William Thomas Bennett was born September 27, 1833, Ware County, Georgia to William S. Bennett and Nancy Sims. He married Jerusha Cox, daughter of James Fulwood and Mary ( Beverly ) Cox. She was born February 22, 1831 in Ware County and died March 24, 1908 in Wayne County. William died January 19, 1907 in Wayne County. They are buried in Pilgrims Rest Cemetery near Waynesville, Georgia.


 William Thomas Bennett enlisted as a Private into the Confederate Army (CSA) on September 29, 1861, and was assigned to Company "N" 26th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He was mustered out on March 31, 1862. He enlisted for the second time on May 14, 1862 as a Private in Company C, 4th Regiment (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry. Roll call on June 30, 1864 was last record on file, and shows him absent with leave. He was paroled at Thomasville, Ga. on May 10, 1865.  


Children born to William and Jerusha Bennett:


1. Mary Ann, born January 13, 1856, Ware County, died April 16, 1932; She married Matthew Strickland, son of Levi and Mary (Lee) Strickland, born 1856 and died February 12, 1933. They are buried at Pilgrims Rest Cemetery.


 2. Richard Gideon, born, December 27, 1957, Wayne County, married Mary Jane Spivey.


3. William Henry, born, January 05, 1860, Wayne County, died June 15, 1915, he married Sarah Lee, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Cason) Lee. Sarah was born January 05, 1865 and died February 16, 1944. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


4. Thomas J., born February 11, 1862, Wayne County, died January 03, 1949; married Rachel Amelia Popwell, born August 28, 1873 and died June 24, 1949. They are buried in Pilgrims Rest Cemetery.


5. Eliza E., born March 25, 1865, Wayne County, died February 24 1889 in childbirth. She married William Richmond "Bill" Gibson son of Martha Gibson. He was born May 11, 1862 in Wayne County and he died at his residence near Waynesville, Georgia. They are buried in Ammons-Warner-Spell Cemetery.


6. Nancy Jane, born April 23, 1867 in Wayne County. She married Roan Norman Strickland.


7. Rhoda E., born November 23, 1869 and died February 11, 1953. She married Thomas E. Edgy, November 17, 1885; son of Samuel and Eliza (Paulk) Edgy. He was born March 29, 1864 and died September 25, 1946. They are buried in Pilgrims Rest Cemetery.


8. Ella J., born January 26, 1873, Wayne County, died November 26, 1963. She married Benjamin C. Popwell, Sr., son of Marion Popwell and Jane Manning. He was born January 29, 1872 and died February 27, 1962. They are buried in Pilgrims Rest Cemetery.


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Researched and typed by Gaynell Highsmith Sasser.


Military service records were researched and a grave stone was ordered by Gaynell H. Sasser on August 25, 2004. Jerry Van Herrin installed the stone on October 28, 2004.


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