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  The following is a list of person's names who are entitled to drawing the present contemplated Land Lottery which is authorized by an act of the Legislature of the State of Georgia at an extra session held in April and May in the year 1821 in the town of Milledgeville for Major Amos Young's Battalion, Baldwin County.
No. of Captain's Destrict.
Capt. Huson's is No. 320
Capt. McCrarey's is No. 321
Capt. Malcolm's is No. 429 (City of Milledgeville)
Capt. Stephens's is No. 322
Capt. White's is No. 115
Capt. Russell's Destrict in Maj. R. W. Ellis's Battalion is No. 105
Applicants names and special remarks Captains Destrict No. of Draws
George T. Dortic Huson's 1
Arthur Donnelly White's 2
John P. Davanne Huson's 1
Jane Dean (widow) Stephen's 1
William Dean's orphans Stephen's 1
Esau Davis Stephen's 2
Cross R. Davis McCrarey's 1
Jesse Davis McCrarey's 1
Peter Dubose Senr. White's 2
William Dickson White's 1
Owen Duffy  Huson's 1
Thomas Dyer Malcolm's 2
Eliphalet Dyer Malcolm's 1
Mary Davis (widow) Stephen's 1
Arthur B. Davis Huson's 1
John Dees McCrarey's 2
William J. Donnelly, by certificate Malcom's 1
John Darby Hawes E.B. 1
Joseph Digby's orphans by William McGhee's 2
John Etheridge Stephen's 2
Allem Estes Stephen's 2
John Ethridge's orphans Stephen's 2
William B. Edwards McCrarey's 1
Nancy Evans (widow) Huson's 1
Mary Easter (widow) Malcolm's 1
Nancy Eilands (widow) White's  1
William L. Edwards White's 2
Charles H. French McCrarey's 2
Laird Flemming Huson's 1
John Fleming Stephen's 1
Leonidas Few  Huson's 1
Joseph Freeman White's 1
Wyatt Foard Huson's 2
John Franciks Huson's 1
Tomlinson Fort Malcolms 1
Frederick Freeman's orphans Malcoms 1
William Freeman White's 2
Ignatius Few's orphans  Malcoms 1
Esum D. Franklin White's 2
Sampson Franklin White's 1
Sarah A. Ferrell (widow) Malcolm's 1
Mary Ann B. Ferrell Malcolm's 1
Isaac Golden McCrarey's 2
Abraham Golden McCrarey's 2
John P. Gordon Huson's 1
Samuel G. Good White's 1
James S. Good White's 1
James Gamble Huson's 2
John R. Golden Malcom's 1
Elias F. Gardner Huson's 1
William L. Greene Huson's 1
Rhodon A. Greene Huson's 1
Susan T. Greene (orphan) Huson's 1
Seaton Grantland Huson's 2
Eliza A. Grantland (widow) Huson's 1
Fleming Grantland's orphans Huson's 1
Sarah Greene (widow) Huson's 1
Simeon Godwin White's 2
Archibald B. Graham Huson's 1
Wright Grooms Huson's 1
John Gorman Huson's 1
Marcus D. Huson (Captain) Huson's 320th 1
William Hay (or Hoy)  McCrarey's 2
John H. Harvey McCrarey's 2
James Howard's orphans by George W.King  Huson's 1
Henry B. Holcombe Huson's 2
Thomas Harrison's orphans Stephen's 1
Daniel Hicks Whites' 2
William Hutchinson Whites' 2
Abel Hodges Whites' 2
William C. House Whites' 2
Thomas Huson Huson's 2
David B. Hill Stephen's 2
Robert Hill (orphan) Stephen's 1
Samuel Harvill Stephen's 1
Elias Harris Huson's 2
Eadeth Howard (widow) Malcolm's 1
Laban Hargrove Huson's 1
Jesse Hargrove Huson's 1
Hardy P. Humphrey Husons 1
Eli W. Harrison Malcolm's 1
William and Thomas Hill orphans by their mother Russell's Ellis Batt. 1
William Hollingsworth  Malcolm's 2
Albbas W. Harris Huson's 1
John H. Hines Huson's 1
Larkin Holcombe White's 1
Ellen C. C. Harriss (orphan by mother) White's 1
John Haley Huson's 2
George Haas Huson's 2
Thomas Higgam, by certificate Huson's 2
Anderson Holt Malcolm's 1
Source:  Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Talmadge, Julius Y., Dykes, W. F., Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Lucy Cook Peel Memorial Committee. 1926

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