1840 - 1917

Henry Crosby

My Great Great Grandfather, Henry Crosby, was born March 14, 1840 in Georgia . His parents were Aaron Crosby and Mary Thornton. Just a few months before the Civil War, on January 31, 1861, Henry married Mary O'Steen in Wayne County, Georgia. Mary was born September 08, 1842 and her parents were William O'Steen and Mary Lnu.


Henry was 22 years old when he enlisted in the Confederate Army in Waynesville, Georgia on March 01, 1862. He was a Private in Company A, Wayne Rangers, of the 4th Georgia "Clinch's" Cavalry. He later transferred to Company K. His Military Records describe Henry as being 5'6" and having light colored hair, gray eyes and a fair complexion. He was paid a sum of $24.00 a month for the use of his horse. The roster also indicates that he once lost his canteen and the cost was deducted from his pay.


Henry Crosby was present and accounted for on all rosters until June of 1864 when he was captured and became a prisoner of war. He was released and paroled on May 19, 1865 in Thomasville , Georgia.


Henry survived the hardship of War and the P.O.W. camp and died in early spring on April 06, 1917. His wife, Mary, lived until July 15, 1926 and is buried beside her husband in the Crosby Family Cemetery near Browntown, Georgia. Henry Crosby and Mary O'Steen Crosby were blessed with ten children:


1. William H. Crosby was born March 1862 and married Laura Jane Flowers on Nov. 25, 1886. Unknown death date.


2. Aaron Crosby was born March 15, 1867 and married Lugeney? And no marriage date; He died Aug. 04, 1948.


3. Bethany Crosby was born July 11, 1871 and married Edward Hickox on June 23, 1892. She died Dec. 17, 1958. He was born September 08, 1869 and died November 21, 1942. They are buried in Moore Cemetery, near Hoboken, GA.


4. Lemuel O. Crosby was born about 1874 and married Sarah Jane Gill on June 19, 1898 and later married Clara Spell. He died in 1924.


5. Silas S. Crosby was born Oct. 28, 1875 and married Mina Thomas and later married Nora Thomas and lastly married Essie Mae Manning. He died May 15, 1947.


6. James Mitchel Crosby was born Aug. 24, 1877 and married Ella Flowers and unknown marriage date. Unknown death date.


7. Rebecca Crosby was born January 06, 1878. She died February 10, 1948.


8. Zennia Crosby was born Jan. 06, 1879 and married Thomas Thornton and unknown�marriage date. She died Feb. 10, 1948.


9. Queenie Victoria Crosby was born May 19, 1883 and married Ernest Linwood Little on June 18, 1899. She died December 03, 1966.


10. Barnwell Crosby was born August 16, 1885 and married Martha Gill and unknown marriage date. He died July 04, 1961.


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Military service was researched and the grave stone was ordered by Gaynell H. Sasser on July 1, 2004; Art Keene, her son placed the stone on September 20, 2004.


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