George W. Allen


Mr. Allen was living in lower Wayne (now Brantley) County when the civil war began. He volunteered and enlisted March 3, 1862, in Co. "A" 50th Georgia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A., a Pierce County company. He was wounded and captured at Crampton's Gap, Maryland, September 4, 1862. He was confined to Fort Delaware Federal Prison until December 18, 1862, when he was exchanged. He rejoined his command, and promoted to corporal, in March 1864. He was again captured at Cedar Creek, Va., October 19, 1864, and was kept in Elmira, N.Y. Federal Prison until June 16, 1865, when he was paroled and returned home.


George W. Allen was born February 15, 1838 in Appling County to John M. Allen, Sr. and Jane Tyre and died in Charlton County December 12, 1905. He married 1st Keziah "Kizzie"Davis 1856, daughter of George W. Davis, Jr. Kizzie was born 1841 in Pierce County. He married 2nd Mary Ellen Grooms 1868 in Charlton County, daughter of Josiah Grooms. She was born 1849 and died cir. 1882. He married 3rd Lanie "Katie" Knox, cir. 1885, daughter of Wiley Knox and Lydia Wainright, born 1852 and died cir 1885 in childbirth. He married 4th Mary "Mollie" Ammons daughter of James Bryant Ammons and Catherine Robinson. George and Mollie are buried in Allen-O'Berry Cemetery. Kizzie is buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Pierce County.


Children of George and Keziah Allen:


1. Mary Jane, born 1857, married Seaborn F. Roddenberry, January 02, 1881 in Charlton County, son of Henry Roddenberry, Sr.


2. John A. born July 01, 1858, married Cartherine "Tassie" Ammons November 09, 1886, daughter of James Bryant Ammons and Catherine Robinson. She was born February 25, 1862 and died May 07, 1952. John died July 03, 1926. They are buried in Corinth Cemetery, Charlton County.


3. George W. Allen, Jr., born in 1861.He married Julia Ann "Mollie" Ammons April 01, 1884, daughter of James Bryant Ammons and Catherine Robinson.


Children of George and Mary Ellen:


4. Captain Crum, born 1869, married 1st Macie Ann Knight born 1870 and died 1941.He married 2nd Martha Jane Johns December 20, 1891 daughter of Paul Columbus Johns and Georgia Ann Smith.She was born October 11, 1877 and died July 15, 1899. Captain died March 20, 1899.He is buried in Hortense Cemetery beside his first wife, Macie Ann Knight. Martha Jane is buried in Bachlott Cemetery, Brantley County.


5. Gertrude "Gertner," born September 13, 1871, died April 09, 1933, She married Henry Levi Herrin November 25, 1890 in Charlton County, son of James Madison Herrin, *CSA* and Jane Elizabeth Ammons. He was born February 19, 1871 and died December 06, 1935. She is buried in New Hope Cemetery in the Hickox Community.


6. Joseph C., *Spanish-American War,* born 1874, married 1st, Penny Thomas, 2nd Kate Thomas, March 19, 1900, Charlton County


7. Dred B., born April April 16, 1875 and died February 21, 1935; He married Charity Mae Kelly, bet. 1898-1899, daughter of Sherrod Kelly and Charity Lewis; she was born May 16, 1875 in Wayne County and died July 08, 1959 in Brantley County. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery.


8. G. Colquitt Allen, born 1877 married Gussie Highsmith, August 29, 1900.


Children of George and Mary:


9. Patrick Henry, born 1892, died cir. 1913


10. William Robert "Bob," born 1894 married Susan Vandilla Wainright, May 12, 1918, Charlton County.


11. Emmaline, born 1897 married 1st Alex Mills, 2nd Noah Jordan.


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