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Chart for Wars in each Generation

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary Soldiers and Widows of Revolutionary Soldiers who resided in Bibb County, Georgia

Many Revolutionary War Soldiers participated in the Land Lottery drawings in Georgia.

The DAR will search their database of proven Revolutionary patriots free of charge.


More info on Indian Wars and Early Forts

In the decades after the War of 1812, volunteer units often served
during Indian hostilities. The men who served (or their heirs)
received bounty land and sometimes pensions.

To obtain their records, it is not necessary to know the specific Indian war.
National Archives Application asks for "Indian War Pensions for 1816-1850.
See claims abstracted in "Some Georgia Bounty Land Grantees 1854-1856",
National Genealogical Society Quarterly 73 (1985): 297-303.

Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served
During Indian Wars and Disturbances, 1815-58. National Archives.
OCONEE INDIAN WAR of 1780s and 1790s
SEMINOLE WARS (Florida Wars)
Seminole War of 1818
Seminole War of 1827
Seminole War of 1837
Last Seminole War

Seminole War Links

The Seminole War of 1818 was shortlived, but was laced with many notable people. General Andy Jackson, the Tennessean, for whom Jacksonville, Fla. was named,
and later became President of the United States, was the leader of the expedition to punish the Seminoles.

Macon Volunteers John Davis provides this Roster organized April 23, 1825 under Capt Edward Wright.
Soldiers may have received land grants and also pensions for this service. Remember to check for widow's pension applications as well.

Captain Seymore's Company Roster of the Florida Expedition of 1836
Soldiers received land grants and also pensions for this service. Remember to check for widow's pension applications as well.

Spanish American War

There is a book in the Washington Memorial Library that lists all the Georgia Men in the Spanish American War

Civil War

Ocmulgee Hospital Records - Macon Georgia

A local S.C.V. chapter paid for the National Archives to duplicate the Floyd House and Ocmulgee Hospital Records for our Genealogy Department.
Because these records have no index the staff cannot conducts searches of this particular microfilm.

See also: Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America, by Henry P. Beers available in many libraries.

Regiments were formed from Bibb County

Two companies from Macon, Bibb County joined up with the 12th Alabama Volunteer Infantry. A history of this regiment is on line at (trying to locate in Alabama)

Spanish American War

We NEED more information on this war!

NANCY CLOWES HUNLEY signed as mother for 
WILLIAM HENRY HUNLEY to join the Army in Macon, Ga.,in 1899.
Wm.H.was 18 at the time. He gave his father's name as William H.Hunley,deceased,and also listed a brother, 
deceased, but later listed the brother as living. He fought in the Spanish-American War,and signing his own as William H. Hunley. 
He reportedly served time in the Dodge Co.,Ga. chain gang as Bill Johnson, married my grandmother Ethel Howard McKinney in Pulaski County, 1919,
and disappeared four years later. He drew a pension from the Army,denied ever having been married or having children,and died in Macon, 1947. 
His last known address was 646 Forsyth St.,Macon,and his emergency contact was P.D.MORIBUND.
Any clues?

World War I

  • List of men not paid on September and October Payroll for Company B, 151st Machine Gun Battalion

  • Station List of Company ?A?, 151st Machine Gun Battalion

  • World War I - Paymaster List, 151st Machine Gun Battalion

    World War II

    Many of our WW2 veterans are still living, and we honor them as well, but this section is devoted to the memory of those who gave their lives for their country  or who have died since the war. 
    Also listed will be links to information about WW2 veterans both living and dead.
    Here is a special request. This is the name of a young man for Bibb County who died in battle and is buried in Europe. 
    A group of Frenchmen have adopted these graves  and would like to let the family of this soldier know that this soldier's grave is being tended.
    PFC Avery Nonnious l
    121st Infantry regiment
    8th Division
    Service 20401929
    Born in 1821 (Bibb County GA)
    Dead 17 July 1944 (where?)
    If you can help locate this family please contact me
    Please suggest any links that will help us locate information about WW2 military personnel.

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