Masonic Home in Macon around 1907

Contributed by Beth Bond Masonic Home

1928 Lanieran

The owner wrote notes about the people in : the margins of the book.

Lanier Girls High School

1966 Reunion program for the Class of 1928


source: Georgia laws 1851-1852 An Act to incorporate the Georgia Mechanical and Manufacturing Institute in the city of Macon, and to confer certain privileges upon the same. Approved, January 12, 1852.

...That Mark A. Cooper, James D. Lester, Jason Burr, A.O. Brown, James Van Buren, William Taylor, B.F. Griffin, Robert Findley, Charles P. Levy, I.F. Brown, William A. Anderson, T. D. Irvin, E. J. Jones, William H. Pritchard, Lewis Lawshe, Charles S. Oliver, Samuel Griswold, A. F. Sherwood, James Taylor, G.W. Adams, L.F.W. Andrews, W. B. Parker, E.J. Johnson, and their associates and successors, be and they are hereby constituted a body corporate, by the name and style of the Georgia Mechanical and Manufactural Institute for the promotion of Art, Mechanics, and other industry and ingenuity in this State, by means of an Annual State Fair Mechanics, Manufacturers and others....

"Linda Qualls" fcandlinda@yahoo.com
My husband's Dad, Melvin Qualls, was in New Guinea during WWII with a man named Roy L Yarbrough from Macon, Georgia. Melvin kept a photo diary of his time there, the men he was with, etc. We have put that diary on a webpage at

Melvin's Diary

I thought some of his family might be interested in that time in his life.

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