Waving Georgia Flag 4TH GEORGIA CAVALRY



INSTALLED on JULY 27, 2000, in dedication to 2nd Lt George

Washington Newbern, of this Company, August 1861 - June 1864


Field and Staff
Duncan [Lamont] Clinch [Jr.], Col. H. R. Fort, A.Q.M.J. W. Hicks, Surg.
John L. Harris, Lt. Col. N. B. Clinch, Adj.
Jesse [Campbell] McDonald, Maj. George W. Long, A.C.S.
Hugh Fraser Grant, Actg.Adj. Charles D. Campbell, Chap.
H.L. ?????????, Surg. John W. Bowdoin, A.S.
R. P. Burroughs, A.S. J. G. McKee, A.Q.M.
S. H. Grayble, A.Adj. Thomas C. Giradeau, A.S.
W. T. Grant, A.S. John S. Bryan, Adj., October 1863
Wilson Campbell, Drill Master T.H. Campbell, Chap.
J.M. Smith, A.S., June 25, 1864

Officers of Company I (formerly Company K, Third Battalion)
John C. Nicholls, Capt. Albert S. Layton, 1st Lt.
Ezekial D. Sirmans, 1st Lt., 
August 12, 1863
Harrison Jones, 2nd Lt.
George W. Newbern, 2nd Lt., S
September 7, 1863
George M. T. Ware, 2nd Lt.

Aldridge, Neal, Cpl. * Hargraves, W. B. Raymond, Daniel
Anderson, James Harris, G., Jr. Ritch, Green B.
Baggs, James Harris, George W. Rives, W. J.
Baggs, William R. Herndon, Isham Roberts, Elliott R.
Bennett, William B. Herrin, J. Ryals, Harlow H
Bennett, William C. Higgs, Elisha Sears, John Cpl. *
Bird, Jesse Hill, T. Sikes, George W.
Box, John Hilliard, William Sirmans, Ezekiel J., 1st Lt. *
Box, John H. Jackson, Francis M. Sgt. * Smith, Abraham E.
Brown, A. Jewell, Levi Smith, J. H.
Brown, Jesse Johnson, Reuben Smith, J. W.
Brown, Thomas E. Johnson, Riley Smith, Jesse
Bryan, H. Johnson, Robert Smith, Joseph
Bunkley, Martin V. Johnson, William Smith, W. C.
Burch, Reuben J. Jones, Harrison, Lt. * Spalding, William
Byrum, Charles Jones, John B. Spivey, Richard R.
Cartee, ??? Kimbrel, W. Starling, William
Carter, Allen T. Kite, Cyler Steedly, Moses E.
Carter, Paul Kite, Henry Stephens, J.W., Sgt. *
Carter, William H. Lanier, Thomas E., Cpl. * Stewart, William A.
Carver, Gabriel R. Layton, Albert S., 1st Lt. * Stone, John
Chancy, Wade H. Mahon, D.D. Strickland, C.
Clary, Willis C. Mathis, Ezekiel Sumerall, John M. W.
Cohen, William H. Mathis, H. Sweat, T.
Cornelius, Edward H. McCormick, George E. Sykes, Josiah
Courson, John McDonald, Jeremiah Thomas, Christopher
Cox, James McLendon, Wesley W. Thomas, D.
Cribb, William C. McSwain, T. Thomas, Henry L.
Cribb, William R. Meeks, H. Thomas, J. A.
Davidson, Egburt Meeks, William Thomas, John
Dickerson, James Miller, M. L. Thomas, John D.
Dryden, Arch M. Miller, N. Thomas, T. E.
Dryden, Benjamin Mixon, W. Thomas, William
Dyal, David Morgan, A. Thompson, Jonathan S.
Dyall, A. Morgan, John L. Tomlinson, John G., 1st Sgt. *
Epstien, J. Morgan, John T. Tuten, J. C.
Faircloth, William Morgan, Joseph L. Walker, F. F.
Finley, A. N. Morgan, Lemuel T., Sgt. * Ware, George M. T., Jr. 2nd Lt. *
Fuller, Thomas J. Morgan, S. Webb, William J.
Fulwood, James W. Morgan, T.C. White, G. W.
Gill, Thomas J. Murry, Isaac Wilder, J. S., 2nd Lt. *
Griffis, Elias, Cpl. * Murry, S. Wilkerson, Charlton
Griffis, Joel G. Sgt. * Nail, Julius H.  Williams, Elias
Griffis, William Newbern, George Washington, 2nd Lt.*  Williams, Floyd
Guess, Crawford W. Nicholls, John, C., Capt. * Williams, James E.
Hall, S., Cpl. * O'Quin, James B. Sgt. Williams, John
Hall, William Petty, John B. Williams, Peter, Sgt. *
Hallman, George W. Pruett, William Williams, Stephen
Haregraves, A. Purse, John M. Wilson, H.
Hargraves, John   Worth, William L.
Hargraves, Sidney S.     



Company I - Stationed at Camp Wayne, January 2, 1863.


This company was made up from recruits and the excess from the minimum of the companies, and constitutes the tenth company which I was authorized to raise by the Secretary of War. DUNCAN L. CLINCH, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding Third Battalion, Georgia Cavalry.


Stationed at Camp Walker, January-February 1863.

Stationed at Camp Walker, March 1, 1863-May 19, 1863.

Stationed at Camp Duncan L. Clinch, May-June 1863.

June 30. --- Removed from Camp Wayne to Camp Duncan L. Clinch. Now on duty at Lake Bluff Battery, Altamaha Bridge and Morgan Lake.

Stationed at Camp Lee, July-August 1863.

Stationed at Camp Mercer, September-October 1863.

Stationed at Camp Mercer, November-December 1863.

Stationed at Camp mercer, April 30, 1864.

February 13. --- Marched to Florida.

February 20. --- Was engaged in the battle of Olustee, where one of the troop was killed and one seriously wounded.

March 16---31. --- Was ordered on duty near Palatka and was engaged there in several skirmishes.


Anyone knowing of the burial place of ANY of this Company, please contact me with this information at JHEWITT55@AOL.COM or P.O. Box 771 McDonough Ga. 30253. My personal goal is to find & document the resting places of these Confederate Heros. Col. Charles T. Zachry Camp # 108 SCV Member.


4th Georgia Cavalry