DEMPSEY GRIFFIN, *Indian Wars* and *CSA*


(See full personal story in "The Story of Brantley County, Georgia," a history published by the Brantley County Historical and Preservation Society.")


Dempsey was born June 08, 1825 in Bulloch County to James Griffin, Sr. and Nancy Burnside. He married Mary Elizabeth Dowling 1844, daughter of Darling Dowling *Seminole Indian Wars* and Sophia Davis. She was born June 27, 1825 and died October 04, 1902; Dempsey died November 02, 1897. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


Demsey Griffin served as a Private in Captain James Walker's Company of Ware County Militia during the Indian War. He mustered into service on June 9, 1838 and served for a period of 71 days. His father, James Griffin served in the same company as 2nd Sergeant.


On September 22, 1862, Dempsey Griffin answered the call of his country once again. He enlisted in Waynesville as a Private in the Confederate Army, serving with the Company G, 7th Georgia Cavalry, Gary's Brigade. On a muster roll dated March and April 1864 he is listed as absent without leave. According to family legend when he returned to service he was in trouble. The excuse that he gave was "he had to go home to put in a crop." (Editor's Note: This was not an uncommon occurrence during the Civil War; Soldiers with family had to provide for their family; as well as fight a war.) His service papers describe him as being "blue-eyed, red faced," and physical build as "low and chunky."


The 7th Cavalry had several lengthy encampments: Camp Dorchester, in McIntosh County, located seven or eight miles east of Riceboro Post Office, near Dorchester; Camp Rogers, Bryan County, Georgia, and Camp Young, Louisa County, Virginia, located near the Louisa County Courthouse. The 7th Cavalry was present in Appomattox with General Robert E. Lee when the Confederacy was surrendered. Dempsey Griffin is listed on the Appomattox Paroles, and took the oath of allegiance on that day. Gary's Brigade burned the bridge behind them when they left Richmond.


Children of Dempsey and Mary are:


1. Nancy S., born November 17, 1845, died February 02, 1879 Schlatterville, Georgia married John "Pender" Strickland, Jr., born November 15, 1845, Bulloch County, Georgia; died October 22, 1922, Pierce County, Georgia. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


2. Pleasant Dempsey "P.D.", born June 22, 1848, Hoboken , died May 04, 1921. He married (1) Mary Lee daughter of James Lee and Catherine Miller; she was born November 06, 1861 on Billy's Island and died May 30, 1946. He married (2) Jane Elizabeth Thornton cir. 1869, daughter of George Thornton and Mary Moody. She was born February 16, 1843 in Wayne County and died December 31, 1884. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


3. James Darling, born September 14,1850, died March 25, 1921, He married Henrietta "Hettie" Cason, daughter of James Cason and Sarah Thomas. She was born December 05, 1849 and died November 08, 1932. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


4. Noah Newton was born October 27, 1852 in Pierce County and died January 08, 1933; He married (1) Nancy Stone cir. 1873, daughter of Moses Allen Stone and Esther Thomas, she was born October 18, 1847 and died June 12, 1879. (2) He married Rosella Thornton, daughter of George Thornton and Mary Moody. She was born March 02, 1860 and died May 19, 1926. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


5. Mary Malinda was born July 25, 1854, died in 1926; married James A.Stone son of Moses Allen Stone and Esther Thomas. He was born 1851 and died 1910. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


6. Martha M., born September 03, 1856 died August 15, 1922; married Archibald R. Crews, son of Macajah Crews and Emelizer Robinson. He was bornMarch 22, 1854 and died August 29, 1917. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


7. Harriet "Hattie Mae" Letitia, born September 12, 1858 and died November 14, 1887,She married Banner Crews, son of Micajah Crews and Emalizer Crews, June 14, 1855 and died October 11, 1935. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


8. Lovey Elizabeth, born February 25, 1862 and died August 24, 1932; married William Dennis Edwards son of William Edwards and Sophia Bell Dowling. His born October 24, 1859 and died March 07, 1935. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


9. Sarah Ann Candacy, born November 22, 1862, died August 10, 1904 at Schlatterville. Married Ranson "Rance" Guy son of William Guy and Bathsheba Thomas; he was born March 23, 1854 and died February 19, 1931, Schlatterville. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


10. Emmie Amarintha, born August 02, 1866 and died June 1912. She married William "Bart" Bartow Mercer. He was born cir. 1862 and died June 1912 when he killed his wife, Emma and then himself. They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


11. Ava R. Griffin, born June 19, 1868; died young.


 Resources: Huxford's "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia" Vol. II for family names and children. Brantley County Historical and Preservation Society "Cemeteries & More" for all dates, spouses and cemeteries; Gaynell H. Sasser's notes.


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