Copied from Huxford's Vol. 3.

John Smith Henderson, a son of Randall and Nancy Smith Henderson (natives of North Carolina), was born in this state, May 9, 1805, and died at his home near Homerville, March 25, 1883. He grew up in Tattnall and Telfair counties, and was married in 1822 to Miss Mary (Pollie) Fullwood, born 1805 in Liberty County, daughter of Thomas Fullwood, R.S., (Vol 1).


Born to John S. and Pollie Henderson were six children. The first three died in infancy, names and dates are unknown. The other three were:


1. Randall, born 1829, died at age 16 years.


2. William L., born 1833, married 1st, Mrs. Harriet Henderson, widow of his brother John W.; 2nd Tobitha Bourn daughter of Richard (Vol 1).


3. John W., born 1836, in Ware County, married Harriet E. Brack, daughter of John (Vol 1).


After the death of the first wife in 1839, Mr. Henderson was married in February 1840 to Sarah (Sallie) King born in 1824, Georgia, daughter of William King and wife Nancy Sweat King.


 They had the following children:


4. Duncan J., born 1840, married Mary Elizabeth Ryall, daughter of Z.H. of Texas.


5. Mark F., born 1842, married Isabelle Brack daughter of John (Vol. 1).


6. James C., born 1844, married Sallie Banks, Galveston, Texas.


7. Belinda, born 1846, married Lawrence Smith, son of Peter.


8. Alfred l., born 1848, married Olive Herrin, daughter of Daniel (Vol 11).


9. Daniel B., born 1850, married Sallie Cullens, of Camilla, Georgia.


10. Nancy , born 1853, married Joel Griffis.


11. Julius S., born 1854, married Sadie Neyland in Texas.


12. Martha, born 1857, married Charlton Hines Smith; September 21, 1875; born July 8, 1846 died December 01, 1917. Mrs. Smith died 1938, buried beside her husband.


13. Simon W., born 1859, married Louise Reed, Lufkin, Texas.


14. Francis Bartow, born 1862, married Debbie Bishop, Cleveland, Texas.


John S. Henderson moved to Ware County about 1827, served as Justice of the Peace Inferior Court, 1835-1837; Clerk Superior and Inferior Courts, 1836-1838; Clerk Court of Ordinary, 1837-1840, and the Representative. He served as Captain of the militia; 451st (Waresboro) district, 1830-35, being commissioned August 26, 1830. In the Indian War he was a private Capt. David J. Miller's militia company in 1838, and was Captain of a company of Ware County militia, August 25, 1840 to October 18, 1840. He drew bounty for this service in 1850 and 1855.


Capt. Henderson sold out his holdings near Waresboro in 1857, and moved to Clinch County, and settled on a farm in the 1141st militia district. Two to three years later he moved to lot 488, 12th district Clinch County, living there a short while, then he bought a farm 1 1/2 miles s.w. Homerville, about 1867, and lived there until his death. His second wife died in July 1879. She and her husband were buried in the Homerville town Cemetery, graves marked. Capt. Henderson served as a Justice of Clinch Inferior Court, 1858-1861.


Six of the Henderson sons and one daughter all moved to Texas where they died. See Huxford's Vol. V for corrections.


Captain John Smith Henderson, served as a Private with the 451 Georgia Militia during the Indian Wars. He was born May 9, 1808, and died March 25, 1883. He is buried at Pine Forest Cemetery in Homerville, Georgia.


The above grave stone was placed in the cemetery on April 8, 2006, by a Great Granddaughter, Mrs. Latrell Lyons Herrin and husband, Linton.


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