Utilizing this Bibb County Site

On this page you will find an explanation about the purposes of each means of sharing and discovering information
within Rootsweb and the USGenWeb Project.

Information concerning Bibb County genealogical research is stored in several places. 
This means that just one search engine will not find everything.
Each location of stored information discussed on this page has evolved to accommodate different needs and purposes
  so a brief history and explanatin will help you understand how to use these sites more efficiently.

1. Bibb County Site This idea came first!
Each county in the USA has a county page that is hosted by a County Coordinator (CC).
Jennifer Braswell is the current CC for the Bibb County site.
The county site usually begins with a home page that serves as an index to county resources,
information, and submitted data relating to family history research in that county.
Each county site has a different appearance because each CC uses his own creativity and skills
as they prepare the HTML format within specified guidelines.(HTML is a coding system that creates web pages)

There is a Search Engine on this page that covers only what is actually on this site.

2. Bibb County Archives Site
The archives were established so that people could submit public domain records to the Internet in a simple format.
Every county has an Archives site and a volunteer that serves as file manager.
Virginia Crilley is the file manager for Bibb County.
When you submit your data to the archives, Virginia sees that it is placed online.
You can submit your records to the Archives yourself by visiting here and reading the instructions for doing so.
When you visit the Archives site, you will see that there are many types of records being filed there to be available for other researchers to view.

The Archives page has recently been rearranged and you and search by type and can also search Bibb County, GAGenWeb, and USGenWeb archives.

3. Ancestry/RootsWeb Message Boards
The message boards provide a place on-line for people to post their their own materials.
On the county site and the archives, a volunteer posts the information for the submitter.
However, you can post material to the message board yourself.

Bibb County Message Board
Here is an explanation of each aspect of the message board:

4. Mailing list
This is probably the best known means of sharing information and also the place where most people are comfortable posting their information.
The important issue here is you must be sure that your subject line is pertinent to the subject of your message.
This is how the search engine is set up to find the messages.

There is more than one way to search a list archive:


Many people think that RootsWeb and USGenWeb are the same.
They are not.
RootsWeb is the server and is a business.
It is now part of Ancestry.com
USGenWeb is an organization of volunteers that has been given free space to use on the RootsWeb server.

To help out, RootsWeb has created "Resource Pages" for every county. BIBB COUNTY RESOURCE PAGE

And another SEARCH ENGINE!!!
This is not a USGenWeb search engine, but it does list all the search engines available through RootsWeb. RootsWeb Searches
There are most likely some other items that have not been mentioned...
but, in the meantime, print out this page as a resource for handy reference.

And always feel free to ask questions...

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