1840 - 1914


Perry Hickox was born September 21, 1840 in Ware County to David Jonathan “Yankee Dave” and Sarah (Altman) Hickox. He died December 06, 1914. He married Arcadia R. “Katie” Harris April 11, 1867, daughter of John and Lucindia (Lewis) Harris. She was born March 10, 1853 and died April 28, 1938. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery in the Hickox Community.


Perry Hickox enlisted into the Confederate Army on July 29, 1861 as a private in Company C, 26th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He was captured near Petersburg, Va. on March 25, 1865, and was released at Point Lookout, Md. on June 28, 1865. (SEE MSR NATIONAL ARCHIVE RECORDS)


Children of Perry and Arcadia Hickox are:


1. Annie L., born October 27, 1869, died September 10, 1954. She married Robert      Pleasant DePratter, son of Major and Susan (Pippins) DePratter. He was born May 20, 1867, and died October 20, 1951. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery, Brantley County, Georgia.


2. Twin baby, born about 1870 and died young.


3. Twin baby, born about 1870 and died young.


4. Rilla, born about 1871 and died young.


5. Claude, born about 1872, died at age 3 years.


6. Lidia, born about 1873, married J.B. Johns, October 15, 1890.


7. Jane, born about 1874, married Jim Highsmith.


8. Delia, born about 1875, married Tommy Harris.


9. James Richard Franklin “Frank,” born September 15, 1876, Pierce County, Georgia; died May 07, 1964, Brantley County. He married Harriett Ludicy “Hattie” Ammons, June 03, 1906, daughter of Reuben and Sarah (Knight) Ammons. She was born December 04, 1888 in Wayne County, Georgia and died May 21, 1977 in Ware County, Georgia. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery.


10. Lee, born about 1878, 1st Mary Aldridge; married 2nd Goldie Hinson.


11. Lizzie, born about 1880, married Julian Kindall.


12. Katie, born about 1885, married Charles DePratter.


13. Thomas Ira “Tom,” born June 22, 1892, Pierce County and died November 27, 1948 in Brantley County. Tom married Lillian Lueveda Johns about 1915, daughter of Franklin and Nancy ( Walker ) Johns. She was born December 05, 1896 and died June 20, 1942. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery.


Sources: Jerry Van Herrin’s files. “Cemeteries and More” edition 2, Brantley County Historical Society.


Military service was researched and a grave stone was ordered by Gaynell H. Sasser on September 2, 2004, and installed by Jerry Van Herrin on October 29, 2004.


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