jackson;
Richard M.Orme; B.P. Stubbs; William G. Little; E.M. Cowles

sources:  Baldwin County, Georgia Will Book A 1807-1832, Abstractions compiled by Francis Igmire
LDS #415161

Eileen Babb McAdams copyright 2004