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  The following is a list of person's names who are entitled to drawing the present contemplated Land Lottery which is authorized by an act of the Legislature of the State of Georgia at an extra session held in April and May in the year 1821 in the town of Milledgeville for Major Amos Young's Battalion, Baldwin County.
No. of Captain's Destrict.
Capt. Huson's is No. 320
Capt. McCrarey's is No. 321
Capt. Malcolm's is No. 429 (City of Milledgeville)
Capt. Stephens's is No. 322
Capt. White's is No. 115
Capt. Russell's Destrict in Maj. R. W. Ellis's Battalion is No. 105
John H. Ware Malcolm's 1
John Wootean McCrarey's 2
John Wise McCrarey's 2
Kessiah Willis, husband died in the late War  McCrarey's 2
Minor orphans of Robert Willis whose father died in the late War McCrarey's 2
Robert Willis Junior McCrarey's 1
Britton Willis McCrary's 2
Drury Wilkinson Huson's 1
Allen Watson Huson's 1
Hiram A. Wood Huson's 1
Louise Wetherly orphan by J. Cook, next page Huson's 1
David G. Worsham's orphans Stephen's 1
David G. Worsham Stephen's 2
William White Stephen's 2
Rachel White (widow) Stephen's 1
John E.White Stephen's 2
John Wallis Stephen's 1
Emanuel Wingate Stephen's 2
George S.Worhsam Stephen's 2
Wiley Wicker Stephen's 1
Robert Watson Stephen's 1
Charlotte Wicker (orphan) Stephen's 1
Jeremiah Worsham White's 2
John A. Wicker White's 1
Julius Wicker's orphans White's 1
Roger Wright erased in original Malcolm's 2
Joseph Washburn Huson's 1
John G. Worsham Stephen's 2
Leroy M. Wiley Malcolm's 1
Amos Wingate Huson's 2
Elisha Whitney Huson's 1
John C. Watters Huson's 1
George White White's 1
William Wilson McCrarey's 1
Elizabeth Wall (widow) Malcolm's 1
James Wall's orphans Malcolm's 1
Ambrose White McCrarey's 2
The foregoing was recorded and registered by James Felming R.D.L.L.

Source:  Historical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Talmadge, Julius Y., Dykes, W. F., Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Daughters of the American Revolution. Georgia State Society. Lucy Cook Peel Memorial Committee. 1926

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