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  The following is a list of person's names who are entitled to drawing the present contemplated Land Lottery which is authorized by an act of the Legislature of the State of Georgia at an extra session held in April and May in the year 1821 in the town of Milledgeville for Major Amos Young's Battalion, Baldwin County.
No. of Captain's Destrict.
Capt. Huson's is No. 320
Capt. McCrarey's is No. 321
Capt. Malcolm's is No. 429 (City of Milledgeville)
Capt. Stephens's is No. 322
Capt. White's is No. 115
Capt. Russell's Destrict in Maj. R. W. Ellis's Battalion is No. 105
Applicants names and special remarks Captains Destrict No. of  Draws
John Allen Huson's 2
James L. Askew Huson's 1
Joseph E. Akridge Stephen's 1
Abraham Ayers White's 2
Laban Armstrong White's 1
William J. Andrews Huson's 1
Eli Abbott McCrarery's 2
William Ayers Malcolm's 1
William B. Akridge McCrarery's 2
Wiley Armstrong Huson's 2
John Allen White's 1
Cuzza Allen (widow) Whites's 1
William Bressie Huson's 2
William Brown Malcolm's 2
Jams Barrow Senr Huson's 2
Benamin Bowers McCrarey's 2
Loam Brown McCrarey's 2
Robert Brown McCrarey's 2
Samuel H. Burgess Malcolm's 2
James Barrow Junr. Huson's 1
William Ball Huson's 2
Milly Bivins (widow) for minor orphans 
of Shadrack Bivins
McCrarery's 2
Rolen Bivins McCrarey's 2
Mary Box (widow) Stephen's 1
Lemmons Box Stephen's 1
Hiram Brooks Stephen's 1
James Bateman Stephen's 2
John Z. Brooks Stephen's 2
Shadrack Box's orphans Stephen's 1
Benanuel Bower Malcolm's 2
James Boykin  White's 2
William Bivins Malcolm's 2
Chloe Bozeman (widow) Malcolm's 1
Uriah Brown McCrarey's 2
Manassa Brown McCrarey's 1
James N. Bozeman McCrarey's 1
Elizabeth Brown (orphan) Malcolm's 1
Samuel Brown Malcolm's 1
James Bryant McCrarey's 1
Thomas Bivins McCrarey's 1
John Burch Huson's 2
Drucillar Brown White's 1
Richard G. Brown's orphans White's 1
James Berry Malcolm's 1
Thomas C. Benning Huson's 1
John Bedingfield (orphan) Huson's 1
Rowanna E. and Sarah F. Benning (orphans) Whites' 1
Timothy Bruen Whites 2
Leroy Booth Malcolm's 1
Albert G. Beckham Malcolm's 1
William Brown Senr. McCrarey's 1
Maxey Barnes Huson's 1
Ann Bostick (widow) Huson's 1
Chesley Bostick (orphan) Huson's 1
William Belding Huson's 1
David W. Bowles Huson's 1
Benegah Boothe Malcolm's 2
John G. Bird Huson's 1
Solomon Betton Malcolm's 2
John Callaway White's 115 2
Andrew Coney White's 1
William Gay McCrarey's 3
John Gay McCrarey's 1
Isaac Copeland Huson's 1
William B. Clark Malcolm's 2
James Comak Malcolm's 2
Benjamin Cobb Stephen's 1
Jacob Cobb Stephen's 1
Darling Cobb Stephen's 1
Mark Cobb Stephen's 1
Joseph Cobb Stephen's 1
Robert R. Cumming Malcolm's 1
William L. Candler White's 1
Daniel Candler's orphans White's 1
Philip Cook Huson's 2
Abram Cline Huson's 2
Poly Cocks (orphan) McCrarey's 1
John Clark Stephen's 1
Reuben Cloud Huson's 2
Henry Chappell Huson's 1
Samuel Chappell Huson's 1
John T. Carter Huson's 1
Joel Crawford Huson's 1
Isaac T. Cushing Malcolm's 2
Bushard Crowder McCrarey's 1
John Callaway White's 2
Hiram Crowder McCrarey's 1
Daniel Colvin Malcolm's 1
Sarah Callaway (widow) White's 1
Elisha Callaway's orphan White's 1
Zilphy Cox (widow) Stephen's 1
Henry Cox's orphan Stephen's 1
James Covey, by certificate Huson's 1
Elisha Cushing McCrarey's 1
Source:  Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Talmadge, Julius Y., Dykes, W. F., Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Lucy Cook Peel Memorial Committee. 1926

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