Surnames Being Researched in Bibb County, Georgia

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This page is devoted to the surnames beginning with A - E being researched in Bibb County, Georgia.
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Surname Time Period in Bibb County Researcher
Keel 1900 - present Nadine Shipman Sinkwitz
Knight not given Claudia Haraway
Lamar 1890s MMWms2000
Lamberson, Lambertson 1890 - 1920 Mick Kitchens
Langston 1900 - present Nadine Shipman Sinkwitz
LaVarre, Lavar, Levan, etc. late 1800s - early 1900s Christina Auch
Malden, Mauldin 1820s - present Jennifer Sherwood Braswell
McDonald 1805 - present Ruth McDonald Scruugs
McElroy 1820s - present Jennifer Sherwood Braswell
McGregor 1820 -1899 John Davis
Mobley 1890s MMWms2000
Myrick 1820 -1899 John Davis
Newberry 1850 - 1870 Collen Newberry
Newton 1823 - present Dorothy Diaz
Norris 1830 - 1850s John Davis
Ousley 1840s - present? Jennifer Sherwood Braswell

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