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  The following is a list of person's names who are entitled to drawing the present contemplated Land Lottery which is authorized by an act of the Legislature of the State of Georgia at an extra session held in April and May in the year 1821 in the town of Milledgeville for Major Amos Young's Battalion, Baldwin County.
No. of Captain's Destrict.
Capt. Huson's is No. 320
Capt. McCrarey's is No. 321
Capt. Malcolm's is No. 429 (City of Milledgeville)
Capt. Stephens's is No. 322
Capt. White's is No. 115
Capt. Russell's Destrict in Maj. R. W. Ellis's Battalion is No. 105
Applicants names and special remarks Captains Destrict No. of Draws
Alexander O'Daniel White's 115 1
John Oliver McCrarey's 1
John Oler White's 2
Martha Parker (widow) McCrarey's 1
Charls J. Paine Huson's 2
Hugh W. Proudfoot Huson's 1
Narissa Pertilla (orphan) White's 1
John E. Perryman and for Huson's 1
Savility Perryman Huson's 1
Abel Pearson Huson's 1
Jetson Perry McCrarey's 1
Joseph Porvin Stephen's 1
Stephen Pardee Huson's 1
John Pride White's 2
Jesse Prosser White's 2
Leonard Perkins Malcolm's 1
William Puryear Huson's 2
Tamsey T. Pine (widow) Huson's 2
Solomon Perry Malcolm's 2
John D. Pitts White's 2
John Puckett  Malcolm's 2
Josephus Reid Malcolm's 1
Williams Rutherford McCrarey's 2
Simon P. Robinson Huson's 1
Wesley Ready (widow) McCrarey's 1
John Ready's orphans McCrarey's 1
Mariah Roys (widow) Malcolms 1
Samuel Rockwell Huson's 2
James T. Rives orphan Huson's 1
Alexander Richards Huson's 2
Spottswood G. Ready McCrarey's 2
Thomas Rousseau Huson's 1
James M. Simpson White's 115 1
Baradel P. Stubbs Huson's 1
David Stutes Huson's 1
Joseph Stovall Huson's 2
Frederick Sandford Huson's 2
Jacob Skinner Huson's 1
Peter B. Stoutenburg Malcolm's 1
William Sentell Stephen's 2
Elizabeth Steele (widow} Stephen's 1
Sampson Steele's orphans Stephen's 1
Esley Sharp Stephen's 1
Isaac Stephens Stephen's 2
Lewis Stephens (Captain No. 322) Stephen's 2
Alexander Sledge Stephen's 2
John H. Smith Stephen's 2
Stephen W. Snow's orphans Malcolm's 1
Lyndonia Snow (widow) Malcolm's 1
John R. Smith White's 2
Thomas Stackpole Malcolm's 2
William Stinson McCrarey's 2
Stephen Sanders Huson's 2
Daniel Sturges Malcolm's 2
James Sparrow Huson's 1
John Smith Huson's 1
Sarah Snow (a widow) Huson's 2
Benjamin A. Sims Huson's 1
Frances Slaughter (widow) White's 1
Frances G. Slaugher (orphan) White's 1
Amilius Torrance Stephen's 1
William H. Torrance Malcolm's 1
Joel Tapley Malcolm's 1
Richard Terry Stephen's 2
Joseph Turner White's 1
Jane Tompkins (widow) White's 1
William Tompkin's orphans White's 1
Elisha P. Turner White's 2
James C. Terondet Malcom's 1
Hiram B. Troutman McCrarey's 2
Jared Tarpley McCrarey's 1
Isaac N. Troutman (orphan) Malcolm's 1
John S. Thomas White's 1
Samuel Tucker Huson's 1
Esther Torrance Malcolm's 1
Andrew Torrance's orphans Malcolm's 1
Mansfield Torrance Malcolm's 1
Watkins Tapley McCrarey's 1
Mary Thomas (widow) White's 1
David Thomas's orphans White's 1
Eden Taylor Stephen's 2
Philip Trapp Huson's 1
Rachel Trapp (widow) Huson's 1
Thomas Tinsley Malcolm's 1
Willis Trice Huson's 1
Vincent E. Vickers Malcolm's 1
Nancy Vickers (widow) Malcolm's 1
Elizabeth Virdin (widow) Huson's 1
Jane Virdin orphan Huson's 1
Source:  Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Talmadge, Julius Y., Dykes, W. F., Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Lucy Cook Peel Memorial Committee. 1926

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