1835 - 1915


Simon Peter Howard was born August 26, 1835 in Ware County, Georgia to Simon and Harriet Howard. Died July 27, 1915, in Newell, Georgia, buried in Antioch Cemetery, Charlton County, Georgia.


Simon married 1st Mileyann Fewox February 16, 1853 in Ware County, Georgia. Married 2nd Ann Jane Woods February 23, 1865 in Folkston, Georgia; daughter of Thomas and Jane (Tyre) Woods; she was born 1847, died June 02, 1887, buried in an unmarked grave at Antioch Cemetery, Charlton, County. Married 3rd Sarah "Sally" Jane Wainright September 02, 1887 in Folkston, Georgia by D.C. Layton, J.P.; Sarah was born 1863 in Charlton County, and died after October 1922.


Children of Simon and Ann Jane Woods Howard are:


1. Emma Jane was born December 12, 1865; married R.T. Howard, June 26, 1884, Charlton County, Georgia.


2. Harriett Ann Elizabeth Chloe was born June 20, 1867, died March 14, 1954. She married 1st Elias Sylvester Herrin, son of James Madison and Jane Elizabeth Ammons Herrin; he was born January 15, 1861 and died December 30, 1912 in Charlton County, Georgia: married 2nd Banner Mixon Thomas, son of Edmund and Martha (Dowling) Thomas. Harriett and Elias Herrin are buried in Corinth Cemetery, Charlton County, Georgia. Banner Mixon Thomas is buried in New Hope Cemetery with his first wife.  


3.Arabelle was born January 01, 1870 and died 1901.  


4. Loyzina Elizabeth was born January 02, 1872.


5. Joseph was born June 22, 1874.


6. Riley Allen was born May 08, 1876; married 1st Lillian Mizell, September 30, 1905, Charlton County; married 2nd Della Lauramore, January 26, 1913.


7. Marion Francis was born April 13, 1878 married 1st Catherine McClellan, married 2nd Mollie Hall, born October 18, 1877; died May 17, 1959; buried in Elim Cemetery; Nichols, Georgia. Married 3rd Mary "Mollie" Wainright; born February 08, 1884, died May 05, 1915; buried in New Hope Cemetery, Hickox, Georgia.


8. Mary Ellender was born January 16, 1880, married Benjamin Franklin Moody. Mary and Benjamin are buried in Tyre Cemetery, Screven, Georgia.  


9. Wealthy Ann was born February 06, 1881.


10. Rosicles was born October 13, 1882.


11. Adelia was born May 18, 1885. She married Alexander Chesteen Wildes, March 19, 1902, Charlton County, Georgia. He was the son of Alexander Flournoy Wildes and Nancy Robinson; he was born March 05, 1883, died November 20, 1961.


12. Rufus J. was born June 02, 1887 and died March 07, 1962; married Dora Waters born September 30, 1900, died December 17, 1976. She was the daughter of Ezra Newton Waters and Georgia Ann Boyles. They are buried in Meek's Cemetery, in Coffee County, Georgia.  


Child of Simon Howard and Sarah Wainright is:  


13. Simon Peter Howard, Jr. was born February 10, 1894; died November 08, 1951. Buried in Meeks Cemetery . He married 1st Lola Harris May 30, 1915 in Charlton County, Georgia, daughter of Jasper H. Harris. She died January 24, 1923 in Charlton County. Lola is buried in Antioch Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Charlton County. He married 2nd Ethel Beatrice Waters, October 25, 1925, Bacon County, Georgia, daughter of William Waters and Amanda Johnson. Ethel is buried in Meeks Cemetery, Coffee County.


Simon Peter Howard, Sr. enlisted May 20, 1861 as a Private. Simon was appointed 4th Sergeant May 10, 1862. Roll dated November 14, 1864, last on file, shows him present. Pension records show he was home on furlough at close of war. (Born in Georgia ). Muster Roll of Company L, 26th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army Northern Virginia, C.S.A., Ware County, Georgia, "Waycross Minutemen".


We believe that Simon Peter Howard is buried in Antioch Cemetery, because records have shown that he was the Clerk: "ANTIOCH CHURCH Notice: There will not be any Annual Meeting at the Primitive Baptist Church, Antioch, Charlton County. S. P. Howard, Church Clerk." This is in the Charlton County Herald dated March 13, 1913. He was Church Clerk there in the Antioch Church for several years.


Simon Howard death. It is in the Charlton County Herald dated July 30, 1915. Also R. A. Howard applied for administrator for Simon P. Howard estate. The paper also has a citation for one years support for S. P. Howard's Widow. It was issued by J. J. Stokes County Ordinary.


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