1840 - 1924


James Perry Jones, III was born March 25, 1940 in Schlatterville, Georgia to James Perry Jones, II and Sarah Mizell, and died May 22, 1924. He married 1st Nancy Crews January 10, 1866, daughter of Archibald Crews. She was born November 11, 1847, and died October 23, 1890 with tuberculosis. James married 2nd Susan Summerall, December 08, 1892, daughter of William Summerall. She was born July 19, 1851, and died May 23, 1918. James and both wives are buried in High Bluff Cemetery .


He was 21 when the Civil War started in 1861, and volunteered July 16, 1861, in Company E., 26th Georgia Volunteer Regiment, C.S.A. He saw 4 years of hard service and was in at least nineteen battles that he could remember in his latter years, viz, Cold Harbor, Va., Sharpsburg, Va., Wilderness, Va., Spottsvania Courthouse, Va., Winchester (2nd Battle),  Cedar Creek, Va., Shepardstown, W.Va., (2nd Battle), Rappahannock, Va., Rapidan, Va., Fishers Hill, Va., Sardis creek, Va., Hatchers Run, Va., Armstrong's, Va., and Petersburg, Va.


He surrendered with his command at Appomattox, April 9, 1865. He received four wounds during his service, viz; lost one finger, fractured skull, shot through the arm, and sustained a broken thigh. He was a non-commissioned officer, frequently serving on detail and as captain in the absence of the captain, and as orderly sergeant in the absence of that officer.


Mr. Jones arrived home from the war May 02, 1865, walking almost all the way. For the following seven or eight months he did much hunting in and near the Okefenokee Swamp, and over in Florida. On January 10, 1868, he married Nancy Crews, daughter of Micajah Crews (Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia Vol I). She was born November 11, 1847, and died of tubercolosis October 23, 1890, three years after birth of her fourth child. (Material for the above record furnished by Mr. Henry H. Jones, Lakeland, Georgia.)


Children of James and Nancy were:


1. Jesse M., born June 14, 1867 and died November 16, 1868, buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


2. James Edward, born November 05, 1868 and died March 17, 1932. He married Mary Burton Walker, October 30, 1895, daughter of Jackson and Emaline (Aspinwall) Walker. She was born July 26, 1875, Pierce County and died April 8, 1955.  They are buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Pierce County.


3. Owen Bryant, born November 30, 1869; died February 12, 1883, buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


4. Sallie, born March 03, 1871 and died June 10, 1912, married Wiley Elijah Carter, August 31, 1892; son of Elijah W. and Annie (Gunter) Carter. He was born September 14, 1869, Pierce County; died January 25, 1938, Brantley County.  They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


5. Mary Ella, born August 23, 1872 and died October 08, 1921.  She marrried Edward Banner Newton Sr. December 21, 1892, son of John and Susannah (Thomas) Newton.  He was born July 22, 1871 in Pierce County and died August 10, 1960 in Ware County, Georgia.  Mary is buried in High Bluff Cemetery and Edward is buried in Thomas Cemetery.


6. John M. "Johnny," born January 13, 1874 and died June 20, 1952, married 1st Avie J. Dryden, December 27, 1899, daughter of Nathan and Martha (Harris) Dryden,  She was born 1871 in Charlton County and died January 08, 1945 in Charlton County.  He married 2nd Vashti Harris, daughter of John and Delilah (Smith) Harris, she was born March 01, 1870 and died August 09, 1957.  John and his wives are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


7. Perry Mizell, born March 17, 1875, Pierce County and died February 16, 1928; married Hattie Elizabeth Dryden, January 10, 1909, Pierce County, daughter of  Nathan and Amarintha "Emma" (Dowling) Dryden; she was born February 11, 1885, Hoboken; and died March 05, 1921.  They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


8. Harley, born August 22, 1876; died January 02, 1878; buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


9. Charles L., born March 21, 1878; died November 05, 1879, buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


10. Demphia Isabelle, born December 13, 1879 Pierce County; died October 22, 1901; she married Winfield Demery Strickland Sr., June 30, 1897, son of Henry and Ellender ( Griffin ) Strickland.  He was born May 10, 1873 in Pierce County and died November 14, 1925.  They are buried in High Bluff Cemetery.


11. Emily Marie, born March 19, 1881; died April 13, 1901; married James Keightly Strickland, April 26, 1899, Pierce County; son of Matthew and Lucy Lavada (Kelly) Strickland; he was born July 25, 1873, Pierce County and died January 25, 1921. James is buried at High Bluff Cemetery.


12. Henry H., born May 22, 1883; married Elizabeth Howell daughter of Hampton A. Howell.


13. Everett Riley, born November 08, 1885 Pierce County; died January 03, 1955; married 1st Pearl Williams about 1895 and 2nd Cora Lee Baxter, born June 06, 1884 and died December 15, 1939. They are buried in Blackshear City Cemetery, Blackshear, Georgia.


14. Margaret, born September 04, 1887, died 1952; married W. M. Preston, born in Roanoke, Virginia.


Sources: Huxford's "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia" Volume 6; "Cemeteries and More" Brantley County Historical Society; Jerry Van Herrin's information.


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